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Wednesday Briefs: Lady #3 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. I was given many options to inspire a Brief. But I chose to go with the one new below for this week along with the phrase "He touched me in a way nobody ever had...". I hope you enjoy the third addition to "LADY" and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts :)
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Oh no! What am I to do now? The sun has risen to its highest point of the day. I never stay as long as I have and now he has seen me. I’m supposed to remain unseen by the eyes of humans. It is the one rule I’ve always obeyed from my parents. There are humans that hunt, hurt and abuse us. Use our horns, flesh and blood for weapons, magic or trophies.

It’s happened so much throughout the years and there are only a hundred or so left of us now throughout the world. My family and I are the very last of the pure white unicorns, according to the trees and other creatures of the forest. So, we assume there are only twelve of us left in existence.

I move as quickly as my four legs can take me. My movements are a bit clumsy because of the position I’m in. I break my hoof free from a tangle of heather, but pause when I hear his voice asking me to halt. There is power behind his words. I feel as if I have no choice but to listen. To do what he asks of me.
He then holds his hands up in an innocent gesture, trying to show me he’s not going to hurt me and then tells me as much. I’m torn between running and staying in place, so I can be near him for even a little longer on this day. I know deep within, he would do me no harm. But what good is staying, if I cannot communicate with him as he can with me. I give a whinny and swish my tale, trying to show him I’m listening. 

He takes one step nearer and looks at me in awe. “Are you injured little one? I can help you…heal you if needed.”

I tilt my head to the side in amazement of this male. I am uninjured of course. But his honest concern warms my heart. He not only has appeal to me on the outside which causes me desire like I’ve never known. His heart and soul are beyond beautiful on the inside as well. This only makes me yearn for him more, a yearning to be the woman I am in when in my dream paradise. I know I am no good to him in this form though—I am not a woman.

With this thought, I take two steps back and slowly angle my body in the direction I need to go. 
He takes a few steps closer “Please, do not go. I am a male of good, the whitest of magic and purest intent. The darkness within me is not harmful to others. Only to me. I am Dezso and I merely want to glance at the beauty and bask in your pureness. You’re very lovely and I’ve never laid eyes on one such as you before. You are quite wondrous.”

Despite his words, I stand my ground. Twitching my tall but keeping my hooves still. I’m amazed that he even speaks to me and he thinks me beautiful as well. He’s so close now I can smell him. I breathe deep and let out a blow which causes his hair to ruffle and him to smile. I cannot smile, so instead I give my head a slight shake and show off my mane. Being careful not to catch his precious flesh with my horn. I would love for him to touch me. He’s not done so in my dreams and I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have him caress me. Even if only for a brief moment.

Feeling braver than I ever have, I take a step forward, let loose a nicker and nudge him with my snout. Being sure to soak up his scent and absorb it into memory. His warmth feels divine, even through my coat—better than I’ve ever imagined. 

He laughs huskily and then he touches me in a way nobody ever has. A soft caress. Uncertain almost, as if he’s afraid he might hurt me in some way. Then, he gets braver and strokes my mane.
If I were a feline I would purr in contentment.

All the while, he’s telling me how beautiful I am. How soft, clean and amazing.

I continue to stand there and allow his touch. Just swooshing my tail every once in a while, like I would normally do when staying still. I wish I could speak to him. Thank him and tell him who I am. But that’s impossible. It will always be…

Just as I am about to lick his neck…to get a real taste, a different sound comes from behind us. I perk my ears to listen. It’s a short, brief whoosh accompanied by footfalls. I can tell whatever it is, only has two feet and is moving swiftly in our direction. I lift my head and let out a snort, my attempt to warn him that danger is near. I need to go, now and quickly. I step back, intending to take off in the opposite direction. 

He whispers, “Be safe.” Then turns toward where he has left his clothing to quickly dress. 
I pause briefly to glance back and see a man in robes, walking toward Dezso. His aura is dark. The darkest I’ve ever seen. I fear of what will happen. Is he a danger? Why has he come here to our special place?

“Who are you and why have you come?” Dezso asks.

“I am known as Than. Most call me Death and I am here to claim one of pure light. A pure soul and even purer heart. I have come for a majestic being known as the unicorn.”

To be continued...

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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  1. Fantastic. Loved it. And your little dedication to sister as being part of your inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much Victoria! My sis LOVES unicorns just as much as I love dragons :)
      It was so much fun growing up with that...

  2. Nooo, the bad guy can't have the unicorn. The encounter was so sensual and beautiful. i could almost feel the puff of breath from the unicorn and the caress of the man. Sigh

    1. LOL- You'll have to wait and see! I already though of which way to go with the next prompt (even though there are no pictures-meh).
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting Nephy :)

  3. It was terrible last week with no update, but this more than makes up for it :) and nooooo, no Than! Begone ye baddie! Shoo!!

    1. I'm sorry. I did not want to post too much :/
      I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Yes Than, be gone you baddie! :)

  4. These cliffhangers are killing me! Arghhh!!!!!!! A meanie pants has come into the fold. :(

    1. Sowwee!! LOL- Really I'm not! (he he). It's only a week until the next one. Not that bad. We'll get to learn more about meanie pants too :)

  5. Stop him, Dezso!!!! :)

    Wonderful tale thus far, A.R. Von! :D

  6. I will say again i love this story. Finally Dezso stops her and starts talking to her, this makes Lady so happy i'm sure she would purr like a kitten if she could, especialy while his big beautiful hands are rubbing over her coat (Hell i shivered). Lady moves in closer and breathes in his scent, and he tell's her how beautiful she is. God i love this man. Enter the big bad man full of evil and darkness, Lady runs and Dezso tells her to be safe. Did i say i loved this man haha.Please Ava do not let this evil man touch Lady, because i will come after him. Again another Phenomenal Piece.

    1. LOL- Yea, I wanted to rip him out of the computer monitor when he popped up there too! You'll have to read the next one to see what happens (wahahaha).
      Thank you so much for continuing to read Lady and voicing your feelings! I hope you are pleased with with comes next as well :)


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