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INTRODUCING!!!! Heart Attacks: A Valentine's Day Anthology, all that made it happen AND a giveaway!

Spend your day of love with C. M. Wright, 
Tim Miller, Dovey Mayali Cralk, J.J. DiBenedetto, 
Kelly J. Erickson, A.R. Von, Sandra Love & A. P. Bartels. 

They promise to bring you closer to your loved one - as you cling to them for protection! They promise to bring you warmth - as you hide yourself under the covers from what's lurking in the darkness. They also promise to leave you panting, your body trembling, and your heart racing - from the horror between these sheets.

Grab your copy & add to your WTR pile NOW:

Beware of the Hogs
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Beware of the Hogs

A. P. Bartels was born and raised outside Chicago. She graduated from Elmhurst College in 2005 with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. She lives in the suburbs with her husband and two dogs.
As someone whose career has always focused on the analytical, writing was a way for this Indie author to spread her right-brained wings. Blending her creative and logical sides is something A. P. Bartels does to keep her brain happy and her emotions balanced. Drawing inspiration from her favorite authors, artists, and movies, she has been known to play the same 5-10 songs on repeat for months while writing in order to stay focused on the mood and motivations of her characters. You'll find her watching movie clips and obsessing over the characters in her favorite novels in order to isolate the qualities she wishes to bring out in her own stories.
Stop on over and visit her facebook page at to learn more about A. P. Bartels. Or, visit her blogs for some more creative outlets!

Twitter: @alliebeesoon

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J.J. (James) DiBenedetto was born in Yonkers, New York. He attended Case Western Reserve University, where as his classmates can attest, he was a complete nerd. Very little has changed since then.
He currently lives in Arlington, Virginia with his beautiful wife and their cat (who has thoroughly trained them both). When he's not writing, James works in the direct marketing field, enjoys the opera, photography and the New York Giants, among other interests.
The "Dreams" series is James' first published work.

I am a retired Social Worker and semi-retired proofreader who lives with a big pitbull, two cats and a turtle in a 100 year old haunted house. I like needlework of all types: Quilting, sewing, knitting, lace-making, embroidery… If it can be done with a needle, I’ve probably tried it. Well, not tattooing. 
I read anything I can get my eyes on from horror to romance, historical to science fiction, contemporary to fantasy, children’s books to math books. Yes, I read math and science books for the fun of it. 
An avid book collector, I have overstuffed my three-bedroom house and have secretly been adding me books to my daughter’s bookshelves. I give away books and swag at random to people who comment on or share my blog posts. (hint!)

A.R. was born and raised in Bronx, NY and is the oldest daughter of two girls. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology, which was only briefly used. She’s a mother of two entertaining teen boys (as well as a lovely fawn Chihuahua, whom she considers her furry daughter.) She’s also a wife to a delightfully handsome and amazingly funny man-beast. She loves anything dragon and fantasy related. In her free time she enjoys exercising, writing, listening to music, hiking, cooking, dancing and reading. She also loves a great adventure in and out of a book!
She writes to free her mind of its constant wondering and clutter. She thrives on the fact she can share some of it with readers that have the same passion for a great story.

She also loves to hear from her reader’s and chat away, so feel free to reach out to her any time.

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A.R.’s web site:

Sandra Love is a new to the author world, publishing her first book in 2013. She currently lives in Michigan, with her son and partner. Sandra is very lucky to have a sister Amanda, who has been there with her through everything, including helping her with the editing of her books. Sandra has three cats, Stubby, Odin and Thor. She loves to spend hours reading her favourite authors and writing. Her favourite genre's are Paranormal, supernatural and romance. Sandra's first series of books (Broken Wings) is a Supernatural romance.

Dovey Mayali Cralk has been writing since she was young, and decided to share her voices with the world only a couple of years ago. With a few anthologies under her belt, she also has the first book of a trilogy available on Kindle.  She resides in Texas with her beautiful husband and rambunctious children, along with their furry family members.

Thank you to all of the current and future readers, you are the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Twitter: @DoveyMCralk
FB Page:

Image of Tim Miller

Tim began writing at a very young age. As a teenager he would write short stories of horror to entertain himself and his friends. Not knowing at the time this would one day lead to his dream of becoming a published author.
Tim has studied various religions and psychology as evident not only in his earlier religious publications, but also in his later work as an extreme horror author. Tim's true calling began in the horror genre with The Hand of God series.
Although the book still retains religious qualities it is a complete 180 from his earlier writings. His main character is Pastor Charlie who does "God's Work" by murdering those who sin. His four years serving as a U.S. Marine is also apparent in this series, with his realistic descriptions of weapons and tactics Pastor Charlie and various other characters use throughout the books.
He branches out further into the horror genre with the publication of Dark Exorcist. Tim's knowledge of religion still plays a major role in this book, along with his time spent working as a correctional officer.
In Family Night Tim begins his descent into extreme horror. Eddie is loving father with a very dark and sadistic side. Family Night is psychologically terrifying. His description of torture and gore push boundaries other authors would never dare to cross.
He is able to touch every nerve with the reality that this is something that could be happening right now. With similarities to one of Tim's favorite horror movies, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you will find that Eddie and his family are even harder to forget.
Tim currently lives in San Antonio, Texas with his loving wife and children. He enjoys going to Comic and Horror Cons as often as he can.
Above all he loves meeting his fans and talking to them on his Facebook page at and on his Goodreads page at 
For more information on Tim Miller you can visit his website at

Name: C. M. Wright
Book Title: Zombie Overload Series, Zombie Addiction - Multi-Author Short Story Collection
Genre: Horror
Country of origin: USA
Short bio: Wife and mother who recently moved from Decatur, IL to outside Skidmore, MO., C. M. loves all things zombie, and is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. She likes to laugh, and make others laugh, so she does her best to bring that to her readers...for the Zombie Overload series anyway. Eventually, she is planning to write about other creatures that go bump in the night.

I also promote other authors, and am always looking for more readers to play games and win prizes! Join this event 

Black Asylum

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