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The Romance Troupe's Sizzling Summer Blog Hop is Almost Here!

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Voting for Tombstones (aka Wunder's last name) on facebook

  Hey all!
I thought you might like in on this. I currently have a voting (by liking) event type thing going on on my facebook author page HERE <<<<click there to go to page. The photo/tombstone with the most votes (likes) by July 4th will be Wunder's last name.

 All names (that voted/liked) within the winning tombstone phto will be given a thank you in the next Wunder (Wunder #2 Reunion). Let the voting begin!
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Review Gabriel (Elven Chronicles #1) by M.A. Abraham

GabrielAuthor: M.A. Abraham
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 183
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: March 17, 2012
Author's Website

Buy Links: Amazon

Goodreads Blurb:
He has returned from the wars a hero to his people, savior of their Empire and honored as such, but his world is empty, despite the peace he has won for his people. There is no light where he lives, no soft touch to comfort him, to push away the darkness of his memories. He lives only to serve his King and the world he lives in. He is the High Lord General Gabriel Eagle Claw, Commander of the Combined Elven forces Sent into the outside world to bring their people home he travels with his troop to the valley where he has been told they await his coming. There he is to find the Life Mate to the King and bring her safely to his side, but there is more, for there is a mystery he must solve and claim for his own. She who will bring light and love to his soul, she is his Eden. His one and only, his true Life Mate, his love and he vows he will bind her to him forever.

She is like a forest creature, wild and free. Warrior trained alongside her brothers. She guards the life and spirit of the forests that surround them, as well as those who live in the valley with them. She also guards a secret, for she is more than just a simple Elven maiden tending to the care of the elements they live in. Within her lives the talent to communicate with the very trees she treats, they tell her tales, stories, tidings of things that have passed. To them she is their guardian. To them she is Tratchar, she who heals their ills, beloved of the Sentinels and their salvation. Beautiful and proud she is no man’s possession, nor shall she be, this she is determined she will never be.

My Review:
I got lost within the pages of this here story. So completely and wonderfully lost. Such a sweet elven tale with excitement, romance, adventure and magic! A definite must read for any fans of the genre that enjoy a great story that brings everything to life :)

Eden is one tough cookie! I absolutely LOVE her! She’s a free spirited and kind female that has an enormous list of fine qualities.

Gabriel, I did not love at first. But I quickly grew to adore him once I understood his true feelings and true self. He is an amazing male specimen that is adored and honored throughout the lands. He deserves to be tortured. I mean loved and happy ;)

Together these two are an amazing team, couple. They complete one another to absolute perfection and complete tasks for their land and people that no other possibly could. True mates, one soul, true love and complete utter happiness. LOVE IT! I look forward to where M.A. will bring us in the next of the series!

Overall Rating:

 Sex Rating: 

Interview with Victoria Bright Author of Love Unbroken

Synopsis for Love Unbroken: can be a beautiful dream or a disastrous nightmare. What happens to a love bond that is constantly strained by lies, betrayal, cheating, and pain? Will it eventually corrode, or will love and trust keep it together?

Camille Anderson, a beautiful, sassy, curly-haired college student only has eyes for one man, Ahmad. She sees herself with no one else...that is until she meets Keith, her new study partner. Will she be able to fight temptation or will one small mistake cause her to lose Ahmad's trust and their relationship?

Ahmad Dawson, a sizzling hot, athletic personal trainer is obsessed with his girlfriend Camille. Not really the marriage type of guy, he is considering changing that mentality for her. Things were going smooth until Kelly, one of his clients, began to intrude on his relationship as well as his career. Will the desire of promotion lead him to do things that he shouldn't? Or will he stay true to his woman and his values?

The new people in Ahmad and Camille's lives are starting to create chaos and are slowly tearing them apart. After a deceptive plan is put into action, everything is turned upside down. Will this bring Ahmad and Camille closer together? Or has enough damage been done to break their bond?

To order one please leave your name and the number of copies you would like. AN ORDER WILL NOT BE PLACED UNTIL MONEY IS RECEIVED!

