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Review Playing Four Keeps By Kris Norris

"Playing Four Keeps"

Author: Kris Norris
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 346
Source: Purchased from ARe.
Published: March 2012

Author's Website: http://www.krisnorris.ca

Buy Links: ARe - Amazon US - Amazon UK

Goodreads Blurb: If two’s company and three’s a crowd, then four is bound to be…deadly.

Special Agent Reese Bailey has a new assignment…one not under the jurisdiction of the federal bureau. She’s been hired to identify the person trying to kill the members of one of the hottest rock bands hitting the charts, and three of the hottest men she’s ever laid eyes on. Keeping her distance would be hard if she wasn’t certain they’d come to the same conclusion as all her past encounters…she’s just too different to make the cut.

Mace, Nash and Landon aren’t sure what to think of the incredibly smart federal agent who walks into their life, and into their hearts, they only know she’s the one they’ve been waiting for. It’s clear she’s a professional, not to mention a child protégé who can read their body language while figuring projectile paths in her head. And she’s not one to mix duty with pleasure.

But they aren’t taking no for an answer, not when their souls are on the line. Reese proves to be everything they've ever imagined and more. But the stakes are higher than any of them realize and if she can’t track down the stalker in time, the boys won’t be the only ones playing for keeps.

My Review:  
This is by far my favorite ménage quartet ever (yes, I called them a quartet. You will have to read it to see why *wink)!! A fast paced, action packed, steam inducing erotic read that had me snagged from start to finish. I love the mind of Kris Norris and the sensual worlds she creates!

Nash, Mace and Landon are part of a hot popular band that have lived through a very traumatic experience and have changed drastically because of it. Reese is a single woman with a spine of steel; a heart just as strong and determined that has also recently been through a traumatic experience. She has been unable to work for some time due to an injury obtained on the job. She's asked to help out to solve and protect Trinity from an "admirer". Little do they all know what fate has in store for them all as they all embark on a mysterious adventure to solve the who of the person(s) behind many attempts to kill the Trinity.
A definite must read for all erotic fans out there ;)

Overall Rating

Sex Rating of 5 Dragon Flames


  1. Ahh, thanks, Ava... and I just want to add, that I love your reviews. You always find something positive to say and any critiques are done with professionalism and consideration. A rare gift these days.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the book...and I love the new blog!

    1. Awe, thanks Chris, on all counts! I'm glad you got to see/read it and look forward to reading/reviewing more from you real soon. My husband loves when I read your work. Especially when I start reading to him aloud ;)
      After 17 years I can still get him too blush like a teenager. LOVE IT!

  2. oooh I love Kris Norris's books. So I've got another one to add to my pile then. :)

    1. Awesome!!!
      I love her books as well (as you can see)- waiting for more new releases... (hint hint)

      I hope you enjoy it as much as I did Nae. Thank you for stopping by :)

  3. This book sounds awesome, making a note to get it. I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Ava!

    1. My pleasure seelk!
      It's a hot one!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)


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