Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spotlight: The Crimson Rope by Elyzabeth M. VaLey

Unleash your kinky side with six titillating BDSM tales.

Let The Crimson Rope bind you in an erotic adventure sure to please, with skilled Dom’s and sexy submissives that are willing to explore their boundaries. From pleasured gasps to stinging desire, the authors of this anthology will not only seduce you, but leave you begging for more.

Excerpt from Elyzabeth's story in the anthology: Liberating Lua
She closed her eyes, silence in the chamber increasing her already frayed nerves. Butterflies twisted in her belly and soft flames licked her body warming it from the inside out, while her heart seemed set on escaping through her mouth. She was exposed as she’d never been before and the knowledge both horrified and aroused her. The minutes seemed to tick by slowly as she waited. Her courage began to fail.
Suddenly, the door creaked open and closed. The hairs on the back of her neck stood as she heard the bolt slide into place. Heavy boots slapped against the floor, coming closer. Her chest tightened, her heart stilled. Her mouth went dry, her thoughts freezing as she waited. Was it he? She didn’t dare open her eyes, afraid to see anger or disappointment in her husband’s brown depths. What would she do if he sent her away? The sound of footsteps ceased, a looming presence took over her personal space. Lua chewed on her bottom lip.
     “Open your eyes, Lua Mirabella.” Jürgen’s deep commanding timber rocked through her core. Slowly, she blinked and opened her eyes to meet Jürgen’s heated gaze. Her heart plummeted back to her chest, a new wave of butterflies fluttering inside her stomach. She had never seen him look at her like that. The muscle in his jaw ticked and his lips were set in a thin line. His nose flared as if sniffing her scent. His eyes, always a lovely brown were a shade darker. His gaze raw and dangerous. Emotions warred their way in their depths: lust and love.
     “Jürgen,” she whispered his name, losing herself in his stare. 
     He said nothing, instead reaching for her breast, running his calloused fingertips against her nipple, causing it to pebble to a hard peak. Lua’s lips parted, breathing becoming difficult as he squeezed and kneaded the flesh. A moan escaped her and she looked away, self-conscious.
     “Don’t.” Gently, Jürgen grasped her chin and forced her to look back at him.

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Author Bio:
Defined as weird since she was about eight, Elyzabeth honors the title by making up songs about her chores, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper and talking to her dog whenever he feigns interest.
Losing the battle to the voices in her head is her favorite pastime after annoying her younger sister with her singing. Writing stories full of passion and emotion where love conquers all is her happy pill and she'll forgo sleep to make her readers live the dream.

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