The book will be available on June 12th for Kindle and Nook on Amazon and the Barnes and Noble site. This sheet is if you want to order a hard copy for me to sign.

Books are $13.50 each and each book comes with a signed custom bookmark. Thank you for your support!

Victoria! So nice to have you with us. I hear you are a brand new author. What made you want to start writing and when did you begin? Thank you so much to have me, AR VON. I just hope I can live up to the expectations that everyone has for this book.

Where did the idea for Love Unbroken come from?
To be honest, it kind of just came to me. My main characters, Ahmad and Camille have been swimming around in my head for years but I had no idea what to do with them. It wasn't until I suffered a severe heartbreak when my characters started to play more roles in my thoughts in actions. Writing this book was a actually a way for me to cope with this break-up. I was allowed to pour all of my hurt, anger and bitterness in my own life. I didn't want to carry that around you, know? But I did want to have a piece of me that I can always reflect from and learn from so that I can grow.

If you were a main character in Love Unbroken, what would you have done differently?
Man, this is tricky because I don't want to spoil anything. So all I've going to say is that I wished that Selina and Camille were still friends. Unfortunately, a bond can be damaged to the point of no return.

Do you have plans for more stories?
It seems like every since Love Unbroken was done and ready to be edited, another sequel was burning m brains. I believe there will be ONE sequel to this book and then I'm moving on.

What is your writing routine? Do you wear something specific? Eat something? Drink something?
I feel embarrassed to say that I don't have any. I do what I want when I want. I can be in the car on the way to a doctor's appointment and I'll pull my Macbook out and start typing away. One thing that I MUST have near me is a 52oz buba keg of water. Although I'm sitting for long hours, hydrating keeps the creativity juices flowing!

Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what?
It depends on the mood I'm trying to set. If I want a scene to be happy, I may through a little pop and R&B. I particularly love to listen to any kind of R&B from the 90s. They are really great with setting the mood for my characters and allows me to write the special moments that they share. 

Do you read often? If so, who are your favorite authors?
I LOVE to read. I really love reading things from Ellen Hopkins. I grew up reading her books as she talked about one of her children having a drug problem so it was like we connected in a way (no with drugs though). I'm really like Stephen King and I like a bunch of YA authors. I'm only 22, I haven't gotten to the big girl stuff yet (not including the naughty things that float around my own head.

I hear you are a complete game geek. What are your favorite games?
Call of Duty is my life for some reason. Although I suck at it, I still like to play. I couldn't join the military due to having Lupus, so Call of Duty is the closest I can get to combat! I am truly OBSESSED  with anything relating to The Sims. I think I have every expensive pack known to man (not including those lame "Stuff" collections, I could do without all of that. I basically like games that give me power. Don't we all like a little power?! 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would probably have to live in my own brain. I know it gets scary in there sometimes, but it is a lot safer in there than it is out in the real world. I don't have to worry about being hurt by others, having fear of others, I'd just be living in a world of nothing. And I'd totally be okay with that (until I start missing my friends and my mommy!)

If money/time/life was not a factor, what would your dream job be? And why?
Being an also cheer-leading coach. Cheer-leading is my life and I'm just as happy as a pig rolling around in cool mud during the summer. To be able to share my passion with other girls who are looking up to me it would be the best career in the world!

Ok... let's learn more about you! What's your favorite.....
Color? Pink 
Movie? Anything scary. I don't do chic flics or anything like that
Song? The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars (Oh! Or Demons by Darkest Hours)
Food? Macaroni and cheese and frozen pizza
Book? This reflects on my mood
Weapon? Slingshot. No one would ever see that their eye is on the verge of being destroyed!
Article of clothing? Tank tops and Yoga pants!

 To find me on Facebook, they can like my page at Thanks so much for the opportunity!

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Wednesday Briefs: Lady #6 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. I was given many options to inspire this weeks brief. But I chose to go with the one photo below for this week along with the word prompt "Don't move until I tell you."
For those of you that have not read the prior week's portions and would like to. Click HERE to access them all.
I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

Not here? I’m finally right where I want to be and I tell her…not here! I must be losing my mind! Taking a deep breath to try and calm my insides and cool down a little, I glance down at her. She looks so sad, hurt even.

