Sunday, March 24, 2013

Author Spotlight with Jim Murdoch

Jim describes himself as an author in a closet, meaning it took him almost fifty eight years to finally realize that writing is what he should be doing. On the other hand, anything written before now probably would not be the same as that written today which draws on his rich experience. The short and sweet is Jim was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, saw the city burn in the seventies, was swept off his feet by Swiss charm, got married and moved to Switzerland in the eighties. He had an unshakable religious foundation which was shaken. This led to a paradigm shift of galactic proportions. Basically his new world view sees everything and everyone connected by energy as everything is energy. A path of self-development studies followed where he delved into many subjects including metaphysics and, yes, dragons.

With his wife, Katharina, he co-authored their self-help story Wings of Change. This got him thinking about writing fiction instead of boring self-help books. Taking inspiration from The Alchemist and The Celestine Prophecies Jim searched for an idea. It came unexpectedly through the experience of a friend which led to Pursuit, a story of dragons, dreams, discovery and destiny. You can read more about the inspiration for the book on his blog where you'll also find the entire chapter one. Jim is also offering potential readers a chance to be a part of the Pursuit experience with a crowd funding project designed to help pay for professional editing and design. Take a look at his introductory video and check out the rewards. You could get help with your book over dinner!

Listen to a recent interview where Jim speaks about the story and the process of writing:

"Pursuit" will be self-published in April 2013.

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