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Blog Tour Redemption by Julie Morgan

Redemption Blog Tour Banner Synopsis
Lisa's choice has been made. She's living her dream and couldn't be happier. Then as news comes to shed light on her happily ever after, a series of events are set in motion. Some want to claim what is rightfully theirs, others want to mold it in a positive light.
Alex feels the demon inside of him growing stronger, day by day. Will he be strong enough to keep it at bay, or will he lose himself to the darkness? A new demon comes into Alex and Lisa's life who seems to have every intention of destroying them, but do they know what their intentions truly are?
Lisa will discover who is an ally and who is the enemy, but will she discover it in time to save Alex from his own self destruction? When she finally understands what's happening to her, will she lose herself and everyone she loves or will she seek redemption and accept what she has become?
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Alex flies above the trees he’s found marked by demons. He lands just outside the blackened ground and takes a few steps, examining the singed soil. He squats down and holds his palm just over the earth, feeling the area still warm. The sound of bark cracks next to him and he looks towards the tree a few feet away. The sludge seeping down the trunk appears to still be fresh. A few dead leaves float to the ground in front of him. His eyes follow a pattern making its way up the tree as death works its way through it to the core, blackening and killing it.
He takes a few steps back and walks around the other side of the blackened ground and finds he is not too far from where he and Lisa were just sitting. “Spying on us. Outstanding,” he mumbles. He lifts himself back into the air and makes his way back over to where Lisa stands. His wings shift in the air and he finds Lisa still standing in the same place where he left her. He can see concern and fear on her face. He takes a few steps forward and tilts his head, watching her like a predator watching its prey.
She crosses her arms over her chest and feels a slight shiver touch her skin. “Alex?” she whispers. Fear creeps inside of her and her eyes scan the area, seeing nothing but the trees and vegetation. She whines softly to herself and backs up against a tree.
He steps closer towards her and reaches out to touch her, then lowers his hand. The demon inside of him wants to claim her here in the woods, wanting to make her his over and over again. The desire to grab and thrust against her, to claim her body and take her soul pulses through his body. He presses the palms of his hands to his eyes and suppresses the demon inside of him. A long sigh leaves his lips and this is all Lisa needs to know he’s near.
“Alex?” She whispers, looking side to side.
Alex uncloaks himself and appears in front of her, his eyes black and wings still extended.
She screams, “DAMMIT!” then jumps back, lifting a hand to her heart. “You scared the shit out of me! What the hell?”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to.” He steps closer to her, pulling his wings into his back. “Come here.” Alex reaches for her hands and pulls her to him. He forces the fire inside of him to extinguish to a dull simmer. He cups her face and looks at her.
She lifts her gaze and her breath catches in her throat. It’s not often Alex allows his true form to emerge so freely in front of her. Her hands lift and rest on his forearms. “It’s okay now. You… startled me is all,” she sighs and relaxes. “Was there something out there? Are we alone?”
Alex watches her and feels her anxiety ease up and her heartbeat slow. He steps closer and leans in to kiss her forehead. “We are alone… for now.” He closes his eyes and swallows hard, then looks down at her again. Lust, longing and sex burn at the forefront of his mind. He grits his teeth and pushes them back. “But I think someone is here. Let’s get back to the cabin.” Lisa nods, then lifts up onto her toes and kisses him.
Alex growls softly and his eyes stare into hers, then he kisses her again with more intent. The lust encompasses him and he thrusts it towards her. She embraces his body and gasps. She leans into him and whimpers softly, gripping his shoulders tighter. His hands move to her hips and he pulls himself closer. Lisa feels herself stepping back as he presses against her. She moves her hands around his neck and feels his wings against her hands. She lifts her fingers and they move between the downy feathers. Alex lets out a soft growl at her touch.
She immediately retracts her fingers and breaks the kiss. “I’m sorry.”
He shakes his head and tells her, “Don’t stop.” She finds a soft hue of red glowing around him. He presses his lips to hers again and she closes her eyes. He deepens the kiss with his tongue massaging hers and a soft moan leaves her lips. Without hesitation, she moves her fingers into his wings again.
Alex pushes Lisa against the tree. “Alex…” she mumbles against his lips. Her fingers dig into his shoulders and she bites his bottom lip.
He answers her with another growl, but this time he grabs one of her legs and wraps it around his waist.
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Hailing from Burleson, Texas and growing up in the country with big tractors and bon fire parties, I would day dream about far off lands, hoping to one day get inside their worlds.
Always having a love of books and paranormal stories, I finally took the leap to begin writing with encouragement from my husband. Having worked in IT my entire career and finding my way to Central Florida, I spend free time writing new stories, putting together puzzles with my daughter or reading her children's stories.
We are involved in Autism research and Autism awareness. To find out more how you can help, check out
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Stealing Time by S.L. Siwik Blog Tour

