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Author/Book Spotlight The Secret Life of Girls by Chloe Thurlow

Title: The Secret Life of girls

Author: Chloe Thurlow 
Genre: Contemporary Erotic 
Pages: 220, published by Xcite, and ebook
ISBN-13: 978-1907761904
Source: Amazon, bookshops and motorway service stations!
Published: September 2012
Author's Website:

The Secret Life of Girls
After my tutor at Cambridge gave me a copy of A Spy in the House of Love by Anais Nin, I read all her books and wrote my first short story. It was about a girl going for a job at a casting agents where she is seduced into taking off her clothes and then finds herself giving into her pent up passions and desires. The story was published in a literary magazine whose editor had studied under the same tutor at my college – the erotic can be terribly incestuous.
This little success encouraged me to write my first novel, which I called Bella, and was based on aspects of my own life. I loved Nabokov's Lolita. I made my character a few years older and too clever and worldly wise for her own good. The book ended up too literary to be erotic and too erotic to be a mainstream coming of age novel. The publishers all turned it down and I put the book in a drawer and didn't take it out again for five years.
In that time, I published four other novels with Nexus and Xcite and had the thrill of A Girl's Adventure going into the best-seller lists for about 5 minutes. When I took Bella out again, I rewrote it completely, cut about 15,000 words – so painful but so essential, and gave the finished work the title The Secret Life of Girls. It was published by Xcite and is now my favourite book. I have been planning a follow up which I will call Bella in America – I just need to take a year off to write it.
The Secret Life of Girls – to quote the blurb – is a fictionalized memoir of Bella. She is 18 and attends finishing school on the English coast. When her father dies, her mother remarries a man who secretly buys the manor house left in trust to Bella to pay off her father's debts. The betrayal cuts Bella to the core - the house is a part of her. She has nothing left - except  she is beautiful, bold and unafraid to use sex to get revenge - as well as for her own pleasure. Bella also has some success on leaving school as a singing star and plans to move to America – the seeds of the unwritten follow-up.
I had come to see through writing my other novels that, while it is character that drives plot, the erotic must evolve through cause and effect. The erotic is a literary genre and, for me, the first law is good writing. That's what I work hard on and which is why each novel takes so long to complete.
Since its publication, The Secret Life of Girls has had loads of great reviews and I will end with just one, because it cleverly sums up the book with a single line '...a potent blend of classic erotica, bubbling with modernity, Elizabeth Woodham, on Amazon.


  1. Enjoyed the interview wish Chloe all the best with her book. Nice cover

  2. Fabulous interview :-) Well done Chloe and Ava, all the very best with your future projects. I can't WAIT to read...


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