Friday, July 19, 2013

The poll is up! Vote A.R. Von's Street Team name

Hello everyone! I've collected all of the listed possible names for the A.R. Von Street Team off of my Facebook page (there are a lot of great ones so be sure to go through the whole list). Whichever name gets the most votes becomes the street team name AND the person that created the name gets his/her name as a character in one of the next of the Wunder series. Now let's see who wins and what the Street team name will be. VOTE TODAY!!! 
If by chance there is a tie within this poll. Another poll will be made and run for 3 days.  The winner by the end of the 3 day run will be IT :)


Vote for A.R. Von's street team name...
"The Wunder Squad"
"Ava's Wunder-ful Zombie Team"
"The Wunderers"
"AR Von's Dragons street team"
"Ava's Zombies and Dragons..."
Wunder Team Zombies
Zombie Slayer's Wunder Team
AR Von's Wunderful Zombies
The "Wundering Dead"
AR Von's Dragons Full of Awesome
"AR's Wunder Gals"
"AR's Wunder Women"
"The Zombie Hood
"Von Awesome
"Radioactive apocolypsians"
"Wunder's Warriors"
Radioactive hotties
The Wunder Zone
The Zombie Zone
"AR's Wunder's"
AR's Street Team
Von's Wunderer's
ARVon's Apocalyptic Avengers
RIP (Resilient Infected Police)
Wunder Dragons
Dragons Wunder
A.R. Von's wunderous fawns
Wunder's Dream Team
Ava's Advance Force
Wunder Von
Wunder the zombie slayer
Zombie busters
The wunder dead
Wunder angels
Ava's Angels
Ava's Wunder Women
Ava's Wunderland
Ava's Freaks of Nature
Wunderfully Sexy Team
Radioactive Wunders
Ar wunderful zombie patrol
Wunder Von Troop (or Troupe)
Ava's (or AR Von's) Fantasy Faction
The A.R.V's - Ava's Royal Vixens
AR Von Dream Land
Wunders Fury
Wunders Elite
Neon Wunder Waste
AR Von's Wunder, Hopes and Dreams...
The Wunder Pact Team
The Zombie pact Team
Paranormal Zombie Pact Team
Wunder League
Dragon Lovers United
We are AR Von's Wicked Dragons
Ava's Zombie Horde (our battle cry could be "For the horde
Ava's (or A.R. Von's) Dragon Legion
AR-Von's Street Squad
The Von Wunder Book Bunch
Dragon's Kiss Squad
The Von Dragons
Avatars (pronounced Ava-tars)
AR Von's Fierce Street Team
 A.R. Von Steel Dragon
*Ava’s Zombie Minions *
AR Von's Little Dragon's
AR Von's RIP TEAM (Resilient Infected Police) Team
Wunder Bitches
Wunder warriors!
wundervon...(miracle of)
Wunder of A.R.V's Team
The Wundering Dead
Von's Wundering Dead


  1. Oh well doesn't look like my name will be in your book lol there are some wicked names in this poll..Good luck to all :)

    1. Hey now! Don't give up that easily woman! We need to get more voters up in here. Yup. Thinking on it now...


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