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Review Taffeta & Hotspur by Claudy Conn

"Taffeta & Hotspur"

Author: Claudy Conn
Genre: Historical Romance
Pages: 169
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Published: July 6, 2012

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Goodreads Blurb:
Lord Thurston Tarrant, known as Hotspur on the London social scene, thinks Lady Taffeta Grantham is too young and idealistic. Experience has taught him that love is found only in fairy tales and that very few women can be trusted—especially young and attractive ones.

As for Taffy, she finds the rakehell cynical and arrogant—definitely not the hero, the man of principles and romance, her heart longs for. Besides, as one of the Rogues Three, she is more concerned with social injustice than a man who could use his influence to right wrongs but shows no interest in doing so.

So why does Tarrant find himself enchanted by the beautiful and high-spirited Taffy? Why does Taffy’s sporadic gift of sight insist on showing her visions of Tarrant as a bold and passionate lover—her lover?

When the prince of flirts catches the princess of thieves in a ‘Robin Hood’ encounter gone wrong, a secret is discovered, a promise is given, and two lives will be changed in ways neither could have dreamed.

My Review:
A great historical romance with a very light touch of paranormal, well a seer or psychic is more like it, but it added to the story making it an even more engrossing read. I like historical romance, but do not love it. Claudy wrote us a short, exciting and fun read that held on to my interest until the very end, which says a lot for me. I believe even readers that are not fans of the genre will have a great time reading Taffeta & Hotspur.

Taffy is a free spirited intelligent young woman that’s been raised by her uncle and brother a majority of her life. They are a very close family unit and a lot of fun! When Taffy comes of age to receive, she meets the man she’s dreamed about for a long while. But is it meant to be?
Thurston is known as a rake, a player in other words. He’s not one settle down or stay with any one woman for long. Many desire him for his good looks and money, but he wants nothing to do with them. The day he meets Taffy, he’s immediately taken by her, her charm, beauty and originality. But it is not his way and he’ll do anything to avoid her. But for how long can he keep up this charade?
Both characters grew and matured throughout the story and became much…more. All of the characters are fantastic! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all that leads up to who I now know as the dynamic duo :)

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