Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Paws Blog Hop

final nov hop

The Grand prize we will be $200 dollar choice Gift card and something special for the winner's pet!!

Animals bring such warmth and joy into our lives and I am a HUGE animal lover. I hope you enjoy meeting some of my extended family!

Below is my (very silly) furry daughter Cyan. She's owned us all for over 5 years now. She loves when her family is together in one room. Even the other furries and feathered members.

This is Cyan's Guinea pig pal Spotacus approximately a year ago. He's large and in charge now. You should hear him SQUEE!!!

This is Cyan, my boys and one of our feathered family members, Peanut. He's been in our family for about 10 years and loves to whistle classical music and let a person know when they're sexy!
 Yes these two get along pretty well.
 In this photo, Cyan wants to join Peanut on my sons head :)

This is our other feathered family member Sushi. She's been in our family the longest, 12 years now and my oldest son in the photo her is HERS! LOL- yup, she loves her featherless daddy.

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CF SnowBall Regulara Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. So cute. We have a cat named Scampers. My son would like to get a little miniature dog like a chihuahua and a hamster. I've always wanted a ferret.

    1. We once had 4 ferrets. Mushu, Crickee, Shashi and Bubbles. They were the best! We also had two cats at the time and watching the 6 of them together was hysterical. Oh and they way they liked to take and hide any thing they could find. Too cute!
      Happy holidays to you and yours Kami :)

  2. I have a cat named Dr. Dre (Dre for short) and he is my protector. He loves to take care of me! lol He grooms me, knows when and where I hurting on my body from Arthritis so he curls up there to keep it warm, follows me everywhere, and does not like people or animals to get to close to me. He puts himself in between them and me! lol

    1. Awe <3
      It sounds like he takes great care of his mama. I LOVE it :)

  3. Have an 100 lb akita named Kodi, he loves to take his squeaky ball and sing along with it as he squeaks it, he is my great protector, I never need to worry about being home alone with him around.

    1. That sounds awesome! My Cyan trying to sound out words when we talk to her slowly. It's too cute! I can't imagine an Akita singing the way you described. That's priceless!!

  4. I have 3 little dachshund babies who are all spoiled rotten. I got Suki when she was 6 weeks old from a family member.

    From the day I got her she slept on my chest next to my heart. I think that's what has made her a mama's girl and she follows me everywhere I go and sleeps between my legs every night.

    During a trip to New Mexico with my B.F. I was told about a dachshund that was found in the desert and someone brought her to a vet where my B.F.'s sister worked. The poor baby was skin and bone and someone had shot her with a BB gun and she had bot-flies, plus the tip of her tail was broke and healed crooked. When I went to see her I picked her up and she rested her head on my shoulder and I was hooked. So Sonya became a part of our family. Although when I got her home and she met my hubby she became a daddy's girl.

    A friend told us that a lady he works with wanted to find a good home for a dachshund that they didn’t have enough time to give to it. Now that makes me mad. If you know you don’t have the time then don’t get a pet that needs it. Anyways I said bring her over and we’ll see if she gets along with our other 2. She did but was a bit shy and skittish at first. She looked like she was malnourished and I got so mad at the people who owned her that I said she is not going back there and we adopted Sadie (her name way Baby but we have a S theme with our dogs). I took her to our vet and found out that she has a messed up pancreas so she doesn’t absorb nutrition normally. That was why she looks so skinny. Now she’s on a special diet and has gained 2 pounds, but still looks really skinny. But she is happy and spoiled just like the rest.

    Ok that way really long but I love my babies and love talking about them.

    1. Awe <3
      You're such a great furry mama!
      They're each very lucky to have you :)
      Thank you for sharing with us Shawna!

  5. I have four doggy babies, a kitty baby, and two feathered children. My dogs are rotten critters with absolutely no manners. I've tried to teach my human children to act better; I'm not sure how well I've succeeded. Thanks so much for all you do for your readers.

    1. Awe <3
      It sounds like they sure keep you busy!
      It's my pleasure :)
      Thank YOU for stopping by and commenting.
      Happy holidays!

  6. I have 2 adorable cats that make us smile every day.


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