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Review The Dim Realm (The Resurrection Tower #1) by Matt Holgate

"The Dim Realm"
The Dim Realm, Volume I (The Resurrection Tower, #1)Author: Matt Holgate

Genre: Dark Fantasy
Pages: 722
Source: Author for honest review.
Published: June 4, 2012
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Goodreads Blurb: 
When former blacksmith Corin Drey finds himself lying on his back in the midst of Orthin's Wood, he cannot imagine what has happened. The last thing he remembers is searching for Thom Blaire's wife-one of the disappeared. As he slowly sits up and looks around, he sees dead soldiers hanging from trees and other bodies scattered about the burnt forest floor. Corin knows he must find his way home-but how?

Seventeen-year-old Kara Kinfolk has an old soul. Her small town of Arrow's Flight is idyllic and quiet. But when travelers and residents start to vanish, no one appears interested in finding them. Worse yet are the nightmares, the voices that whisper to her from the shadows, and the dark house at the center of town where secret rituals are performed. Now the house, which possesses powers that prevent anyone from entering or leaving town, has begun to desire Kara for reasons she cannot comprehend. Kara knows she must flee Arrow's Flight-but how?

As Kara sets out on a quest to quell an ancient evil, she must rely on Corin and a stranger to help her follow a maze of clues that she hopes will lead to an escape-before it is too late.

My Review:
I’m a huge fan of fantasy. Add in some gore and thrills and you have me snagged! The Dim Realm (for me) was a nice combo of LOTR and GOT with some awesome thrills and a side of chills! It was a bit confusing here and there at the beginning because of all that is going on. But it all came together as it progressed and all in all it’s a good dark fantasy read packed full of adventure, gore, humor, various fantastical characters and some mystery that any fans of the genre will enjoy their time spent with :)

There are quite a few characters within that have a great deal to do with the story as a whole. Tal (through my eyes) seems to be on his own separate adventure or quest from where Kara is heading. But they both end up intertwined in one way or another as the story progresses. Great characters, descriptions and emotions vividly written throughout the story. It will definitely linger in the readers mind long after they read the last sentence and put the book down!

This is the first book of The Resurrection Tower series and a very good start. I look forward to what is to come in the next of the series and where Matt Holgate will take us.

Overall Rating:

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