Monday, November 25, 2013

AHA Breakthrough Authors Blog Hop November 25 - 29, 2013

Hello and welcome to A.R. Von DreamZ of Dragons stop during the Breakthrough Authors Blog Hop!

I've been published for about 10 months now and love every single minute of it. Good and bad. I've always been afraid to let loose or release even a tiny piece of my imagination to the world. I still am. Luckily I have a great cheer-leading and support team that believes in me and pushes me like a Drill Sargent would his platoon. Leanore Elliott, author, editor, cover designer, friend and so much more is the one person that got me to give it a go from the start. She helped me be brave and have confidence in myself and my creations. 

Now I have the Wunder series out there that is a paranormal romance/zombi-lit story that even those that are not fans of zombies enjoy. I'm working on releasing a fantasy romance titled "Lady's Destiny" and once again am grateful to have Leanore and now my readers on my side. 
It's not easy. But think about it. Is anything that's REALLY worth it ever easy? No it's not. Aspiring authors reading this right now. Go for it! It will seem impossible at points, but you HAVE to give it a shot if it’s something you really want to do, live the dream. Also, NEVER compare yourself to another; find your own voice because it will speak the loudest :)

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

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