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Wednesday Briefs: Lady #2 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. I was given many options to inspire a Brief. But I chose to go with the two new photos below for this week. I hope you enjoy the second part of "LADY" and would LOVE to hear your thoughts :)
For those of you that did not read last week's. Click HERE for part 1 of Lady.

I always feel heat of the oddest sort. It’s as if there is an explosion and massive flames within my body. Rising to the surface of my flesh-each and every time I come to these pristine waters. It is as if I’m being watched and admired. But I never investigate, because my senses tell me I’m safe, there’s no one meaning harm to me or any others around. Just some of the wildlife and they never come close to me. So, I always continue my ritual, my cleansing and my explorations of the mystery in this part of the land.

This is the only place that soothes my inner beast, my darkness. The only cure, besides the quest to find my true mate. The day it happens, then I will be all that is light.

            I dream of her in all her glorious beauty. She has the creamiest flesh and plumpest of breasts. Her hair is as fine as the best silk and the color of mother’s milk. Her beauty encompasses all the attributes of a man’s deepest, most carnal desires. I can feel her essence always, as if she’s near my Lady, Iria.

            Once I am stripped of every article of clothing, I go into the pool of water, allowing it to swallow my flesh. Then, I close my eyes to its comfort. Picturing Iria, while she touches me everywhere. She knows exactly what I like and what it all does to me. She worships my body in its entirety and I allow it. Her touch is soft as the most exquisite of flower petals in full bloom. Her scent goes along perfectly with her being. So clean, yet sensual. The essence of it goes straight to my loins and fills my cock with blood until it’s at its fullest point. So very close to bursting, it feels incredible. The most exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure.

            I keep my hands to my sides, clenching my fists in an open-closed pumping motion, so as not to touch her. I do not want her to stop, to go away. I do not wish to open my eyes, see the reality and know she’s not truly there. Doing me such an honor, a service of pleasure that any man would surely envy. I want it to continue for as long as it can, never wanting it to end.

            She’s kissing my jaw and whispering nonsensical words throughout her journey of my body. Treating it as if it’s something that should be worshiped and cherished—loved and remembered. I understand only one word that she speaks each time…desire. It’s as if it’s clearly spoken directly into my mind. I want to answer her, tell her how I desire to touch her and feel her warmth around me. But no words come. I am awestruck, speechless by these attentions, she so tenderly continues.

            Her journey has brought her to my rigid member. She tests, tastes, teases and worships some more. I will not last long with these feelings she brings forth. No other has ever had this effect on me. Nor do I want them to…I only want her. Mind, body and soul. To complete this empty shell of a man which I am and fill me with love and light.

            I let a grunt past my lips as she wraps her divine lips around my length and takes me deep. I feel as though I’m about to combust and fill her with my entire essence. I cannot resist and I whisper on a sigh, “Lady”.

            I can no longer hold back. I have the weakness of any male when it comes to pleasure so intense. I let free and give her all of me. Hoping she will accept all that I am. My fingers are now numb, beyond cramping from how tight I hold my fists. She’s now licking my length clean and my body shivers from the residual tingles of my completion.

            I know what’s to come now, as always, she will disappear. Taking her warmth, flowery scent and my soul along with her. My rainbow, my brightness…my light.

            I know she’s now gone again, and I still have my eyes closed tight. Not wanting to lose the glorious feeling she’s given to me. But reality hits me and my eyes pop open, looking for a sign of her. Anything to prove she’s not just in my mind, a dream, a hope, a wish—I want to come true like no other.

            I see a tuft of white from the corner of my eye. Moving fast between the heather shrubs and trees and I know it’s not my imagination. Such a pure white, standing out in the greenery as vivid as there is in these parts. It’s not my woman, for it is covered in hair. Short and white. I hear a whinny and it sounds so sad. I remove myself as quick as a viper and run in the nude, trying to catch what it is I am actually seeing. “Halt!” I say in a firm voice. “I will not harm you,” I add with a plea.

            The animal slows briefly and tilts its head in my direction. I catch its eyes, the purest, and clearest of blues I’ve ever seen. I get a familiar sensation in the pit of my stomach—it cannot be. I quickly dismiss the thought. I know exactly what it is I see and I stop in my tracks. Stunned into silence and practically paralyzed by the majestic creature before me, such glorious beauty...A unicorn.

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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  1. Ohhhh, I was waiting all week for this, Ava, and you didn't disappoint. Exquisite.

    1. Hi Maria!
      Thank you so much :)
      Thank you for letting me know I did not disappoint. I was concerned (still am) that it would not meet expectations. I'm excited to write more. Very excited indeed!

  2. Giddy with excitement to read more...Wonderful job lady! Love love love it!!! <3

    1. Morning Cheree!
      YAY!!! Awesome! Thank you so much :)
      I just got goosie bumps- lol
      I've started the next and I hope you'll continue to feel the same *wicked smirk*

  3. Great job Ava... as usual. :D

    1. Good morning my little ducky! <3
      Thank you so much!
      I'm reading a fantastical Elven story right now and it has me... Yes, it's not letting go of my wee imagination. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to start the Elven Chronicles. I'm in love *sigh*

  4. Great job on this, Very vivid descriptions!

  5. Very lyrical! I like your poetic descriptions, though they seem almost out of place coming from the burly warrior type. It doesn't match the 'voice' I'd expect from him, though it does fit your unicorn.

    1. I did not want to make him too gruff and I also wanted the reader(s) to see/feel how alike in heart, soul and mind they both are. Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  6. I definitely get it, I immediately felt the bond that I'm sure will be explored as the story continues :)

    1. Hi there!!
      Hopefully the next prompts will spark my imaginative juices and it will come together as I originally saw in my mind :)
      We shall see...

  7. Test... This is a test of the emergency blogger system... This is only a test so no worries ;)

  8. Oh my Flaming God what a story.As i am reading i am falling in love with this Beautiful Man.He stands naked in the pure water, because thats the only cure for his inner beast,his darkness. He starts thinging about his true mate Lady Iria, and of course this is the Oh my Flaming God part. lol I love this story and am so eager to know what will happen next, because he does get to see Lady but in her Unicorn form.He has a gut feeling, when he see's her, but doesn't know what to make of it. Well Mrs AR Von i want more, simple as that. Why is this not a book, a story like this capture's the heart of the reader and pulls them in.Once again Brilliant. :)


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