Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#WedBriefs Flash Fiction It's All in the Tips #1 by A.R. Von

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As always, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the following 3 photos below and the word prompts "what's your hurry" & "the world is a circle".

I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

I’m so freakin late right now! I can’t be late, not today of all days!
It figures the one time my boss asks me to open the bar—my car breaks down and I don’t have anyone I can call to help me out. At least I’m only two miles away from, ‘Get Your Drink On’. I’m practically running in my high heeled boots, black studded tank and skinny jeans. My purse strap is constantly sliding off my shoulder and pissing me off.
The fact that most of the way there is uphill sucks even more. I’m going to be a hot sweaty mess by the time I get there. Oh, well. Shit happens!
I’m about to turn the last corner. Of course, I’m fixing my purse strap as I make the turn and not paying attention. So, I end up running smack into what I think is a wall. I let go off my purse strap and put my hands up to stable myself and feel the most mouthwatering set of pecks I’ve ever laid my hands upon. I take a deep breath, then look up and up right into a pair of the sexiest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. Oh, my!
I can tell this guy isn’t from around here. He’s wearing a black Stetson, cowboy boots, tight ass Wrangler jeans and a fitted cream colored button down shirt. I’d swear these clothes were made just for him. He’s at least 5’11 and all muscle. I can see his dark brown hair is a bit unkempt beneath the hat because a few strands fall upon his thick brows. He has the deepest cleft, one that a woman would run her tongue and lips over forever and ever. Above that perfect chin is a pair of the most kissable lips that are currently sporting a sexy smirk. I can’t help but to lick my lips.
“What’s your hurry ma’am?”
I jolt back to myself and realize I still have my hands on his chest and his hands are gently gripping my wrists. Oh, my stars. What long sexy fingers this guy has. I can picture those digits pumping into my heat with the power of all of this hard muscle behind it. My mouth is hanging open and I can feel drool about to drip out.
I move to pull my hands away but he tightens his grip on my and suddenly turns us both back around the corner. My back is cushioned by one of his arms but air still gets knocked out of my lungs from the impact. I look to the side and see a skateboarder coming full speed down the hill.
Seemingly unable to stop, the skateboarder’s face shows complete panic.
Mr. Sexy releases me and grabs the kid, as he’s just about to roll into the street.
I didn’t even see him move. Shit is he fast!
The kid’s board gets run over by a yellow taxi and the kid is all right. He looks like he wants to cry from the loss of his board. But I think he quickly realizes his life was just saved and he gazes up at Mr. Sexy in awe. “Thanks Mister.”
Mr. Sexy places the kid on his feet and tilts his hat to the kid. “No problem, you just be careful with this hill. You shouldn’t be doing that on busy streets anyway. You could hurt yourself or someone else permanently. Safety first.”
The kid nods his head. Looking as if he’s at a loss for words. Still looking stunned, he turns and walks away. “Thank you again. I’ll be more careful.”
Mr. Sexy smiles and turns back towards me.
I’m briefly mesmerized by the brilliance of his smile. Perfectly straight white teeth are beneath two sexy lips and I get a quick flash in my mind of him nibbling my inner thigh. My heart pounds even harder than it already is.
Mr. Sexy’s smile gets even bigger.
I could swear he just read my mind. I feel my ears heat up and glance down at the ground. It’s not like me to be embarrassed or shy. It’s not like I’ve never been with anyone or hit on before. I bartend for a living. I get it on a daily basis.
In fact, he hasn’t actually hit on me or anything.
Who the hell knows what’s going on except that he just does something to me. “Uh…I gotta go. Thanks for—you know, saving me.” I turn in haste and walk the last block to get the bar open. I don’t look back to see if he’s watching. I feel his eyes on me. It’s a heat flowing through my body from my head to my toes. I know he’s taking in my goods. I keep walking, pretending not to notice and search for the bar keys in my purse. Finding them right as I arrive at the door to unlock the padlocks and lift the gate.
When I get the gate up and am about to unlock the darkened glass door, so I can go in and prep for the night. I risk a glance in the direction I left him and see he’s still standing there, staring at me. I hear a voice in my head, a masculine voice say ‘the world is a circle’. I catch his eyes and see a brief flash, as if his eyes quickly changed color or light up. I blink my eyes and give my head a shake.
I glance again in his direction and he’s gone. I heave in a deep breath and unlock the door. I hear my name being called to my right.
It’s Troy, our bouncer.
I’m so glad he’s here. I hate being alone during prep. Actually, I don’t like being alone at all in the bar.
It’s hard to pay attention to everything and tonight, I have to think up some colorful fru-fru drinks for the drink specials.
“Hey Renee. You all good?”
“Hi Troy. Yup, I’m great. Just a little late. Come on. Let’s get in a get ready for the rush.”

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  1. I could have read more of this flash fiction! Does he come into the bar? What is he if his eyes flash/light up? I'm intrigued.

  2. There is a brief hint of the paranormal in this little taste and I'm totally intrigued by Mr Sexy

  3. I am intrigued (imposible not to be!). He's sexy as hell ( I think my mouth was watering with hers) and then that possible mind reading-speaking thing...hummm... more, please?


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