Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#WedBriefs It's All in the Tips #6

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As usual, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the 3 photos included below and the following word prompts: "have a character crying" use "claws"

I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

"It's All in the Tips #6"

I’m glad Sera finally got the picture and left. I’m so tired of that female trying to get her claws in me. Sick of it to be honest. She always pops up at the worst times, which is all of the time. She’s currently the only individual in existence that can piss me off so quickly with her persistence. Normally I respect a person that never gives up, not in this case. There’s something about her, a negative, unattractive vibe that crawls on my flesh when she’s near. I take it as a warning to stay clear. My gut is normally a reliable source.
                Don’t get me wrong. I’ll always help her when she needs it. She’s part of the clan after all. Has been for the last year and never once has she gotten a rise out of me. She’s more like a bucket of icy cold water than anything else.
                From what I know, myself, Tex, Jonathan and two others in our clan are the only ones she’s not fucked in one way or another. She needs to find a mate and settle down with some cubs. That’ll straighten her out real quick!
                I can’t help but wonder if the beauty, Renee knows about her two friends, how they’re both different. Witch is the vibe I get off of them. There’s a bit more to each of them then beats the eye, hidden beneath some incredible power. Power I don’t have the means of fully identifying or breaking through.
                I know the only way I’d find out for sure is if I get up close and personal or possibly get thorough background checks done. I bet they are mixed with animal genes like many in my clan. A proverbial box of animal crackers is what it is! I wouldn’t have it any other way. Keeps things very…interesting.
                 I’ll just wait for now. Tex and Marcia, I learned just a few hours ago, have been seeing one another for a couple of weeks. He visits her on a regular basis. I’m sure he could tell me more about her if I asked him, nicely.
                There’s also Jonathan and Darla. He’s been eyeing her for over a year now. It’s no secret to me or Tex. He talks about her all the time and has yet to make his move on her. I doubt he would know any more than I currently do about any of these females since the only words he’s spoken to her have been to order drinks of hot wings. Poor guy. I hope things change for him soon. He’s not had a female since he first saw Darla. Being a male myself. I know it’s hard to ignore scratching the itch. That’s unless you’ve met your life mate.
                In that case no one will ever be able to rev you up again. Only your mate. It’s said you don’t realize what’s happened until it’s too late. Your soul has already claimed its mate and will not accept another, ever. When this happens the individual must make claim or live a truly lonely life. Dying alone, never knowing love.
                Looking the way of the female duo right now, Darla is crying and speaking angrily with Marcia. Marcia looks guilty about whatever is being said. But quickly smiles when Darla says something about cinnamon buns.
                Shifter hearing is both a blessing and a curse. I’ve experienced them both throughout life. The most memorable blessings so far are hearing about attack plans from those not of my clan, our enemies. Or those that wish to bring harm to any under my protection. It’s helped us to be prepared and in some cases avoid sneak attacks and loss of lives.
                The curse part of it is when I heard my parents discussing about abandoning me and eventually hearing others speak about not wanting me either. I was very young then, but I have a decent memory. I think it’s too good to be honest. Even if I want to I can’t let go of those sad memories. No matter how hard I try, they linger and haunt.
                My thoughts are idyllically interrupted by a magical sound, music. I know the melody I hear is not drifting through the speakers. It’s too crisp and alive to be a cd, tape or record. I had no idea there was a piano here.  Not in a place like this. Then again who am I to make judgment on anything?
                I feel such tender emotion flowing through the notes it causes my gut to clench tightly along with my heart. It’s almost as if whoever is playing was just in my head and heart. Feeling what I felt when my parents abandoned me. It hurt, bad but is slowly fading away as each note is played.
                I look around needing to know who it is playing such an emotional and magical piece but I can’t find who or where. My eyes are not reaching every corner of the place. So I get off of the bar stool and take a step away from the bar to look around a bit more.
                Taking a few more steps I see an old fashioned piano and the back of a female, the female I came here for. Renee, the female which calls to me without words and now involuntarily owns a freely given piece of my heart that I know will never be mine again. A feat which no one has ever accomplished…until now!

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