Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Spotlight & Giveaway Lace & Leather by Leanore Elliot

An Erotic Paranormal Western

Jess slid her nude body along his jeans and further up, gradually rubbing her bare skin over him as if she were a wet towel. Her nipples were tingling from the buttons on his shirt.
By the time he raised her belly to his face, Lacey gulped as she indeed became a moist shivering mess. She was constantly surprised by his sheer physical strength; his raising and holding her in the air seemed just a normal feat to him.
Jess used his tongue to trace a path up her silky folds and back down.
The feeling was like a blazing brush stroke of pure euphoria as she helplessly whimpered.
Raising his head, he quietly looked at her while that magnificent smile of his slowly appeared and spread out on his face.
The affect of this smiling sexiness to her already pounding heart was immediate and inescapable. Oh… Lacey almost huffed the thought aloud.
Jess dipped his head again and breathed a searing stream of warm air onto her tender skin as his mouth rested at her open thighs. “Open yourself to me.”
Slowly and with shaking hands, Lacey reached down and placed her fingers on either side of her folds, opening herself to his mouth. Her hands shook as she revealed herself to his eyes and lips while her soul seemed quietly bared to this savage cowboy as well. The vulnerable sensation of the act was exhilarating and completely terrifying at the same time.
The sky blue in his eyes darkened to simmering cobalt as he stared at her exposed skin. He raised his head and looked at her shivering body. “I will make you scream—again.”
She fought to hold her quivering body still and knew without a doubt or any pretense at self-delusion that she would ultimately and most certainly—scream.

I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy…so sexy it hurts…sooo sexy…Yeah. The song kept going. Too sexy for my car…too sexy…
“What in Glory's heaven is that awful screeching sound?”Jess stood up, towering over her. His bare muscled body, stretching out above Lacey, as she knelt on the ground.
Slowly, Lacey gazed up at her magnificent savage cowboy while the colored light streamed across his sleek bare skin. “I think it's now and forever—your song, cowboy.” She let out a giggle.
Jess let out a loud whistle and his horse was there almost instantly.
A repeated chortle came from Lacey.
Extending his body out, he leaned over and grasped his horses bridle, grabbing the reins. “What is so darned funny, Lace?” He tucked the tether in with the other leads.
“Nothing,” she called from behind him. “I just never knew what that song meant until now!”
Jess shook his head with annoyance, and hefted his nude body up, mounting the horse.
Lacey openly gaped up at her nude cowboy, sitting astride the steed. “Uh, Jess, won't it hurt if you ride like that?”
“Like what?”
A few silent seconds went by, and then peals of feminine laughter came from behind him.
Jess rolled his eyes as he moved the horses forward. “God Dammit, woman, would you shut the hell up!”
“Okay, okay!” Lacey answered in a laughter-strained voice.
“Now, follow my lead. I don't wanna lose you in the dark. And don't move your eyes from me, ya hear?” Jess maneuvered his horse ahead of hers.
“Oh, don't worry, sweet cowboy. There's no way in heaven or hell I could possibly look away!” She burst out with a splutter of hilarious laughter again.

Leanore author page: http://tinyurl.com/AUTHOR-LEANORE

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  1. I'm too sexy to do housework! LOL Congratulations on this beautiful website! Love me some Leather and Lace!

  2. I'm too sexy to work for Disney hahaha, even though I love it I'm the youngest person there. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! Cwill030104 at yahoo dot com

  3. I'm too sexy for the public eye. :) I always tend to get in trouble when I go out.

  4. I'm too sexy for my boring life. LOL! 20 years ago I used to live it up. Oh what motherhood does to you!

    1. It happens. I'm there :)
      I plan to go back to living it up soon, yup!

  5. I hear you Amber!! I'm only 4 years in...lol! Great website Ava...Sorry my butt is lagging in getting over here:) Leather and Lace is a top notch book....loved it!!

    1. Thank you Nikki!
      I agree, loved me some Lace & Leather :)

  6. This was most awesome, AVA-DOLL! You did such a great job!!!

    1. Nothing but the most AWESOMENESS for you Leanore :)
      Thank you <3


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