Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review Manataka by Ella J. Phoenix

Author: Ella J. Phoenix
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 216
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: February 16, 2013
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Goodreads Blurb:
 Since she was a child, Chloe has endured horrible nightmares about a Native American prince living in a time long forgotten. She never understood why, until she finds a stone that matches the one in her dreams. It has unimaginable powers, powers Chloe doesn’t understand. Fueled by memories of someone else’s past, she sets off on a wild quest for the stone’s birth place, hoping to also find answers to her foreboding dreams.

On the outside, Mason Green looks like a hardworking, self-made millionaire, with too busy a life for romance. Very few people know the real reason for his self-imposed seclusion. It’s safer that way. But when a sexy historian shows him a supernatural stone from a forgotten tribe, Mason is intrigued - maybe the relic is the salvation he’s been waiting for. Ignoring the irrational attraction that threatens to crack the cask around his heart, Mason agrees to help Chloe.

As their wild quest becomes a dangerous mission, they must find the relic’s birthplace before Mason’s past catches up to them.

My Review:
I have always loved Native American culture. Combine it with romance, mystery, excitement and plenty of paranormal elements and you have yourself an original story that keeps you turning its pages. A great read for any fans of the genre that crave something different.

Chloe is a very independent and strong woman that takes everything in stride. Dreams that have haunted her for years seem to be stronger now and even more realistic than before. When she follows the lay’s advice and goes to a certain man for help. She’s instantly taken by him, mysteries and all.

Mason is a very serious, successful and mysterious male who has walked the earth for a long time. He’s made some very serious mistakes and poor decisions that have led to lives and lands being lost. Never to be claimed again. He wishes he knew then what he knows now. He also wishes he knew why this woman that has asked for his assistance calls to him. A call he cannot seem to resist.

I love the way the story progressed. I’ll admit, I would have 5 starred this baby. But there were a few parts at the beginning that left me confused. It all pretty much came together at the end and I found myself satisfied with the story as a whole J

Overall Rating:

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