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Review Blackthorne's Light by Marie Harte

"Blackthorne's Light"
Author: Marie Harte
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 56
Published: April 3, 2012
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Goodreads Blurb:
 When Dara Ellis sets out to do research for a new article, she gets much more than she bargained for. Vampland is a hedonist's playground. It's the hottest new dance club in town, and her inspiration for showing women how to embrace the bad girl within. But it's the club's owner who really gets her pulse racing, first in lust, and then in fear when she learns who--and what--he is. But Trey is far more than a creature of the night. He's a flesh and blood man with gifts given by a higher power. And only the love of the right woman can save his soul from the darkness growing closer. But will Dara take a chance on a creature of as much myth as man? Or will fear deny the love burning brightly between them?

My Review:
Blackthorne’s Light is a short, fun, magical, romantic and erotic read that both satisfied and tantalized this here paranormal romance fans craving for a quick fix. A definite must read for all fans of the genre looking for something different and sexy :)

Dara is unique in a very magical way. She is smart, beautiful and talented and is currently working on a written piece named “Bad Girls”. Her research brings her to a club that (unknowingly) holds her future. The question is… Will she accept it?

Trey was born different and has developed even more differences (and powers) with age. He’s an extraordinarily handsome, successful vampire that has many longings, the main one being peace. When one particular female walks into his club and lightens his soul as well as sparks his insides, he’ll stop at nothing to have her and the feelings she brings forth without even a slight effort on her part.

Together Trey and Dara are a perfect balance, the ying to the others yang. A perfect pair that I was (and still am) happy to see together and would LOVE to see more of!

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