Monday, March 3, 2014

Spotlight Angels No More by Jo Cattell



In Angels No More, The Allen brothers have grown up. It’s five years later and life for the Fallen Angels just got a whole lot tougher.
Some family members have been lost in the last few years and putting the family back together may be near to impossible.
Nick and Chloe will battle many things, including each other to finally have the life they want together.
Kevin and Gabbie will be pulled apart and when they come back together, even bullets may fly.
Mark gets tougher and meaner as secrets tear his life apart.
Can they all have the lives they've yearned for, even though they
Are Angels No More…

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Links to the first two Fallen Angel books

 Book 1 When Angels Fall

Book 2 After Angels Fall

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Author Bio

     Jo Cattell lives in New Jersey with her husband Eric and two daughters Amber Rosalie and Jade Mei. She gets her inspiration from dream and also from life around her. The Fallen Angel Series was inspired by the loss of her niece Chloe at a young age. Angels No More is the 3rd book in the Fallen Angel Series.
     Her other novel, In Another Life, is something very special and will pull at your heartstrings. It is also based on real live events.
     This is just the beginning of her career as a writer, and she is currently working on her first paranormal book, Whispers Of Autumn, due out later this year.

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