Stealing Time Blog Tour Banner Synopsis
Delaney Beaumont is more likely to flip you the bird than she is to say hello. A workaholic during the week as a free-lance graphic designer, by weekend she's a partying alcoholic. Laney's MO is always the same: party and drink until she blacks out. Every weekend she wakes up in bed with a strange man and no memory of how she wound up there. But, she doesn't care. Because when she leaves his apartment, she'll never see him again. It's the way she's gone about it for years and it suits her needs just fine.
That is...until the day she wakes up in Jackson Turner's bed.
Jackson Turner is a tattoo artist and owner of four shops in the Colorado area. He wanted Delaney from the moment he set eyes on her. Their night together is nothing short of crazy, and Jackson knows that he has to have Laney in his life for good. Convincing her, while dealing with the consequences of their night together, will be easier said than done.
If you love someone set them free. Then get ready with a bottle of Jack.
Stealing Time - High Resolution - Version 2

A loud buzzing sound goes off and I moan out in pain from my head pounding. Grabbing the silk wrapped pillow, I throw it over my head as I bury myself into the mattress like an ostrich into the sand. Hmm, I like the feel of the material against my naked body. So, I fucked someone last night with nice sheets. Score!
I searched my addled brain to remember what happened the night before.
Here are the facts that I remember: I drank a shit ton of Jaeger Bombs last night at Club Indigo before blacking out. Where am I? No fuckin’ clue. Who’s next to me? Your guess is probably better than mine. I’m not too worried though, because Double D, that’s Drunk Delaney, the person who comes out in me when I blackout, has never done me wrong. My pussy senses hotness in a five mile radius, and Double D, she’s a deal closer. So, I’m not freaking out about all of my unknowns right now, because that’s part of the fun- trying to piece together the ‘what the fuck happened’ from the night before. Usually I don’t get answers, and I’m alright with that too. Because whoever this is next to me had his one night of glory. His five minutes of fame in my world. I don’t ride stallions a second time. I don’t do ‘do overs’ either. I don’t even bother with names. What’s the point? When I walk out that door, I’ll never see them again. This is how it’s been for the last six years, and it suits me just fine.
“Turn that off!” I grumble, smacking something hard next to me. I wince in pain, sure that my hand hurts more than whatever I just smashed into.
I hear a loud groaning sound before a warm body turns towards me, pressing up against me. A strong arm slides around my waist, pulling me even closer. Soft warm lips kiss my neck before a trimmed beard brushes against my shoulder, tickling me. Hard body, strong arm, soft lips…aside from the raging hang over, not a bad way to wake up.

My Review:

Stealing Time is an emotional, fun, no holds barred, realistic story that many fans of the genre will fully enjoy!

Laney is a very free spirited and injured soul that's lived through very deep loss and has tried to find a way to numb herself and at the same time, feel...
She's jam packed full of unpredictable surprises and even more bluntly of a speaker (I loved it). I really enjoyed her character.

Jackson is a very successful tattoo artist that's never known love or deep attraction until he met Laney. She twisted his insides out, ripped them apart, and rearranged his heart to only beat for her (all figuratively of course). She showed him what it's like to be with the other half of your soul...

There's so much more to the story. But I don't do spoilers ( I'm not sorry) lol.
You all are just going to have to read it for yourself ;)
S.L. Siwik is a new to me author that I plan to read much more from. A 3.5 rating for me.

Overall Rating:

 Sex Rating: 


I live in NJ with my husband, daughter, dog, and beta fish. I love going out with my daughter on the weekends, drink a pot of coffee a day, and hate wearing make-up. I love finding new book boyfriends, and I love writing down the stories that pop into my head. But, most of all...I love hearing from you!
Other Work by S.L. Siwik
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Review Her Wolf Ménage (The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf, #7) By Louisa Bacio

"Her Werewolf Ménage "
Author: Louisa Bacio
Genre: Paranormal erotic romance
Pages: 163
Source: Author for honest review
Published: March 20, 2014
Author's Website

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Goodreads Blurb:
She seeks adventure

What’s the use of living in a wolf pack when one isn’t a shifter? Jana strikes out from Louisiana’s national forest to New Orleans to find herself, only to discover more questions.

They want the same woman

The moment Jana steps into the French Quarter, Andre pursues the naïve beauty. An artist, he senses the hidden wolf beneath the surface, and her nature calls to him. It’s not until she leaves that long-time friend Dominick realizes what he wants. The two alpha weres must battle it out or learn to share to reach their happy ending.

My Review:
Her Werewolf Menage is a fun, touching, exciting and erotic story that many fans of the genre will have a great time reading!

Jana has been the outcast for a majority of her life. Never being fully accepted into anything and knowing none of her dreams are even remotely possible of coming true because she's so...different. Then she does the best thing possible and leaves the place she's known as home. Now it's time for her to have a grand (and sexy) adventure that will forever change her life!

