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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Lady #21 by A.R. Von

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As always, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the 2 photos below for this weeks Lady.

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I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

Running on two legs is even more thrilling then running on four hoofs. So invigorating and freeing, only not as fast. I never thought I’d be so quick to learn to be human and am grateful for such an amazing teacher in Dezso. Having him chase me just adds to the thrill of it all. Especially, knowing what is to come once we arrive at home.

My heart pounds and my sex clenches with need. I hope he catches up quickly. I turn to look at his progress and do not see him. I slow down my movements and listen closely and hear nothing but the sounds of nature. Taking a step back in Dezso’s direction, I find myself unable to go any further. It’s as if I’m encased in a clear rubbery substance, oily and evil.

Slowly, it shrinks itself around me to a point I can’t take a breath or blink my eyes. I scream Dezso’s name in my mind. This is true fear for me. Fear of death and helplessness…


I relax my mind and allow the visitor entry. Once it is open I hear Iria scream in my mind. She is trapped, but I do not see where. The force of her power is immense. I don’t think she realizes what she did when she sent out her call.
Fire heats my blood. I need to get to her, now! Only I don’t know where. So, I send my thoughts back to her. Hoping she can answer and give me an idea of where she is. It’s working; she’s now sending me not only her thoughts and feelings, but also what she sees around her.
She’s suffocating. It’s as if she’s encased in a bubble, but one that molds to her body.

I must find her quickly. I send calming thoughts her way with hopes it will help her to last longer without air. She is over the hill, only a half mile from our home. There are dark forms surrounding her, hooded and oozing evil. I cannot make out what they are saying. All I now hear is the blood rushing, pounding in Iria’s ears.

I’ve dropped our things a ways back and turn to the light to use its power to get to her quicker. I find myself standing right in front of her now with my back to the enemy. Realizing my position, I quickly turn and send blasts of energy and fire at each form. Only hitting half of them.
There must be at least a dozen and they are all full of darkness. Only out to destroy.
I let my light forth and surround Iria and myself in its warmth.

The evil surrounding Iria seems to melt away and she falls to her knees gasping for air.
What do they want with her? They cannot know who or what she truly is. If they do, we are in more trouble than I thought. I rush to her side and gently pull her up into my arms. I look at her face and her eyes widen in shock. I turn my head to look at the reason why and I see two of the last people I’d want to cross swords with right now. Than and Cassiel, my father…


Thank the goddess Dezso was able to hear and answer my call for help. I’m still not practiced enough in magic to escape something so dark and foreboding as what was just done to me.  I NEED much more training if we are to be able to defeat those associated with the darkness. I want to say this to Dezso as he holds me, almost too tightly as I am trying to gain my bearings and replete my lungs of oxygen. I raise my gaze to look at him and see two males moving closer to us.

My heart pounds and I feel my eyes widen in recognition. The two most evil males of this time are heading straight for us and I can’t get my mouth to speak any words. Dezso instantly takes notice of my fear and places me behind him as he spins to greet or defend us both from Than and Cassiel.

I feel a strong pulse of magic thrash out from Dezso and try to take a small step away from him. He prevents me from doing so by pulling me closer to him and whispering an apology without taking his eyes off of the two men. I feel his chest expand and the pulses of magic calm around us.

He slowly blows out the breath and addresses my attackers. “Why are you here and why have you attacked my beloved?”

Both men smile wickedly and raise their hands. Power is pulsing from their fingertips in oily waves. They are not going to talk. They are only going to fight to get whatever it is they want.
I hope Dezso sees this as I do.  My curiosity is quickly answered when Dezso whispers in my mind, “Bring forth your light Iria. Help me to fight them. We should be able to banish them even temporarily, if we push our light before they release their dark magic.
I don’t answer him. I simply bring it forth and let it loose along with Dezso.
Both men’s eyes widen in shock and surprise at our bold and successful move against them.

Our combined light is so bright as it hits them, I can no longer see their forms. Dezso tells me to ease back and I listen. Slowly pulling the light back into myself and feeling its warmth.
Dezso is doing the same, only he looks pained. He begins to seize up and groan.
I look to the spot where the men were and they are gone. Dezso’s light seems to be stuck on something or by someone. I see no one and nothing. Only that he cannot pull it back within himself.

Acting on instinct, and to what my heart is telling me, I release my light once more. This time, pouring my love and soul into it with hopes to help Dezso. I try to get into his mind but it is blocked.
He must be too focused on trying to bring his power back within.
I am not going to push any harder with fear of distracting him. Instead, I lean my body against his, close my eyes and whisper, “lux et veritas—light and truth.”

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***All parts of Lady, except for #1 will be removed from the blog within the next few weeks and released (with additional scenes) in ebook as well as print not too long after (I will let you know new title and all other information soon). I'm very excited about this and hope you'll join me for the thrill ride!***

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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