Appearance Request Policy

Review Policy:
I am currently not taking ANY review requests. Feel free to send in a request for any other type of spot. Thank you!

Welcome & thank you for your interest in DreamZ of Dragons! If you would like to request a review of one of your books, a book spot light,  guest post, giveaway, interview or another fab idea to promo your work, just contact me with your request. I will respond to your message A.S.A.P and let you know whether I can accommodate you. I look forward to hearing from you. I'm open to many genres paranormal, erotic, fantasy, western, contemporary, YA, and more  (please just ask). 
I am honest when I review books. This means if I liked your book (or not), then I offer an honest review for my followers. Once a review is posted to my blog I ALWAYS make sure to post it on Goodreads and Amazon.

If you’d like me to review your book, please send me an email to:

Please put “Review Request - (Your Name) - (Name of Book)” in the subject line. 
Also, please include in your email in the following format.

1- Author’s name
2- Genre
3- Email
4- Website link
5- Length of book (pages)
6- Book title and blurb
7- Possible dates (unless completely open)
8- The name of this blog (I review for other places and do not want to mix up requests)

(DO NOT send me any covers until they are requested, please.)

I cannot accept all requests. But will try my best to accommodate you in some way.

Please make sure you have all the above information listed in your review request, otherwise I  will not be considering your book for review. I thank you in advance for following the guidelines.

I accept and prefer digital copies of books. In regards to digital books, PDF, Mobi and .PRC are great! 

*Any review copies that are received will not be sold or distributed in any way.*

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