The desire in her eyes to have me, please me, shines through like a beacon. I cannot help but to smile back at her. Doing so, seems to cause her frown to deepen. That’s the last thing I want to do to my dream woman, is make her sad.

I want her throwing her head back in ecstasy, screaming my name and praying to the gods for more. I just cannot bring myself to allow her to do this. Down on her knees, ready and willing to take my throbbing member in her warm recess. No, not like this.

We can’t even communicate with one another. I want to know what she’s thinking, how she feels and her deepest desires. I want her to speak to me. To tell me-all.

A few minutes ago when she did speak, my lady told me I was hers with just one word. I thought my cock would explode into tiny fragments. I got so damned hard just from the sound of her voice!

There has to be something I can do. Another spell, possibly? I’m not very happy with using magic on her again. But I don’t have a choice at the moment and I don’t want to take advantage of her. Never would I do so with any female. No matter how much darkness is within me prodding me to just take my fill, indulge in my desires.

Her sad face squeezes at my heart and tugs at my soul. That, I cannot have. I want to see her smile, happy and joyous. There is so much beauty within her I’ve yet to see.

Bending slightly, I gently grab her by her elbows and tug her up until my lips are a hairbreadth from hers and tell her tenderly, “My Lady. If we do anything…anything intimate as you were just about to do to me. I would like for us to understand one another fully. I would also like us to be in my home. My bed, so we can explore one another fully and your scent will be embedded in the fibers of my linen and mattress forever more. Please be patient. Just for a little while.”

Now I picture her in one of the king’s maid’s uniforms. A combination of black and white. Scraps of material actually. Very revealing and very sexy.

Only the elder maids of the castle have their rumps covered and even their attire is skimpy by modest standards. But my Lady would look better than any female wearing the garb that I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. I’m hardening even more just thinking about it.

We just might have to detour to the castle before arriving at my cottage to obtain a uniform. I’m positive the king would do me the favor of giving me one for such a purpose, just as long as I share my intentions. He does love the female form more than any other I’ve ever met. I just hope he will not make a request for my lady to model for him. That, I will never allow for she is only mine!

Now she’s looking at me as if she understands at least some of what I have said. But I cannot be sure. She then closes the space between us and licks my lips, suckling and entering with a hunger I’ve never experienced. I close my eyes and give her what she craves. At least some of it, so she can see I do desire her. This wonderful creature takes my breath away. She can have it, all of it. My breath, my heart, my soul and any other thing I could possibly give her. Forever—as far as I’m concerned.

Pulling back and taking a great gulp of air, I get a brilliant idea to help us communicate. I move her back, so she can lean against the tree without worry. “Do not move until I tell you. Stay right here.” Holding up my palm, motioning her to stay put. I then slowly take a few steps back and briefly close my eyes, remembering the spell my mother used before her death to share all of her knowledge with me.

Mama was able to embed all of the spells and wisdom she has gained throughout her years, directly into my mind with just a few words and a thought. I believe if I focus on my personal knowledge of language and ability to speak only. I shall be able to give my lady all she’ll need to be able to communicate with me.
Taking a relaxing breath, I focus what I would like achieved, look her straight in the eyes and speak the phrase, “Memorata in aeternum!”

Lady smiles at me, so very cheerful.

I feel her happiness in my heart.

Her smile slowly fades as suddenly, her head is engulfed in a glowing blue light. It seems to hover around the top of her head then slowly spreads down to her toes and grows brighter with each passing second. Two quick flashes and the light is gone. It’s as if it was never there.

When my eyes are adjusted not only is the light gone. So is my lady!

Come back next week for Lady #7...

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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The Vikings are back in Week 11/Chapter 11 of Silver and Spice by Maria MacAuley!

Hello friends/followers! Welcome to week 11/chapter 11 of  Maria MacAuley's Silver & Spice. Now we present to you another portion of a very exciting, romantic and all-around great story.  We will be posting a chapter for you to enjoy each week until the story's end. We are looking forward to comments, feelings, thoughts, etc. of what you think for each portion posted. So please be sure to leave a comment in the comments section :)

Now I present to you... Silver and Spice!

