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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Lady #11 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. As always, I was given many options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the two photos below and the word prompts"When I'm away from you, I feel..." AND "She slid her thumb gently across my lips and I thought I'd melt". These four options are what jumped at me this week and once again said "PICK ME!! PICK ME!!"...

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I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

“Lady #11” by A.R. Von

Just placing my lips upon her delicate palm sends shock-waves through me. My world turns brilliant. Just as fireworks look in the darkest night sky. 

She slides her thumb gently across my lips.

I thought I’d melt from the heated look in her eyes. I know she wants exactly what I do and that’s to become one. In reality…instead of as we have in our dreams for all of this time. To feel one another’s flesh in life—to be whole. “Iria, come let me ready your bath and get some food for you to eat. You must be starving and craving relaxation.”

She moves her hands to her sides and begins to fidget a bit. Looking as if she does not know what to do or say. “Yes, I am hungry and would like to see what your bath feels like on my new skin.”

Her smile is brilliant and her innocence is endearing.
I know I’m also hungry. But not for food…for her. I take her hand and give it a gentle tug to head towards the bathroom. “Wait right here. I’m going to start a bath for you. Would you like bubbles? I have some that are Magi made for comfort and relaxation.” I feel so nervous. I’m not really sure why. All I want to do is please her and make her comfortable. Make her never want to leave this home or me—ever.

She gives a bit of a shrug, then nods. “I’m unsure of what to do. But I know you will only give me…pleasure.” She gets a pink blush to her cheeks, giving away what is truly on her mind.

The blushing makes my body warm with excitement. I turn on the taps and test the temperature. Once it’s perfect, I put in the stopper and go to the closet for the bubbles. Opening the cap and breathing in deep the scent of lavender and chamomile, I turn and pour a generous amount into the water. Instantly, the bubbles pile up and the room fills of its scent. I look toward Iria.
She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. “That smells lovely Dezso. Thank you for this. Thank you for everything.” She moves closer to me, licking her lips and looking at me in the most sensual way.
I feel the blood rush straight to my cock and a tingle go from my spine to my balls just from that small action. “Iria?” I feel trapped by her gaze. I cannot move.
She draws nearer.
So close, I can feel her warm breath on my neck.
She stretches up on her toes and presses her body against mine. Her eyes briefly widen as she notices my erection. Then, she lets out a soft moan and places both of her hands against my face, pulling me closer for a kiss.

Our tongues duel as if they are in a battle for power. I follow through with as good as she gives and throw in a suckling of her tongue for good measure.

Her breathing is growing rapid. Almost a perfect match to mine. I feel as if my cock is about to explode. I don’t want that. I’ll only allow that to happen within her, deeply thrusting and enjoying the feel of her moist heat wrapped around my cock.
She breaks me from my thoughts as she pulls away and looks down. “Are the water and bubbles supposed to come all the way out here—Dezso?”

I quickly move to turn off the taps and take a deep breath. “Hells bells. I completely forgot about your bath. No worries. I will clean this up in a jiffy.” I pull the plug to let a bit of the water drain from the tub and replace it after a few inches are gone. I then recite a quick incantation to clear the water from the floors.
The only evidence that water was ever on the floor is my squishy toes within my shoes. But I’m not worried by that. Another easy fix. I bend to take the shoes and stockings off of my feet and find Iria on her knees before me.
She’s pushing my hands away and tugging at my shoes. “Will you bathe with me, Dezso? You need relaxation and cleansing as well, do you not?” She’s removed both shoes and is now working on my pants.
I halt her motion and tug her to her feet. “Yes, I will bathe with you if it’s what you wish, my Lady. You go on into the water. I will follow in a moment. I want to get you something to put on after the bath. One of my night shirts…if that is alright with you. Do you mind wearing something of mine for now?”

“I would love to wear you—Dezso,” she says with a flirtatious smirk. She knows just what she’s doing to me.

I know it too and I love it! Instead of replying, I walk to her and tug at the bottom of the shirt she wears, my shirt, then pull it over her head.
She giggles as her hair settles in disarray in front of her face and around her shoulders.
I smile at her silliness and run my fingers through her hair to help straighten it a bit.

She sighs and once again, looks at me with her lovely, warm eyes.

Telling me many things without speaking a word…Too many things for me to answer.
Then, she says to me, “When I am away from you I feel empty, here.” She points to her center. Close to where her heart is but not exactly.
 I know what she means because I feel it too.

“I do not like that feeling Dezso. Please do not ever leave me. I will not ever leave you, unless it’s what you desire. Hopefully, it will be something that you do not feel, so we will both never feel emptiness again.” She then turns and slowly immerses her beautiful self in the bath water and bubbles, while wearing a smile of contentment…

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(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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  1. I loved this chapter.Why? The love that Dezso and Lady feel for each other is Amazing.Lady is so shy amd dezso loves that about her.I long for their happiness and nothing to tear them apart.Thank you for letting Dezso bathe with her. Can't wait for next week (Drools).

    1. lol- me neither woman!! I even want to see what's going to happen with these two (wink wink)
      Thank you for coming by and reading <3

  2. What a beautiful chapter. I love the bubbles and the scent of lavender and chamomile. So sensuous and sensual Love it

  3. Ohhhh woman, this was HAWT! I loved the tenderness between them. And her giggles... ahhh, memories ;)

    1. lol- yea, Iria giggles. Who would have thought!?!
      Thank you for reading and commenting Maria :)


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