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Wednesday Briefs: Lady #5 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. I was given many options to inspire this weeks brief. But I chose to go with the two photos below for this week along with "I never felt like that before..."
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This cannot be real! Dezso holds me in his arms as if he wants me here, as if I belong. I cannot help but to melt into his warmth. This is much better than any of the dreams I’ve had while starring him. He has never held me or even touched me in any of the dreams. It was always me touching him. Loving him. I feel—cherished. I've never felt like that before. It feels amazing!
I feel so odd on only two legs…awkward. Not as sturdy as I am on four. Thank the goddess, he is holding me up. I don’t know much on how to work this human form. I instinctively grip his arms and pull him harder, closer to me. I do not want him to let me go. Not now, not ever. Nor do I want to fall to the ground again.
“Relax, Lady of my dreams. I have you. You’re fine. Please do not fear me.”
Fear him and he says I am the lady of his dreams? I have a multitude of feelings flowing throughout my body at this moment. None of them are fear. Desire, excitement, and perhaps, nervousness. I have flutters of movement within my middle. But not fear. I could never fear him. I want him. Mind, body. Heart and soul…All of him. I wish I could tell him how I feel at this moment. How much I truly desire him along with my wants, needs and desires. Most specifically, to become one with him. I’m thinking all of these words but do I dare speak them? I must try for if I don’t...I will never know.
Taking a deep breath, I open my mouth only to let out a high pitched squeak. Oh, my! This is not good. I try again. This time tensing my lips a bit, just like I’ve seen humans do many times before.
Not at all what I wanted to say, but much better than before. So, I gaze into his eyes and raise my palm to his chest. Placing it right over his heart and try again.
He’s looking into my eyes and I see a happy sparkle. Then, he suddenly throws his head back and roars in laughter.
I cannot help but to smile at him and the joyous sound he is making. At least, I hope I am smiling. But as I continue to think. I wonder if he is laughing at me. That does not make me feel so warm in those places where I want him to touch me. It does warm my face. Very much so in fact. I cannot help but to look down in shame.
Dezso sees this and gently puts a finger beneath my chin.
“No my sweetling. Do not look shamed. Yes, I am yours. I’m laughing from happiness. Something I’ve not felt in a very long time. It’s amazing, thank you for this gift. I hope you are mine as well. I hope we can get to know one another in all ways and even explore…”
He gently pries me off of him and takes a step back. “Now, let’s get this shirt on you and cover you up. It’s not proper for such a fair female such as you to be exposed as you are. I can gaze at your beauty forever. I don’t care to share it or you.” He makes sure I’m balanced and extends the fabric he calls a shirt to me.
I look at him, confused. I’ve seen him take it off and have helped him myself, in the dreams. I fear I will look like a fool if I try myself. The last thing I want is to look like a fool once again, despite my deepest desire to please him.
He then puts the circle of the fabric over my head. I cannot see and I do not like it. But he quickly fixes it by passing my head through. He then takes my hand and places it through a smaller hole with more fabric.
Thank goodness, he did not try to put my head in there. I would get lost!
He then, repeats the process on my other side, and pulls the fabric over my breasts and torso.
My nipples harden almost painfully from the brush of his hand and the fabric. Without realizing it, I let out a moan.
He stops pulling down the fabric fully and looks at me questionably.
I do not know his question. But I know my answer will be yes.
He tilts his head slightly and moves closer to my face.
I feel his breath on my lips. It smells like that furry fruit my family likes so much. The kiwi. I want to taste him so very badly. I lick my lips, then close the space between us. I want to swallow him, consume him until we are a permanent part of each other.
Dezso lets out a groan and gives me back what I give to him. All the while, he is caressing my back with the most wonderful of touches.
I move my hands down his back and grip on his rump. Oh my, what a delight! So firm, like a perfect peach ready for picking. Yet, squeezable like something that can be molded into a shape. I stay with my hands kneading his flesh and he is slowly moving lower to my rear.
I feel wetness between my two legs and let out a gasp between his lips and move the area closer to him. There is a hardness between his legs and I know EXACTLY what it is. I want to taste it and see if it’s just like in my dreams. I slowly pull away from his lips and ease my way to kneeling position.
He is looking at me while he is panting. Desire has consumed his eyes.
I wonder if mine are the same as I pull at the material he has covering what I desire.
He grabs my hands. “Not here, my Lady…”

To be continued...again :)

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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  1. WOW Ava how dare you leave me hanging like that.Just when i'm licking my lips, its over.How will i ever wait for next Wednesday. I am in Love with this story of Lady & Dezso. When he first hold her in his arms pressed up against him, Lady thinks "I have never felt this way before" all i could do was "Sigh" She is beautiful inside and out and she truly deserves a hunk like Dezso. When he puts his hand under her chin and tells Lady she is his, i melted right there. lol And that KISS,HOLY HOTNESS and his lips tasted like Kiwi, i could almost taste it on mine. AR Von please please don't let this story end anytime soon, it is so Beautiful and original I love it. Dezso and Lady Forever :)

    1. So very sorry Margie!!!
      Lady will be back next week with much more. I think it ended perfectly though. Left you wanting more, no?
      he he ;)
      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. I love this story, Lady's naievte with getting dressed was so sweet. And woman! I never knew kiwis could be so hot! Thank you for making my day, again!

    1. LOL- Oh yea! Super sexy in this case ;)
      I'm glad to have added to your day :)
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read it!!

  3. Just the naughty turn I wanted :-)

  4. Great job, Ava! On to the next one! :D


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