View Prologue and chapter 1 HERE, chapter 2 HERE,  chapter 3 HERE,  chapter 4 HEREchapter 5 HERE, chapter 6 HEREchapter 7 HERE
chapter 8 HEREchapter 9 HERE, chapter 10 HERE

Ireland four years previously

Sean MacRonan thrived on being a trader.  He sailed from Dubh Linn, to the hot, dry lands of Byzantium, the crossroads of East and West, to the cold bustling port of Hedeby, up and down the rivers of Europe. He earned his coin by trade and trickery, deals and deception. There was always ways to cheat an extra scrap of silver out of the transactions. There were always suspicions around him, but none could confirm his underhandedness.  Besides, Lorcan, his man, fought all battles on his behalf.  Sean’s sire had taught him well, but had become fat and complacent; two years ago when he was a score in age his father had been found with a blade in his heart, the hilt of the dagger removed. No evidence of his killer was left behind. Peter MacRonan had so many enemies it would have been impossible to identify a single suspect.  Since that time, Sean had taken more mercenaries into his hall, men who asked no questions and expected their coin.
Slouching on the dais, he eyed the interaction between Alfhilde and the boy, barely a young man, envy and jealousy eating at him like lye. The fosterling was distinctive in features, with his auburn hair, tall frame and eyes as stormy grey as the north sea, and it was evident that Alfhilde favoured him in her teachings publicly and in the hall, and privately in her chamber. A sharp pain seized his hand, as he looked down and saw the trickle of blood caused by his fingernails puncturing his flesh.
Alfhilde had lain with Sean’s father many times and neither had made a secret of their casual union. It was Peter who arranged his son’s first encounter as an untried youth, and Alfhilde was willing to lie with him. The fact that she enjoyed young blood was well known.   He had taken her to his furs many times since then. Her home on the Shetland Jarlshof had become a familiar stop over the past number of summers, and he was welcomed with open arms, and legs. Other women were not as willing in bed-sport as Alfhilde. But today, Alfhilde only had time for the man-boy Kristr Halsrason, and he would eventually rid the world of his rival.
 Roisin woke up, the feel of Kristr's even breathing warm and reassuring on her neck. Her cheeks pinked as she thought of the previous eve, and how Marthe had left her bound and helpless on the bed for Kristr. Perhaps this was a Norse tradition, but more likely the actions of a playful younger sister used to getting her own way. Without wakening Kristr, she tried to move onto her side, her muscles stiff from unfamiliar use. Propped up on her elbow, she studied the man before her.  She watched his ribcage rise and fall, and finally allowed her fingers to lightly dance down his body, over his muscular chest, tracing over the blue outline of his tattoo, down the fine trail of hair to his navel, stopping as she saw his shaft, rising again. She held her breath as she watched, as if it had a life of its own.
'Curious, Sweetling?' Kristr opened one eye and looked up at her, smirking at her stunned expression. 'I trust you slept well, as I did.' He followed her gaze to his now near fully erect cock, saluting them proudly. 'It is the effect you have on me in the morning. Or afternoon. Or evening.’ He reached up and tugged her half-done braid, her black hair wispy and fuzzy from the lovemaking of the previous eve.
She clamped her hands over her face, peeking out between her fingers, 'I slept well, considering, considering I'm such a hussy!' How could she face Marthe today? Or Ciara? Or Gertrude?  What would her mother, Breda, have thought of her actions?
Chuckling softly, he prised her fingers from her face, 'Maybe, but you are my wanton hussy. I could have you warm my furs every day and night.' Mesmerised by the unfamiliar view in front of her, she continued to stare; in the cool morning light he looked even bigger than the night before. He rolled over to kiss her, and she giggled, as she feigned an innocent struggle, before returning his embrace. 'Come here, little sweet,' he pulled her back onto the bed as he gave a mock growl, 'I need to feel my little hussy, my greedy little sea-cow, again.' She laughed in outrage, then in approval, thinking of his first insults that he threw at her when they were on the boat; now the harsh words had taken on an endearing nature.  He paused, 'Are you sure you wish to continue?  You might feel a little tender this morn.'
'I am fine. Mayhap I am a little sore, but nothing that some more lovemaking with a fine Nordic Viking cannot remedy.'  Roisin could not believe the words that she was uttering, but she longed to feel the myriad of sensations again, upon her body and within her soul.
Giving a squeal of delight that Marthe would have been proud of, he tugged her ankles, sliding her down the bed. Kneeling between her thighs, he licked his lips. 'Now let me apply some of my salve to your poor tender skin!’
