Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#WedBriefs It's All in the Tips #8

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As always, I was given numerous options to inspire this weeks brief. Today I chose to go with the 2 photos included below and the following word prompt: “You’re not leaving, are you?”

I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

"It's All in the Tips #8"

I don’t think she knows who or what she truly is. I still don’t know a hundred percent myself, only a recognizable portion that’s currently calling out to a kindred spirit. The portion of her that’s like me.
            Now that I’m sensing a bit more of her, I’m shocked no one else has pointed out to her how valuable her rarity or existence is. To all that exist in the paranormal world she’s a treasure, a queen. I had no idea of it up until her power started seeping, flowing throughout the bar as she plays the piano. The emotions are being filtered from me, through her and back with such intense lightness. I feel so free and content.    
            Getting closer to her the way I am at the moment brings even more welcome emotions to the front lines, mate, mine. I wonder if this is the reason why I’m sensing her inner tenant, so to speak. The fact that she’s calling to my beast, it’s screaming, clawing for its mate. It started as soon as we got close to her while she was playing the tune. There was nothing but an attraction, a desire prior to that. This is all so very strange…
            I never thought I’d have one, ever. A mate is so rare for my kind, almost unheard of! And to find out right this moment, that she’s just like me, but with…more. Makes it all the better. At least I think it does.
            I take a step away from her after whispering in her ear that she can confide in me and I instantly feel the loss of her presence and comfort. I’m not used to this. To having any of these feelings. These are good feelings, positive feelings, feelings that have been few and far between throughout my years.
            In a rush I get the urge to take her far away to a secluded island, where no one would find us, and keep her under me until the end of time. Just the two of us until our time comes to an end, which with true mates like my inner beast is claiming she is to me, when one dies, the other quickly follows. But this is all ridiculous. I don’t even know if she’d enjoy submitted to me, giving me complete control in the bedroom. Domination her body, pleasing each and every single one of her nerve ending until she screams my name and begs me to stop. I don’t even know if she feelings anything as I do.
            For all I know she might be the dominant type between the sheets. I can imagine her taking control, riding me until I was drained dry. Commanding me to eat her sweet pussy until she passed out from the greatest of pleasure. I’d have no problem with that. None what-so-ever. But again, all of these thoughts, feelings, emotions, all of it right now feel so…strange.

             I need some space, some time. I need to think before I can no longer ignore this pull I feel directing me toward her, Renee. She’s definitely not fully aware of the paranormal world or what lurks right around her. I don’t want to frighten her by telling her too much too soon. It’s best I leave and gain my composure. I’ll come back another time while I have control over my feelings for her and slowly reveal the paranormal world to her, what I am and what I believe she is.
            I take one more step backward, then turn to head out the door. I didn’t realize she stopped playing until I heard her say softly, “You’re not leaving, are you?”
            Frozen in place. I was not sure what to say to her. I don’t want to lie, no relationship, friendship or otherwise, that you truly cherish should ever be based on a lie. The truth is always best. Actually true mates could never lie to one another. It’s instinct to tell the truth even if you think up a lie. But I can’t give her all of the truth at the moment. Turning around to face her, I omit many of the things I need to tell her and speak the truth with some trimming. “Yes ma’am.”
            She’s not aware that I know her name yet. We’ve not even been properly introduced yet. I don’t want to give her any wrong ideas or anything.
            “It’s pretty late and I have to make my way home.”
            I clear my throat, feeling awkward, “It’s best I leave now.”
            Her eyes flash with sadness and she looks down at the floor. My feet move on their own accord and quickly I find myself kneeling before her without realizing my movement. What the fuck?
            One of my hands is on her knee while the other tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, then glides down to her chin lifting her face so I can look into her eyes. The shock that travels through me as our eyes meet is indescribable…

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