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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Lady #23 by A.R. Von

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As always, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the following 2 photos below.

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We walk to the place Iria and I first met to call upon Tethy’s.
 My uncle has come along with us, having asked if he could bear witness to all of these ‘unbelievable’ events. He’s never laid eyes upon a goddess or a unicorn.
 Iria and I could not deny him his request. Especially, after all of the help he has given to us. We hope to at least get him to witness Iria in her birth form to appease his curiosity.
“So, we are now to talk with Tethy’s and request a meeting with the goddess, so you can ask her for help—I mean guidance on how to find the amethyst and to find a way to better protect Iria in order for her to change to her true form during the full moon, correct? Maybe your goddess will give you a lucky charm or incantation to use. I personally know of none. But I don’t know all I’d like to.”

Iria and I exchange glances with one another and smile. We’ve told him of our plan multiple times. But he seems to not want to accept or believe it. Or maybe, he just truly does not understand.
One can never tell with my uncle and I continue to humor him with answers. “Yes, that is what we are mainly here for. We also want to tell the goddess about what has happened concerning Than and Cassiel and how Iria was able to draw power from a full moon that was not full at the time. It was actually not even present! For the record uncle, we both feel you know plenty. So, don’t discredit yourself.”

He smiles, nods his head in agreement then looks around curiously. “Exactly where is this place again?”

I cannot help but to chuckle at my uncle and his ways. I feel as if he is a child in a grown man’s body at times. His presence does help to ease the tension that both Iria and I carry and I believe he knows this and that’s why he adds on to his already immature, yet entertaining questions. “No much further now uncle. We will see the waters through those trees right there any moment now.”

Uncle Dillon puts some speed to his steps, getting far ahead of Iria and me. Then suddenly, he comes to a screeching halt. His eyes go wide and a gasp of wonder passes his lips. He turns his body fully toward us. His lips moving as a fish out of water, gasping for breath. He gives his head a shake and stutters out, “Mer-mermaids. There are fish with women’s bodies or— women with fish bodies sitting upon the rocks. I—I’ve never known...” He gives his head a shake and turns back towards the waters gazing upon it in awe, a smile lighting up his face.

Iria is also smiling and speaks for the first time since we set out, “Dillon, please do not get any closer. We must not frighten them. They might be there for a reason or they might be a danger. Whatever is the case may be. We go together, all right?”

Uncle Dillon sighs and relents with a nod of his head. “Well, come along then you two. I want to see them up close. I want the memory of them forever etched into my brain. I’d like to write about it you know?”

Both Iria and I shake our heads but move forward to see exactly what my uncle sees. Iria smiles as if she has seen it many times before and I feel my eyes widen in surprise.

I’ve been here hundreds of times throughout the years and I’ve never seen any such beings. They are close to body as Tethys is, but more much more stunning.

Where Tethys had a small patch in hair in the middle of her hair, these two creatures have hair, shiny, long and brilliant. It covers the entire top portion of their body. Bodies which have the bottom half of a fish! It’s just as I’ve heard in stories my grandmother once told me long ago. The scales have a shimmering opalescence to them in dazzling shades of greens and blues.

Iria grabs my hand and smiles at me while pulling me forward, closer to the mermaids. My uncle is right beside me with his jaw still loose at its hinges.

Just as we pass the last tree and bush, we enter the clearing just as the two mermaids stop what they’re doing. They both turn their heads in our direction with small smiles on their beautiful faces.
Speaking in unison, they look toward Iria and speak, “We’ve been awaiting your arrival our sister. Tethy’s has sent us here to help you with what you seek. Come sister and join us in the healing waters while we discuss what is to come for you.”


I give Dezso’s hand a quick squeeze of reassurance, then release it and move toward the two females. I go slowly in case Dezso or Dillon dares to disagree with my decision to go to them. But they both seem too captivated by what they see to drum up any other thoughts. I find a lot of humor in their reaction and will tease them well, when all is settled. “Greetings sisters. I am sorry if you’ve waited long. We’ve had a touch of trouble with some followers of the dark and needed to compose ourselves before taking on another task.”

They glance at one another and begin to giggle.

I don’t know what their reason for it is but I plan to find out. “Why do you laugh?”

“Oh we are sorry. We just were told what you and your beloved’s idea of umm…composing is and we wish we had a male to compose us in such a brilliant and pleasurable way as he has for you. That is all. We promise.” They are both grinning and each has a slight pink tint to their cheeks most likely from the thought of pleasure from a male by my guess.

I cannot help but to let out a laugh of surprise from their words as I move closer to them. “Alright now. Please back to task. What is it that we need to do to defeat our foes?”

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***All parts of Lady, except for #1 will be removed from the blog within the next few weeks and released (with additional scenes) in ebook as well as print not too long after (I will let you know new title and all other information soon). I'm very excited about this and hope you'll join me for the thrill ride!***

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)


  1. LOL. Women are the same everywhere, shiny tails or not. :P Great visuals of the mermaids.


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