She must have fallen asleep again.  Roisin woke up to the sounds of Kristr shuffling about the hall. She looked at the tell tale sign of her purity on the silky sealskin fur that was now folded neatly on the chest. She blushed and groaned in embarrassment when she realised it was he who had tidied the chamber, and that he would have seen the drops of blood, ruining the pelt.
Kristr smiled as she peeked out from behind the leather curtain separating the bed chamber from the hall.  Even after all that they had shared, she was still shy about her nudity, and although he thought it endearing, he was looking forward to seeing her naked form again.  It was his turn to care for her.  There was a ready supply of logs, and the fire was well stoked and now blazed and crackled in the hearth.  Although it was not exceptionally cold outside, the heat was necessary to take any chill off the air.  He had drawn a tub of warm water, the steam rising in curls to the ceiling. For breakfast, he had prepared a trencher of bread, cheese and ham which was sitting on the bench along with a jug of buttermilk.
'Come, let me care for you, lest Marthe return and demand to carry out the duty whilst she questions you on our activities of yester-eve!' Holding her hands, Kristr helped her sit down into the tub, allowing the warm water to lap and ebb. Taking a cloth, he rubbed her skin in soft gentle circles, his eyes never leaving contact with hers. He cupped the warm water in his hands as he rinsed her body, washing away her virginal life, cleansing her of her own perceived sin of wantonness.
Carefully wrapping her in a soft clean linen sheet, he led Roisin back to the chamber, and laid her on the bed. A sensuous aroma filled the air when a small vial of oil was uncorked. Kristr smiled when she inhaled deeply.  The scent would be unfamiliar to her. 'This is oil of rose, from Babylon,' he whispered, as he anointed her pale skin, massaging her tender muscles, worshipping her external beauty with his hand and eyes, her internal grace with his heart and soul. She may be his hostage in the eyes of both Irish and Norse law, but he was imprisoned to her now in love. No amount of silver would meet that ransom.
Only after he had felt he had come some way into treating her as the goddess she was to him, did he help her into her under-dress and kirtle, and return with her to the main hall where they could finally break their fast. He watched intently as she cut the food up in to small pieces, and taking a morsel of bread and ham and a small chunk of cheese, he allowed her to feed him, slowly, lovingly, taking the same care in giving him his meal as he had just lavished on her.
The sensuousness silence was broken by the now-familiar squeal of Marthe as she bounced down the hall. Swinging Roisin in her arms she put her down as she gave Kristr a long look. 'Oh do tell! Did you? Did you?' looking from Kristr to Roisin to Kristr she squealed again. 'You did! I'm going to have a sister!' She playfully punched her brother's shoulder, 'And, if I can manage Erik, soon I shall have two sisters!'
'Marthe!' Kristr called in exasperation 'You have meddled enough! Leave us be, you silly girl lest I find you a husband, should there be a poor man fool enough to marry you!' Marthe gave a mock pout. 'Stop spoiling my fun! I have been waiting so long to see you happy!'
The quiet bubble of their lovers' time was now well and truly burst, as reality came flooding back to Roisin. There were no regrets from her time with Kristr, but there may be some awkward conversations ahead, as her time on the steading was still marked as that of a hostage.
'We shall have to face your father and Jarl eventually, Kristr.'
'I know. I am surprised that my father has not already arrived here. I am quite sure Marthe has informed the entire steading.' He loved his sister dearly, but her exuberance and enthusiasm for life would try the patience of even the hermit monks from Ireland.
Roisin decided it was time that she followed Ciara's lead, and take part in the running of the steading. She was not sure what her standing would be. Ciara was accepting of her concubine status here. Was she one now too? What would the Christian priest at St Aonghus think of her ruination?  She was not even sure if she cared. The Halsrason steading may as well be on the moon, she was so far from home.
She stood up. 'I shall ask Gertrude what I can do. I'm a very good seamstress, and on Dun-na-Shee I wove some of the finest cloth within four leagues,' the pride evident on her face.
'Maybe you were, and I am quite sure Gertrude will be delighted to have your skills put to use, but today I would like to start teaching you how to use a dagger. It will give you some defence against raiders and marauders.'
She paled. Marauders? Did these Vikings raid each other? Sensing her fear, he smoothed his finger over the worry-wrinkles on her forehead. 'Shhh, no lines. It is a very rare occurrence, but all men and women should have at least the means to protect themselves enough to flee to safety.'
Looking into his eyes, her mind flashed to their first encounter and the blazing fury they held that day, were now twinkling silver. 'Would a dagger have stopped you?'
