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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Lady #9

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. As always, I was given many options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the two photos below. They were the only two that grabbed at me...

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“Lady #9” by A.R. Von

I’m unsure how long I was being fed images but the sun is now setting. Its beautiful colors reflect off the waters and sparkle on Tethys’ jewelry making it all look alive. It’s absolutely breathtaking. This creature, queen, goddess is so very differently beautiful.

I know I don’t have much time to ponder my choices. I know what is right, this choice I should make. What my heart and soul tells me to do, screams for me to do. I really don’t need time to make my choice. I have seen the proof of happiness that can be. I feel even now that which blooms between Dezso and myself without having experienced all of him. We will be even happier, have children and live as one.

I focus my thoughts with hopes Dezso can hear me as I answer Tethys, “I have decided. But I must know what it is I am to sacrifice. The decision I have made will not change. But I need to know, to prepare myself and my future love for what is to come and have the knowledge so if arrangements or other changes need to be made they can be done properly. Please?”

Just as the last syllable leaves my lips I hear Dezso whispering frantically, “No no, no…My lady, please do not sacrifice anything that is you, please my love? There has to be another way…”

He looks as if he’s hurting. Fighting a battle within himself. I almost feel his pain. I just want him. I want to live the wondrous life Tethys has shown me. I want to experience love, sex, emotions the wonders only humans experience and family. All with my desire…my Dezso.

“ENOUGH! You will give me your answer now, so I may go on with my next service to the goddess. Now!”

I look at Dezso once more I am held prisoner by his gaze. His eyes hold a fire that I want to help keep burning. I do not want to hurt him. I want to give him pleasure and peace. With that last thought I let him hear my answer. “Please Dezso. Support me in my decision. You’ve not seen the possibilities, the hatred, the death and destruction. Let me love you and let me help to mold a bright future for us together forever. I have chosen you. No matter the sacrifice.”

Dezso takes a deep breath of resignation and nods. Never taking his eyes away from me, nor I from him. I speak to Tethys, “I choose to love. What must I give in return to the goddess?”

Tethys smiles and briefly closes her eyes, looking as if she’s absorbing my words or feelings then lightly touches my snout and speak in Latin. I’ve never spoken it before, yet I understand most of what she is saying. I believe the spell Dezso cast earlier has passed on his knowledge of the language to me and I am thankful for the understanding.

She looks up to the sky while still holding my snout and says, “Victoria concordia crescit, vinculum iuris.”—Victory through harmony the chain of law.
The sky suddenly lets loose with a roar of thunder and a flash of lightning, causing my heart to beat even quicker. I do not understand the next words she speaks. It sounds like a different language. She takes a pause to breathe deep and looks me in the eyes and says, “Venistire mane bisdonec denuo completus sis”—from whence you came, you shall remain, until you are complete again.

I am suddenly pulled from beneath her palms and raised up above the water as if someone is carrying me. Then, I quickly fall into the water which is alight with all colors of the spectrum. I’m pulled down to depths I did not believe existed here. Deeper and deeper. The light gets brighter. I must close my eyes for it hurts so badly. This light. It’s almost like the strongest fires beyond ones imagination. It burns me to my deepest depths and twists my insides to a point I can no longer draw breath. This is death. I am dying.

The pain decreases and the light dims. I find myself chained as if a prisoner against a rough
rock wall. Cuffed at wrist and ankle. I am now in human form once again. My wish has been granted!

I look upon my limbs and wiggle the digits only to feel as if I am being watched very closely. I glance around but only see a few inches in front of my face. Nothing beyond that…I tug on the bindings to see if I could get loose. They will not budge. Remembering I have a voice now and knowledge of language I call out, “Hello? I know you are there. Please tell me why I am held like a prisoner? Did I do wrong? Is this my sacrifice?”

I feel a breeze against my face but still see nothing beyond sand, rocks and some algae. Ghostly fingers press beneath my chin and lift, so I am looking straight ahead. I see a faint outline of a woman.
She has very bright eyes the color of the sun. Golden, orange, so very bright and vivid. The colors seem to swirl, move around and change slightly in brightness. A hand skims the right side of my face.
With a melodic voice, a woman speaks to me, “No my child you have done no wrong. I apologize for this but I feel it is best this way to apply your binding mark. It is most painful and I do not wish you to injure yourself.”

Then suddenly, her hands and eyes are gone and I miss the soothing, calming touch they gave to me. I’m afraid. So very afraid…

Come back next week for Lady #10...

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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  1. Once again a Brilliant Chapter, but it is driving me over the edge.Dezso is screaming NO NO at her,because she has to make a sacrifice.I don't like that Fishy Woman.Showing Lady everything she could have with Dezso, and then sending her to the bottom of the Sea in Handcuffs chained to a wall. My Nerves are Shot.

    1. Thank you so much Margie! Sorry to get your nerves in a bunch. Hopefully I can make it better for ya next week ;)

  2. Great addition to the story Ava. :D

  3. uh binding mark??? I think she'd better be afraid. Great chapter.

    1. I'm dying to know what the mark is and how it will be given to her...
      Thank you very much Victoria :)

  4. I enjoyed that. You have such a skill with twists and torture. I approve wholeheartedly *wicked grin*

  5. Ugh!!!!!!! I can't take the suspense anymore!!!!!!!!!

    1. lol- SORRY!!!!!
      You know how it goes... The characters do the talking :)
      Thank you for reading Ashlynne!

  6. Awesome AR Von! Truly AWESOME!!! I especially LOVED the "dying" scene!


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