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Review Life Mate to a King (Elven Chronicles #4) By M.A. Abraham

"Life Mate to a King"
Life Mate to a King (book 4 of the Elven Chronicles)Author: M.A. Abraham
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 310
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: July 24, 2013
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Goodreads Blurb:
Garoldth is a warrior King or great stature, and he can have no vulnerability. With that in mind he has lived his life. Marriage is for convenience, to make sure he will have sons to follow in his footsteps. He has twelve sons, and all are warriors of great power. He rules his family as he does his people in this he must be firm. He loves his people, loves his family, but still he is alone. All of his life he has known nothing but war and strife. He is King Garoldth and he rules the lands beyond the portal.

Five hundred years before the wars across the boundary are brought to an end Tári meets an Elf who she recognized is her Life Mate. She knows their time is not now, for she has the sight. The call of the bond that declares them one, however, would not be denied. Despite knowing their love was not meant to be in this time they act on it, after, she disappears into the shielding rock caves of her land, refusing to speak the words they must to complete their bond. One hundred years later they meet again, and again the call of their souls to unite is too powerful to resist and they spend their time together in love. This time he can offer his love nothing, caught in an alliance not of his choosing. He is joined with another, one he does not love or want. To offer to take the one he does love to his world would be a great dishonor to her, as well as dangerous.

As Garoldth stands beside his piers on the day peace is brought to his land he sees a movement in the forest beyond. Is it his love, his Life Mate? Has she has come to him again? He is sure of it. He is quick to give chase, but she has disappeared once more. This time he will not be denied. He will seek her to the end of the world. This time he is free to offer her everything, body, soul, heart, mind. They can be one. She will be his Queen, and he will have no other. He will never be forced to live without his love again. This time he can offer her a safe haven, his home and his arms.

My Review:
Once again I got lost within the story of M.A. Abrahams elves. I love the chemistry of the each pair of life mates, all of the characters antics, their “there’s nothing to it but to do it” attitudes and the all-around family feel that vibes off of the pages. Anyone that enjoys a fun, exciting and unpredictable fantastical escape will enjoy this addition to the Elven Chronicles.

There is so much going on in Life Mate to a King. We get to see how the elves from the previous stories are currently doing (let me just say, WOW!). It was great to see Gabriel again (I have a major crush on him). We are introduced to many new characters and a different type of elf ‘branch’. The war has finally settled down and it’s now possible for all of the elven folk to live happily and rebuild. We all know how life can be no matter what type of being we are. Just when everything seems as it should be. WHAM! But these elves are very resilient. The kings, generals and all of the followers make an excellent team. Once again they work together to make things right and save their lands and people. Oh and the very best part of all is how many life mates find one another. It made me giddy!

I know there is going to be more. That ending… Well I can’t tell you anything about it or I’ll ruin it for you. I’ll just say please get to writing the next one M.A. :)

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