I've always enjoyed this authors writing and still continue to do so. She writes a great erotic story with fun and class. AWESOME!
I look forward to much more of her work in the near future :)

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Linked Tour

Judy Serrano graduated from Texas A&M University, Commerce with a BA in English. She is a substitute teacher at her children’s school district and teaches developmental writing at a local college. She is also a freelance writer for certain on-line periodicals and does editing for indie authors. She is the author of The Easter’s Lilly Series, The Linked Series, and The Ivy Vines, Visions Series.
Although she is originally from New York, she currently resides in Texas with her husband, four children, (all boys) and five dogs. She is also a singer/songwriter in her spare time.

05About Linked
Daphne Foster is a substitute teacher stuck in an English class, waiting for that dreaded parent-teacher conference. With much preparation and anxiety, she encounters the unforgettable Charlie Cross. His charm and good looks, win her over but rumors of his involvement with organized crime make his continued disappearances disturbing.
In walks Heathcliff Vanderpool, creating a love triangle of unusual sorts. Unknown to Daphne, Heathcliff and Charlie are old friends: Older than she could have imagined. With Charlie away on business, Daphne and Heathcliff discover a passion between them lying beneath the surface. As their souls link, pulling away from Charlie becomes next to impossible. Will his involvement in organized crime consume them both before she’s able to get free? When you become “linked,” the choice may not be your own.
-- Author of The Easter's Lilly Series and Linked published by Black Rose Writing
How to write a steamy sex scene
When I first started writing, I wondered how much I could actually get away with as far as sex scenes go. I read all kinds of books where the sex scenes were “dirty” or a little out of my comfort zone. So, I decided to change it up a bit. I think that dirty language is simply a lack of creativity. Sex can be exciting without being dirty. Christian couples must have sex. If they bring up children, their secret is out. So, how do I create sex scenes without crossing the line?
First of all, sexy love scenes are enjoyable as long as people become engaged. So far, I have written all my novels in the first person. I do this so that people will feel what my main character is feeling and identify with him or her. Once they feel engaged, they get aroused. No explicit craziness is necessary, just good old-fashioned lovemaking. Maybe there is kissing, caressing, and even a little delayed release. It is all about pleasure. If the reader feels the intimacy and the anticipation, the reader will be experiencing all the excitement that the protagonist is feeling. There is nothing wrong with that. These kinds of experiences usually bring the reader closer to their significant other, which is my intention.
So, a little sex in the morning, afternoon, or evening is totally acceptable. Sex scenes that are identifiable, moving, and maybe create a little fantasy, can only spark a relationship that needs a little facelift. So dig your fingers into his hair, or wrap your lips around his… fingertips. Live to love, love to live, no matter how you do it, make sure you read about it first. Get yourself a little love in the afternoon.

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For a chance to win One of Ten e-books of Easter's Lilly
The winner will be announced at the end of the tour.

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Beautiful Failure by Mariah Cole Tour & Review

Title: Beautiful Failure
Author: Mariah Cole
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date:December 17, 2013 

If you're looking for a heartwarming story about a girl who falls deeply in love with a troubled boy who changes her life--a sob story with pretty metaphors and a million ways that'll tell you how "broken" she is, STOP. Don't read another word of this.

I'm not that type of girl.

My name is Emerald Anderson and I'm not going to bullshit you: I flunked out of college after my sophomore year, I've been fired from every job I've ever taken, and I've never had a fully functioning relationship in my life.

I wish I could say that I had a cheerleader in my corner, someone who says, "No, Emerald--You're great and you are good at something!" but I don't. My grandparents are completely oblivious to my life, and my mother's dying words to me were "You're going to end up just like me one day. A beautiful nothing."

She was right.

As I decide to start my life over and take two jobs that will forever change me--one from the inside, and one from the outside, I keep my mother's words close to my heart so I can keep the sexy and mysterious Carter Black away.

He's the first man who's ever pursued me, the first man who seems bent on finding out why I am the way I am, but he's wasting his time.

I'm not broken. I don't need to be fixed. I'm perfectly fine being a beautiful failure...

Beautiful Failure is a very realistic, entertaining and engrossing story that many fans of the genre will enjoy their time spent with.

Emerald knows what she knows. All she was taught and surrounded by her entire life. Drugs, alcohol, and "free" behavior are just a few examples of what she was brought up to believe, to be the best "companion" in her life. Failure after failure. Emerald DOES NOT give up (much respect out to her). Even with all of the negativity she's surrounded with and experienced. She continues to move along, albeit with an attitude, but she does  move ahead, slowly. Even more so when she starts hanging out with the deliciously handsome Carter...

A good start to a new series. One that leaves the reader itching for more. My only real complaint is how there was so little in the story about Carter with that ending on top of it all. I guess I felt a bit...lost. I look forward to what's coming in the next of the series.
A 3.5 rating.

Overall Rating 

 Sex Rating

Starbucks Addict. New Adult author. Dreamer.

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