Pausing, he considered her words, 'Nei, it would not have stopped.  I had been taught weapons skill from I was five summers old, and I was determined to thwart MacRonan.’ His actions that day still sent a cold chill through his heart.  ‘Roisin, tell me this, what would have been your choice, to fight and fail and know you did everything in your power to protect yourself?  Or would you have chosen not to fight at all, and surrender in anger and frustration at your lack of skill?' He knew could not argue with that.  He remembered the fear and fury within her eyes on that day.  She had no control over her own life, not even the control to defend herself. Decisions in her life had been made by men. As a man, he was able to offer her a choice.
‘You know, my mother had been trained to use a weapon by her father, my Grandfather.’ Roisin sighed.  Conall, her father told her how kind, gentle and wise Breda had been, but it was Diarmuid, Conall’s best man, that kept her huntress-mother’s memory alive.  ‘But the night that she was murdered she had left the rath without a dagger.  It was the middle of the night when she was called to help birth a babe. The mother and infant survived, but she was ambushed on the way back to Dun-na-shee.’
‘Well, if your mother had half the courage and beauty that you possess, your father was indeed a lucky man.’  Kristr added under his breath, ‘as am I.’
 Kristr found his father with the blacksmith, assisting the giant smithy as he sweated and pounded on a white hot lump of metal, the clanging loud and abrasive on his ears after the calming morning he had experienced with Roisin. 'May I speak with you Fadir?'
Kerik pulled off the heavy leather apron protecting his tunic and skin from the heat. 'I believe you have some news to share with me, my son.' Kristr rolled his eyes. Marthe. There were no secrets on the steading when she was in residence.  He loved his sister dearly, but when she went back to Merksfjeld, the farmsteads on Halsrafjord would be a lot quieter.
'Ja, Fadir. It is true.' He needed say no more.
‘Under our Norse law, she is still your hostage. What are your intentions?' Kerik had to remind his son that surrendering the ransom price was not an option. He would never be respected as a merchant again, despite how noble the action may have been presumed. 'I have not changed my mind from our previous discussions. You may take her to see her father, but without a payment of silver, she must return here until four seasons have passed. Then, and only then when she becomes your property rather than your hostage, can you free her, and take her as your concubine or wife.' Kristr scowled, but his father was Jarl and Kerik’s word was law on his land. His father’s terms were harsh, but it was Kristr who had set the original plan in motion, not his sire.
'What status may she have on the steading, Fadir?'
'Her status remains that of your hostage. She will be cared for, and protected, but she will not have the rights that Ciara now enjoys.' It was not easy to treat his beloved second son in this way, given that he himself had brought an Irish woman into his own life a score and three years ago. For his son's sake, Kerik sincerely hoped that the silver would not be sourced by Roisin's menfolk. 
Roisin found Ciara in the kitchen again, not breadmaking this time, but learning from Gertrude how to prepare the stew for the natmal, grinning in delight each time she said the correct Norse word for an ingredient. She called to her friend, and both women looked up from their chopping. Ciara dropped her cutting knife and ran to her friend.
'Have I heard correctly?' Ciara giggled as Roisin blushed. Her language skills were developing much faster than Roisin's and she had a fairly good understanding of the conversations between Marthe and Kristr the night before.
'Aye, 'tis true. I suppose I am a woman now.'
'We are both women.' Ciara smiled shyly at Roisin. After hearing of Marthe's antics, she had taken it upon herself to throw caution to the wind and herself at Erik the previous eve. And, because their news had not yet reached Marthe's ears, her and Erik’s bed play was not the talk of the steading. Ciara hugged in a long embrace, lost in their thoughts of her previous life.
'What of Brian and your agreement?' Ciara sighed. It was never her agreement, or Brian's for that matter. It was an arrangement made when they were children. 'I do not know. But I love Brian like a brother. I hope he will understand. He has the right to meet a woman who will love him as a husband.'
Their chattering was interrupted by a soft coughing from Gertrude. She stroked each girl's cheek, murmuring softly in her own language. Roisin turned to Ciara, and whispered 'What does she say?'
Ciara looked up at Gertrude, her eyes shining with joy. 'Dottir. She calls us Daughter.'
Gertrude's other daughter ran into the kitchen, wide-eyed and breathless, almost tripping over her skirts in her excitement. 'There's a ship coming through the fjord, it has been sighted by Knottr and Erik, but the sail does not bear Norse colours!'
Roisin did not know whether her heart leapt or her stomach sank. What of her and Kristr?  

