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Review Vampire Thirst (Dragon Heat #2) by Ella J. Phoenix

"Vampire Thirst"
Vampire Thirst (Book 2 of the Dragon Heat series)Author: Ella J. Phoenix
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 263
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: June 25, 2013
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Goodreads Blurb:
Sometimes life takes you down a completely different path from the one you had originally planned.

After successfully rescuing the daughter of a draconian senator and other innocent women from a vampire psychopath, Sam and fellow warriors, Zoricah and Yara, have to trade sunny New York for gloomy London. Time is running out on their unfinished mission. More innocent people will die if they don’t catch the person behind the attacks in New York. But something is making Sam lose control of her powers. Something or someone. Ever since her first - and quite heated - encounter with Hikuro, her energies had gone haywire. The vampire king’s second in command affected her in a way no one had ever before. Her torment, however, is bound to get worse, with Hikuro’s unexpected arrival in London.

Ever since she set foot on vampire territory, Sam had turned Hikuro’s carefully controlled life upside down. He doesn’t trust her, but some strange force pulled him toward her; an inexplicable attraction that defies centuries of training. But if Hikuro is to keep his king safe, he must keep a close eye on Sam, even if he loses his sanity and his heart in the process.

My Review:

This is the second book of the Dragon Heat series and my favorite so far. Love the way the author continued right off from where book one left off and added some extra twists and spice. Awesome! Any fan of the genre will fully enjoy Vampires Thirst!

Sam has a past she can’t much remember. When investigating some leads brings her to a place that sparks some of her past. Well let’s just say she’s one hot mess!
Hikuro was raised a warrior with great strength and determination. For many years he has been tested and always won. But now he finds himself unable to resist. See, he’s rather weak with it comes to only one thing. Make that one person, Sam.

Love these two together and I’m happy with the way Sam, Hikuro and Zoricah and Tardieh relationships are progressing. I cannot wait for book 3 and what else is to come! I strongly recommend reading book one of the series before cracking open this bad boy. There’s some awesome history you DO NOT want to miss out on with the characters :)

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