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Review The Moon-Kissed Chi by Grinelda Markowitz

"The Moon-Kissed Chi"
Author: Grinelda Markowitz
Genre:  Erotic Sci-fi Romance
Pages: 92
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: May 1, 2012
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Goodreads Blurb:
.As Gayadnae writhes in her sleep from the scrutiny of the Gaichi, Grayt, serving woman to Arrinay and companion to Bezhyanya, wards off Gaya’s nighttime visitor. Though her parents, the senior members of the ruling family, were blissfully unaware of the threat to Kalaydan already in motion. The day to come will dawn soon, bringing them concerns for the early maturation of their daughter.

Most parents take joy in their children as they travel the path to adulthood and arrive to take their places in society. For Arrinay and Bezhyanya, the realization of the nearness of the end of this journey for their daughter underscores their responsibilities to the people of Kalaydan. Her ability to take her place in their society as the young mistress is in peril. The potential for scandal and other complications is more than a reality, it could be the next guest to knock on the doors of the Main House.

Gayadnae, being herself, concocts a scheme to get around what she perceives to be the inevitable interruption to her freedom and personal interests. Grayt, the moving force behind the daily activities within the Main House, has a more dire agenda lurking in the background of her activities. Having brought Gayadnae to the fork-in-the-road she would have to meet at some point, she is able to thwart the soon-to-be young mistress’ attempt to avoid an inevitable responsibility. Gaya’s meeting with Muntaën is the turning point in the young woman’s life. Unknown to the couple, their union means the survival of the people of Kalaydan.

The elemental sexual chi energies, which drive the erotic and expressive society of Kalaydan, are far more complex than they seem on the surface. The abilities possessed by Grayt are more extensive than she reveals to the Kalaydans around her but they are known by those of her kind who are ever present yet not seen. Dark forces lurk on the periphery of Kalaydan, marking time before they can be made manifest.

Though Gayadnae sleeps soundly at night now, thanks to a timely gift from Muntaën, her Kallish-to-be, the strings that wed her to him (and him to her) are more profoundly significant than the symbolism of their bed-swearing to come.

A society, the product of its environment; disparate peoples whose futures are immutably entwined; events moving on course to collision; and, the outcome depends primarily on the decision a young woman makes with respect to her future. That’s The Moon-Kissed Chi in a nutshell.

My Review:
A very different, interesting and original world created by Grinelda Markowitz. Any reader looking for something they have NEVER laid their eyes on or fans of the genre will enjoy their time spent reading The Moon-Kissed Chi.

There were quite a few things going on in this story but my favorite is Gayadnae trying to escape her faith. She thinks she’s so very slick (he he). Well she has another thing coming. When something is meant to be there is just no stopping it! No matter how great of a plan one has...

I found it a bit hard to keep up with for some time. Confusing is more like it. But I did enjoy the creative world and humor within. I will definitely look into more of this authors work. While I felt the story could have flowed more smoothly. It was fun to read :)

Overall Rating:

 Sex Rating: 


  1. Thank you, Ava, for your forthright and comprehensive review. I appreciate your taking the time to read my book, and yes, Book II is in work. I will provide a free copy of the book to the first three people to comment to this post.

    1. It was my pleasure!
      Oh boy people! You can win your own copy right here and now!
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  2. I would love a copy. :-)

    1. Okay, look out for your coupon in email. Thank you for stopping in.


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