Thanks go to:  E. Paterson for the Viking painting


Maria MacAuley is from Derry, Ireland and has a degree in Celtic Languages. She is married to the love of her life, and they live in relative peace with two cats.

She has a secret wish that her husband will investigate his Nordic family tree further and whisk her off on a longboat to Hammerfest to view the Northern Lights.

If Maria were to choose her favourite tense, it should be the subjunctive, and is always keen to discuss same over a pint of Guinness.

~*"No portion of this story may be copied or shared without the direct permission of the author."*~

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Review The Dim Realm (The Resurrection Tower #1) by Matt Holgate

"The Dim Realm"
The Dim Realm, Volume I (The Resurrection Tower, #1)Author: Matt Holgate

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 722
Source: Author for honest review.
Published: June 4, 2012
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Goodreads Blurb: 
When former blacksmith Corin Drey finds himself lying on his back in the midst of Orthin's Wood, he cannot imagine what has happened. The last thing he remembers is searching for Thom Blaire's wife-one of the disappeared. As he slowly sits up and looks around, he sees dead soldiers hanging from trees and other bodies scattered about the burnt forest floor. Corin knows he must find his way home-but how?

Seventeen-year-old Kara Kinfolk has an old soul. Her small town of Arrow's Flight is idyllic and quiet. But when travelers and residents start to vanish, no one appears interested in finding them. Worse yet are the nightmares, the voices that whisper to her from the shadows, and the dark house at the center of town where secret rituals are performed. Now the house, which possesses powers that prevent anyone from entering or leaving town, has begun to desire Kara for reasons she cannot comprehend. Kara knows she must flee Arrow's Flight-but how?

As Kara sets out on a quest to quell an ancient evil, she must rely on Corin and a stranger to help her follow a maze of clues that she hopes will lead to an escape-before it is too late.

My Review:
I’m a huge fan of fantasy. Add in some gore and thrills and you have me snagged! The Dim Realm (for me) was a nice combo of LOTR and GOT with some awesome thrills and a side of chills! It was a bit confusing here and there at the beginning because of all that is going on. But it all came together as it progressed and all in all it’s a good dark fantasy read packed full of adventure, gore, humor, various fantastical characters and some mystery that any fans of the genre will enjoy their time spent with :)

There are quite a few characters within that have a great deal to do with the story as a whole. Tal (through my eyes) seems to be on his own separate adventure or quest from where Kara is heading. But they both end up intertwined in one way or another as the story progresses. Great characters, descriptions and emotions vividly written throughout the story. It will definitely linger in the readers mind long after they read the last sentence and put the book down!

This is the first book of The Resurrection Tower series and a very good start. I look forward to what is to come in the next of the series and where Matt Holgate will take us.

