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Lethal Obsession Trilogy Blog Tour

A year and eleven days ago I published my novel, Lethal Obsession, I suppose introducing both myself as a writer and my main character, Detective Angela Martin, to the world.
It's been an interesting year. I never thought it would take me this long to get the second and third parts of the Lethal Obsession Trilogy done and out. Truth is, I didn't know it was a trilogy at the time. I just knew there would be a follow up to the novel, and as I was writing that second novel, making it a three-part saga just seemed the right way to go.
It's been quite a journey, for both me and Angela. If you want to learn a little more about me and what I've done over these past twelve months, please check out my blog, Shandra's Shadow World. For now, I'd like to talk a bit about Angela.
If you've read the first two novels, you know she was a hard-working, dependable, quietly determined woman who had worked her way from patrol officer to chief detective in the Moose Creek Police Department, a fictional town in the foothills of Northwestern North Carolina.
And she was lonely, stuck in a loveless marriage. She met a man, online, and found herself seeking not only companionship, but with a desire to explore the world of BDSM. That exploration, coupled with some mysteriously familiar murders that take place in Moose Creek, changes her forever.
Today is the official release of the final part of the trilogy, SURRENDER, where we continue following Angela. We get to see how she continues to deal with the tragedy that she suffered in the original Lethal Obsession, how she's growing and change, what she's willing to do for the job and how far she will go for love.
SURRENDER, just like the first two novels, LETHAL OBSESSION and HELPLESS, is most definitely an explicit, erotic novel that delves deeply into the world of bondage and erogenous torture. And, like the first two novels, it is just as much a tale of suspense, a thriller that will keep you riveted to you Kindle, wanting to discover what is next, even without the erotic content.
For me, creating Angela and her world has been a time of discovery, learning a bit about myself as a writer, storyteller, and even as a person. For you, as the trilogy draws to a close, I hope it's been a time of enjoyable reading, and hopefully an opportunity for you to get to know (and like) my fictional world.
If you haven't yet read LETHAL OBSESSION, from today (March 11) until March 18 I'm running a sale for just 99 cents on Amazon.com. I hope you'll pick it up and give it a read.
If you've already read LETHAL OBSESSION and the sequel, HELPLESS, and you've been waiting for SURRENDER, it's here! Just click on the title link and download to your Kindle.
Here's a little promotional description of the novel:

Detective Angela Martin returns to action in SURRENDER, Book 3 of the Lethal Obsession Trilogy. 

Having lost the man she was falling for in the original Lethal Obsession, and having her new love snatched from her arms by human traffickers who wouldn't think twice about killing to keep their national ring in operation, Detective Martin is determined to do anything necessary to save him. 

That leads to her doing the unthinkable, making a deal with the kidnappers to save her Anthony, that eventually leads to being on the run from the very law enforcement officers she's worked with her entire career. 

Her only refuge is to go deep into the world of BDSM, turning herself over to a submissive training academy and risking being sold into slavery. Ultimately, she finds her own life may be on the line, but not before she learns firsthand what true sexual servitude and bondage is. 
SURRENDER, like LETHAL OBSESSION and HELPLESS, is an erotic suspense tale that will keep you riveted to your ereader until the last word. 

 And here's an excerpt:
Angela glanced at her watch – ten minutes after midnight. She grabbed the large metal knocker and slammed it against the door several times.
She repeated her efforts, striking the door harder, maybe a dozen times.
She heard the sliding of dead bolts, then the door opened.
He was dressed in black, his thin beard and mustache accentuating the slender, angular shape of his face. Angela thought he looked like an evil carnival master.
"Detective Martin?"
"I need time with you."
He smiled, but there was no humor in the expression.
"I told you last time that would be our only encounter. Good evening."
He started to shut the door, but Angela stepped forward, put her foot in the way, grabbed his shirt.
"I need you," she pleaded. Angela could feel tears welling in her eyes, but didn't care.
Jasper stared, but said nothing.
"I…my life…I need something. Please."
"You've been drinking," Jasper said.
She nodded. "It doesn't do any good. There's no relief."
Angela began trembling. She felt a hurt inside, a craving to … she couldn't give words to what she needed. It was a burning need to give up, to surrender control, to let someone else hurt her, pleasure her, do whatever they wanted.
Just so she didn't have to be responsible. For anything.
In the back of her mind she suspected, knew even, that Jasper was involved with Kanesha and Anthony's kidnappers. She had seen the evidence in the video, but Angela didn't care. Somehow, in a way she couldn't explain, that made giving herself up to him more appealing, more satisfying. More liberating.
Angela went down to her knees. "Please. My life…I need help."
"What sort of help do you believe I can offer?"
"Relief," she whispered. "Jesus, I just want to surrender. Give up." She looked up at him. "Please?"
Jasper reached down, took her hand and helped Angela stand. Without a word he stepped back and led her inside.

SURRENDER is available at Amazon.com for just $2.99, and will be coming to Barnes and Noble, Ibooks, Smashwords, and other outlets soon.

If you have any questions about the Lethal Obsession Trilogy, about me or my writing, feel free to post them here. I'll check back several times over the next week or so and answer anything you ask!

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