Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#WedBriefs Flash Fiction It's All in the Tips #2 by A.R. Von

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As always, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the following 1 photo and the word prompt "If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch".

I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

"It's All in the Tips #2"

The night has been going fairly well. Drinks and conversation are flowing as should be. Some couples are dancing. Others are just sitting around observing while nursing their drinks. I’ve not been able to get Mr. Sexy out of my mind for even a full minute and it’s driving me a bit mad. No one has ever affected me in this way before. Not even close actually.
I let out a frustrated sigh and focus back on two particular patrons I think just might become a problem tonight. They’re not together. At least as far as I can tell anyway. They’re not seated close to one another and I’ve not noticed them chat or even glance in the others direction.  What makes them so suspicious to me is they’ve each been pounding down shots like they’re drinking water after a five mile race. I have an odd sort of sixth sense when it comes to this sort of thing. The ‘something is going to go wrong’ type of thing.  I’m not always accurate with my feelings. But I’m usually damned close!

One of them is a hefty mocha skinned guy. He purchased a bottle of Patron Silver about two hours ago and has been at it all by himself and the bottle only has about a shot or two worth left. To be honest, he doesn’t even look a touch tipsy. The other drinker is Mr. Mocha’s polar opposite. He’s fair skinned and thin as a bean pole. But tall and mean looking. He looks even meaner with his fifth high ball of Jameson about finished. WOW!

Regardless, they’re my responsibility while at ‘Get Your Drink On’ and solely mine while I’m working. All of the patrons are. I take my job very seriously. It’s not just about slinging bottles and swinging my hips for tips to me. I make sure no one tries to drive themselves home or anyone else for that matter when they’re under the influence. I also try my best to make sure those patrons who have overindulged are not taken advantage of by those that have no morals or conscience. Yes, it’s a lot for one person to take on but I’m big on safety first!

I also have two taxi services that are on call for me during my shifts. Just as long as I call them at the start and give them a heads up that is. It’s great to have friends all around. In this case, they’re helping me and my customers stay safe.  While I’m helping them make money—it works and I like it.

I’m now cleaning the last glass Darla, my coworker and one of my BFF’s brought to me during the final round clean up. It’s one O’clock in the morning and getting close to closing time. I look up from placing it on the drying rack and notice a woman walk in like she owns the joint. Which I know she doesn’t, because Linc is the owner. He has been since I started working here…the last 7 years. Most likely, a ton of years before that I bet.

I can see she’s already tipsy because she’s swaying on her feet. By the looks of it, she’s come from a costume party. Well, unless she dresses like a pirate wench 24-7. You never know! She pauses and looks around the place. For what, I’ve no clue. I just hope it’s not trouble. Anything but trouble!

She spots who she wants which is my other BFF and coworker, Marcia. The pirate hooch straightens her spine up, pulls her shoulders back and then starts running at Marcia like a linebacker. I reach for my aluminum bat next to the taps and hop the bar. I make it to Marcia’s side before the woman does. “Chica, who is the hooch wench coming at you like you stole her man?”

Marcia turns to look and her face pales. “Oh hell! Renee, I’m so sorry she came by here. I don’t—”

Just then, the two men I was keeping my eyes on intercepted the pirate hoochie by stepping right in her path and sandwiching her. Lucky! Those two are pretty hot!

The woman looks very afraid now as each guy grabs one of her elbows and spins her around toward the front door. I follow all of this with my eyes and see the one and only Mr. Sexy walk into the bar with Troy hot on his heels. Mr. Sexy turns to Troy and says something then points at the wench and the two dudes. Troy walks up to them and snatches the woman from the other two men. The two that are pretty freakin sober for pounding down so much hard liquor!

The woman pulls free from Troy’s arms. She whirls and eyes Marcia then shouts, “If you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch bitch!”

Marcia starts to shake in her skin but her face remains unreadable.

Troy and one of the big drinker guys have the wench heading back towards the door. So much for a perfect shift. Oh well, bright side is no one got hurt. I turn to Marcia. “Later woman. You have some s’plaining to do.”

She swallows hard and nods her head. “Yea, all right. Later.”

I hop back over the bar and place the bat back in its home. Suddenly remembering Mr.  Sexy walked in. How could I possible forget something like that? Probably my adrenaline. That’s what it has to be because now that I’m thinking of him again, I’m hyper aware of his presence. I actually don’t have to look to know where he is right now. He’s at the end of the bar to my right and he’s staring at me. I feel it as if I’m looking at the two of us from a distance. It’s so strange, yet so right. His eyes roaming my body feels like ghostly fingers caressing my naked flesh.

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  1. Great line - His eyes roaming my body feels like ghostly fingers caressing my naked flesh.


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