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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Lady #10

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. As always, I was given many options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the two photos below and "using a scale in some way". These three options sort of jumped at me and said "PICK ME!! PICK ME!!"...

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I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

“Lady #10” by A.R. Von

With the sight before me, I begin to tremble from the pit of my stomach outward.
Four very tall and amazingly magnificent men surround me, wearing nothing on their bodies but leather rings around their very impressive rods. Two of them carry trays with sharp items and colored things I cannot identify. None of them even glance my direction. They stop a few feet away from me. Seeming to wait for some sort of command.

Then the voice, that musical voice speaks again, “You have made your choice my child.”

It’s right next to my ear. So very close that I start and squeak in surprise.

“Now you must know of what you are to sacrifice and then bear the mark of the goddess to seal your word for all time…” She pauses as if waiting for me to speak.

I say the first thing that comes to mind, “Yes my goddess. I am ready to learn my sacrifice and bind my word forever.”

She lets out a sigh in my ear. A happy sigh. Almost as if she expected me to change my mind or protest. “Your sacrifice is most of what you have known throughout this life. You will no longer be a unicorn of full blood. But a half breed, an anomaly. You will no longer know your family or friends. Your past life will exist no more in reality. From here on out, you will live as a human does. Your memories will forever be your own. Unless you wish to share them with he who is half of your soul. You will only be able to visit your loved ones through those memories.”

I listen and wonder what this life will be like.

“You will still carry most magical properties of a full blooded unicorn and be able to shift into the form of a unicorn, but only during a full moon and only if you choose to do so. This is only possible through my magic, my blood and my will. The binding mark you will receive is tainted with the blood of my blood and carries many magical properties you will eventually learn of. Consider it my way of keeping balance. For without balance and too much weight on one side compared to another, the scale will surely be upset.”

I begin to feel her hands on me once again.

She caresses the side of my face and pauses with two fingers on each of my temples. Slowly making small circular motions and humming an enchantment or tune, she alone knows.
I will not ask her about the tune. I only want to get back to my destiny and feel his body against mine. Feeling relaxed and drowsy, I feel more hands upon my body.

The four males are cleansing me with clothes saturated in some sweet smelling liquid and one of them walks away.

Then everything goes to black once more…


I am moving, but not. There is motion, but it’s as if someone carries me. I feel as if I am engulfed by the most soothing warmth one could ever experience. I open my eyes and see the sky is a blaze with the light of the rising sun. I lift my head to see why I am moving and see the utmost beautiful sight of my deepest desires.

The perfectly chiseled jaw of my Dezso. He wears a frown upon his brow as if he is most concerned about something or someone.
So, I go with my instincts and raise my hand to rub the frown away.

Dezso gazes into my eyes. His frown lines decreasing and a small smile plays upon his lips.“My lady. You are alright. I thought I’ve lost you forever when I’ve only just found you. 

We’re almost to my home now. I will draw you a luxurious bath, get you relaxed and fetch you some clothing and food. I want to know what happened to you, where you disappeared to and who has placed that mark upon your fair breast?”

“Mark?” I look toward my breast and see and intricately designed heart. It’s not only one heart…It’s two. A swirl of an outer heart, then another within and within that heart is an eye. From the knowledge I’ve gained from Dezso’s mind. I would describe it as Egyptian.

Two hearts and an Egyptian eye within them. So many beautiful colors. It shimmers and shines as a water droplet being pierced by the suns brightest rays while showing a full spectrum of colors.
It’s beautiful. “Oh by the goddess! It was she that has placed it. She placed a binding mark on me. It binds my word as true and unbreakable, so I may keep this form and be with my souls other half, while helping to keep the peace in our world.” I look into his face to see if I can determine what he is thinking.

He shows no emotion. After a few minutes of movement and silence he says, “We are here. You must tell me what you had to sacrifice to keep this form, my Iria. It eats at me like a disease, knowing you had to give up even a small portion of yourself for anything. Did it hurt you?” He gently sets me on my feet and opens the door to his home.

I see that his home so beautiful and warm just as he is. “No. It did not. I do not remember receiving it. Just the sounds of a beautiful voice and then darkness overcame me.”

He takes my hand, brings it up to his lips and places a kiss upon my palm. All while looking me in the eyes. So much emotion shines through those colorful depths.

I feel each and every one as if they are my own. He cares so deeply for me. The same way as I care for him. This quiets my doubts about whether I made the right decision and I now know more than I ever have…

Come back next week for Lady #11...

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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  1. Ohhh Ava! What will it cost her? So glad that Denzo is still there for her, at least the goddess has kept her side of the deal.

    Oh four naked men.. *drool*

  2. Wowzers holding my breath trying to figure out what it will cost her :O

  3. I'm confused but, then I often am. First I thought the death she saw in her vision was her sacrifice, then I thought giving up her form, family and memories of her previous life was her sacrifice. Now there's another one? Can't wait to find out what's next. I love the way you used the pic of the bathroom

  4. I quite intrigued by what she'll find going forward, if her deal with the goddess is everything she thinks it is. Humans are often blindsided by the gods. :D Next week should be interesting!

    1. I feel as you do Tali about Humans trusting the Gods to much.I just dont trust that Fishy Goddess. lol

  5. OOh, intriguing. And can he draw me a bath in that bathroom???

  6. Another great Lady, Ar Von! I especially loved how she was questioning herself whether or not she made the right decision, and that question was answered by:

    "He takes my hand, brings it up to his lips and places a kiss upon my palm. All while looking me in the eyes. So much emotion shines through those colorful depths.
    I feel each and every one as if they are my own. He cares so deeply for me. The same way as I care for him."


  7. I am so happy that Lady is in human form. She has made the ultimate sacrifice in giving up her family & friends for Dezso.Just wondering what kind of special powers Lady will have, as she is tainted with the blood of the goddess. Loved that she is marked with 2 hearts, but not sure about that eye in the middle. I just dont trust that Fishy Goddess.Another Great chapter AR Von, cant wait for next week's.


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