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Wednesday Briefs: Lady #4 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. I was given many options to inspire a Brief for this week. But I chose to go with the one photo below for this week along with using a storm in some way. I hope you enjoy the forth addition to "LADY" and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts :)
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     I’m unsure how to greet this dark soul that claims he is death. I sense his power. It crawls on my skin like a thousand insects and constricts me tight as a snake holding its prey. I do my best not to show it to him. My mind wanders to the unicorn. Is it far enough to be safe from this evil one’s dark presence?

     I quickly school my face to hide my anger. “Unicorn? Ha! They are myths, stories used for children’s dream fodder, nothing more. Now a horse, there are plenty of them roaming these lands for you choose from. Next, you’ll tell me the most regal of beasts known as dragons, exist in more than the tales that are told.”

     “Do not mock me, light barer!” His face is turning a horrid shade of red. Almost on the verge of purple, making his darkness pulse towards me in fierce waves of hatred and mistrust.

     “I know one was here. I sense it. A female. One of the rarest and purest of their kind. I’ve searched far and wide, many years for one such as she. I saw her here through the glass. Now tell me. Where has she gone? Do not try and hide her from me. I will have death storm down on you, and then you’ll be nothing but an empty flask. A husk of dried flesh that none will be able to identify!”

     I am not easily intimidated. I am now feeling the heat of adrenaline starting from my gut and flowing out through my fingers and toes. I quickly think through a series of spells my mother taught me throughout the years. Anything I can use to protect the unicorn from this evil curd’s touch.

     Thinking quickly, I simply state, “If it’s what you believe. That’s your choice. I’ve never seen such a creature. No need for empty threats or any threats for that matter. Go on with your search. Peace and light be with you.”
     “Ack! Such nonsense you speak. May the darkness overcome your soul and consume you for all time, you light worshiping fool!”

     Finally remembering the spell of change as Than continues to rant on, I send my magic toward the direction of the unicorn. Hoping it has not gotten too far for my power to reach and I picture the first thought that comes to my mind, the woman in my dreams. 

     So perfect and pale, such beauty and grace—a sensual goddess.

     One, that I yearn to have as mine and I focus now solely on the change. I’m not sure how much time passes by when my power suddenly snaps back into me. I grind my teeth to keep from grunting with the impact. Surprised Than has not sensed my power on the move. I’m also very pleased that he’s so consumed with his search not to realize what I’ve done.


     Both myself and Than turn toward the feminine sound.
     I feel my eyes widen in surprise but I quickly conceal it. It worked! From what I am able to see of her, I see only her face and the pale upper flesh of her breasts. 

     The woman from my dreams kneels, nude within the heather, looking disoriented. Her hair is a tangled mess and she does not seem to be able rise and stand solidly. Gravity currently appears to be her enemy. 

     Observing her, I feel as if I’m floating. Light and filled with air as one of my uncle’s magic bubbles when it floats up toward the sun. Higher and higher, drifting into bliss and I find myself smiling.
She glances up at me and her mouth forms an ‘O’ of surprise. Her breathing becomes slightly erratic. It looks as if she’s unable to catch a proper breath.

     I find myself moving toward her as if being pulled by some unknown force. Completely captivated by the sight before me and unable to resist. We each only have eyes for each other. I feel everything else around us disappear. It’s now just her and I, caught in a spell woven of lust and intense longing. An annoying buzzing sound pulls me from the spell.

     “I said who is this woman?”

     I take pause, having forgotten he was still here. Then, deciding to remove my shirt to place on her shoulders. I do not want him to see her. Her beauty and goods are for my eyes only. No others. Once again, thinking swiftly I turn toward Than and state, “This is Lady. We were playing a little game as we always do when alone. Then, you came along and interrupted us. Rudely, I might add.”

     Than lets out a frustrated sigh. “You’re up to something light bearer. But I have no time for games. I must find what I’m looking for. I WILL be watching you. “His eyes quickly move from me to Lady. Then, he vanishes into shadow and whisks away like the wind. 

     Thank goodness he is gone. I turn my attention back to my dream splendor and help her get to her feet. 

     She is very unsteady, but is now on her feet. She has a very strong hold on my forearm, almost painful and she’s still looking into my eyes as if she’ll find something she’s missing.

     I find myself smiling once again at her.

     She is now looking at my lips and trying to smile as well. Her lips form more of a reaction to someone that has just suctioned a lemon.

     Instinctively, I release a chuckle. I cannot help it. The innocence and pureness of it warms me deep. Makes me happy in a way I’ve never felt before, almost content. “Lady, my Lady.”I pull her close and hug her to me. 

     She does not resist me. Rather, she melts into me as if she desires to become one.

To be continued...

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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  1. ohhhhh, I thought last week it was going to be so horrible and dark. It was such an unexpected twist for me! Loved it!

    1. LOL- so glad to hear it was not predictable :)
      Thank you for stopping by and giving Lady a read!

  2. The first 2-3 lines gripped me and the story held me until I ran into the dreaded - to be continued.

    1. Sorry Victoria :/
      Believe me. I could have kept going and going. I actually did and had to cut some out so as not to go over the 1,000 limit-lol
      Thank you for stopping by, reading & commenting!

  3. Than seems kinda stupid to me. :P Just saying. I'm really enjoying the fantasy though.

    1. LOL- I don't like him either. But he showed up...

  4. omg what a shocker this week for me. I hate the evil Than, thinking he's going to find Lady and sacrifice her or whatever he has up his evil sleeve. Once again Dezso saves the day. So i am wondering who is this man. Is Dezso a Witch, because he remembered a spell his Mother taught him to change a form to human. The bubble you teased us with was perfect as he remembered his Uncle's bubble rising up toward the sun. I loved how he covered Lady up, because he felt she was his alone to look at. Dezso and lady together forever.

  5. I am enjoying your surprising story. Was worried when Than arrived on the scene but Than does seem weak if he didn't feel Dezso 's magic.. guess he is a big blustering bully. Keep me posted for the next chapter.


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