Overall Rating:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Release/Giveaway Been Loving You Too Long by Seraphina Donovan!

Ophelia Broulliard’s life has always been linked to the wealthy and powerful DuChamps family. The granddaughter of the family’s housekeeper, she’s worshipped Vincent DuChamps from afar--the ever unattainable prince in her fairy tale dreams. Little does she know that Vincent harbors his own secret feelings for her, but other darker secrets that he sees as an insurmountable obstacle to ever being the man she deserves, have prompted him to avoid her altogether. 

When Thomas, the family patriarch dies, his will bears some unpleasant surprises for them both. Thomas wants nothing more than for Vincent and his siblings to be happy, and in his final act as the only father figure they’ve ever had, engineers a series of contingencies in his will that require them each to face their demons.  Only too aware of what Vincent really feels for Ophelia, Thomas creates a situation that will force Vincent to confront his feelings.  Unless, Vincent and Ophelia marry, Vincent and his siblings will lose everything, including the family business.

Forced into such close proximity, denying their attraction for one another becomes impossible.  But even as they grow closer, other threats to the future of DuChamps Hotels and all that Vincent holds dear threaten to destroy their burgeoning relationship. Ophelia has played it safe her whole life. Taking a risk on Vincent is a frightening prospect. Will it be worth it, or will his secrets break both their hearts?


The girlhood crush had never quite vanished, but this almost painful need was too much to bear.  She could smell his cologne, the scent light and subtle, but wholly masculine.  It made her want to rub against him like a cat, just so she could smell his scent on her. 
While he stared down at her hand, applying the small bandage, she stared at his face, noting the dark shadows beneath his eyes.  They told the truth of how difficult it was for him.  It wasn’t just that he and Thomas were family.  Thomas had been his mentor, his friend, and the only father he’d ever known.  Vincent respected and admired him, but more than that, he needed him. 
“You look tired, Vincent.”
He quirked an eyebrow, his expression sardonic.  “So I hear.”
It had slipped out, an admission that she shouldn’t have made.  Acknowledging to anyone how frequently Vincent crossed her mind or how often she studied his face was dangerous. 
When he looked up at her, their gazes locked and Ophelia’s breath simply froze.  Her lungs seized and she could do nothing but stare into his coal-black eyes and pray that everything she felt for him wasn’t written all over her face.
It was only when he drew her hand up and placed it against his chest, directly over his racing heart that she realized he’d even still been holding it.  The firmness of muscle and the springy mat of chest hair beneath the cotton of his shirt was too much temptation to resist.  She caressed that muscle lightly and watched as his eyes blazed with lust. 
His expression changed to something she could only describe as carnal, predatory even. He stepped closer to her, backing her against the island. 
She let out a sigh, savoring the sensation of his closeness, of the heat from his body scorching her.
His mouth was only inches from her and the anticipation of waiting for the kiss that seemed so inevitable was agonizing.  “Tell me to stop,” he demanded. 
“You shouldn’t,” she whispered, unable to find her voice. 
“I shouldn’t stop or I shouldn’t kiss you, Ophelia?  Which is it?”
She knew the right answer, the answer she ought to give.  Instead, she sank against him, savoring the heat, the hard planes of his body against hers.  Her eyes closed softly as she raised her lips to his. 
The heat between them sparked, flared, then raged out of control.  She might have initiated that first tentative touch of their lips, but he quickly seized the reins.
His lips were firm as they settled over hers, demanding.  When his teeth scraped her bottom lip, nipping roughly and then soothing with his tongue, she couldn’t hold back the low moan.  Each gentle tug and pull as he sucked at her lips, the sensual glide of his tongue against hers as he swept it into her mouth was overwhelmingly intense.
It was as if he’d peered inside her and knew what she wanted even before he she did.  Heat suffused her, spreading throughout her body.  He tasted of bourbon and the spice that was simply him.  Sliding her hands up and over the breadth of his shoulders, she clasped her hands behind his neck, bringing them even closer. 
His hands moved over her back, down to her hips, pressing against her.

Release Date 6-11-13, only at Amazon.  Priced at 2.99.  Next book in the series will be out in August!
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