Monday, July 1, 2013

Personalized Marketing & Promotions 1st Blog Hop - First Kiss with a Bang!

Personalized Marketing's First Kiss Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to A.R. Von DreamZ of Dragons!
We've all had a kiss with a BANG! Whether it was within the pages of a book, a movie scene or real life. Be sure to scroll down, enter the rafflecopter and comment below with your First Kiss with a Bang to be entered to win!

Now here's my First Kiss with a Bang from book 1 of the Wunder series. Enjoy & good luck!

I’m trying so hard to hide my trembling, but I can tell by the smirk on his face, he notices. So, I gaze into his eyes as brave as I can be. “I’ve wanted you too. Ever since I first saw you on patrol, the first night you were out.”

He sighs, moving his mouth towards my ear, flicking his tongue out softly and caressing my lobe.
I shudder in response feeling flutters low in my belly.
“I don’t know if I can wait any longer to have you. I need to taste you—feel you.”
Oh my, did my panties just get wet? “Yes!” I say with a heavenly sigh. “Please,” I answer as if he’s offering food while I’ve been starving for days.
He uses his tongue superbly to lick all the way down along the column of my throat. Sensuously, he places precise kisses all the way back up, until he hovers over my lips, looking hungrily into my eyes. “I’m going to kiss you now, Wunder. Then, I’m going to take you and make you mine. If you don’t want that? Now, would be the time to tell me.”
I’m swaying on my feet, gazing into his eyes—at a loss for words. Finally, I find my voice. “Please.”
He takes my mouth with such fervor, my heart pounds harder than after I’ve just run for miles. My legs now feel like over cooked noodles. He holds me tighter, exploring every nook and cranny of my mouth and I answer with the same exploration. He’s making silent promises, grinding his hard length, against my body. I bravely slide my hand from around his neck, down between us, past his chest to cup him through his tight jeans.
He groans into my mouth and slowly pulls back to gaze at me questionably.
My eyes are still at half-mast, drooping as if they would close on their own accord. I give his jean encased cock a firm squeeze, ‘Yes’ in answer to his question.
He takes my hand, tugging it as he moves toward the back of the club.
I go willingly. Oh—how I go willingly!

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  1. My first kiss was when I was 8 years old and I got "married" in the schoolyard. More than 40 years later, I still remember that one :)
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  2. My first kiss was when I was 9. I was at the skate ring with my first boyfriend. He was a little older and such a sweet person. Hard to forget such a sweet kiss.

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  4. My first kiss was leaning over the front fence with the boy across the street. I was 12 and he ended up being my first boyfriend, but my mother saw us, and not so politely told me that...."Nice girls don't kiss like that". Guess I was a quick learner. LOL

  5. My first kiss was in grade 4, this boy really liked me and always had recess money to buy a bag of chips (5cents)back then. He told me he would buy me a Big Turk candy bar if i kissed him after school.I would have done anything for that bar and so i kissed him. We scrunched up our lips and that was it.


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