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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Lady #20 by A.R. Von

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As always, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the 2 photos and 3 word prompts for this weeks LadyThe word prompts I used are: "You know what I want." use a source of light in some way, "Tastes soooo good.".

For those of you that have not read the prior week's portions and would like to. Click HERE to access them all.

I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

Dezso looks as if he’s opposed to my idea but takes more time to think about what I proposed. I continue to stare at him and try to get a feel for exactly where his mind is. I was frightened when I felt the darkness surface from within him. He looked like a completely different man, a stranger. So much evil was coming off of him in waves that I could not stand from where I landed on the floor during our practice. But I did not show it. I know darkness feeds off of negative energy. The lessons I’ve had thus far has taught me as much. I only hope I can generate enough positive for the both of us. His darkness grows stronger as days pass and I am na├»ve as to how to defeat it. We need the help of all that are willing.

“Fine Iria. I agree to it. But please just not right now. Right now, I just desire it to be you and I. We can go visit my uncle Dillon and explore his vineyards. It is beautiful there. We can have a meal with the sunset as well and see if he has found out anything else about how to find the amethyst. Then tomorrow, we can go find Tethys and see if we can gain an audience with the goddess. Hopefully, one or both of them will be willing to help us or lend us their wisdom.”
I’m glad Dezso is seeing reasoning to my idea and being agreeable. I would dislike an argument over something like this. It’s only meant to help him…not harm him after all.

He grabs my face and gives me a brilliant smile.  “Are you agreeable my love?” Briefly kissing me before I can even answer.
I grab him as he begins to move away, pull him close so his lips are hovering before mine and whisper between kisses, “Yes, very much so.”


MY uncle Dillon has found out nothing of much use to use except for one thing. He says there is a warlock who knows of a place where amethyst crystals can be found. But there’s no guarantee we’ll find one which holds such power as the one he has us looking for.
Iria and I give our thanks and offer him to join us for a sunset meal.
He declines and states he does not enjoy being a third wheel, at least for the moment. But will join us another time which we hope he means. He’s such a pleasant male, a very lonely one. But one who can make the saddest person smile in a heartbeat. He is truly treasured.

Iria and I bid our farewells and make way to a beautiful spot in the vineyards. I’ve always enjoyed coming here and filling my belly with grapes. I find the ripest bunch as we make our way to where I want to be, so I can feed them to Iria.

Settled and enjoying ourselves after such an unpleasant day is a wonderful thing. But I cannot quite get rid of the feeling of unease I’ve felt since the darkness breached. I want to enjoy the moment, so instead I take the grapes I’ve picked and offer them to Iria.

She lies upon my lap, her head on my stomach while she stares up at the sky.

I hover the grapes just above her lips. “A taste of my uncles finest grapes my love?”

Iria licks her lips and opens her mouth.

 I then placed the fruit within her sensual mouth.

 She takes a grape and bites right in. It’s so juicy it squirts right onto her face. She startles. “Oh my Dezso! It tastes soooo good!”
This enthusiastic reaction is just what I expected I chuckle my pleasure at her words and feel blood rush to my groin. “Iria would you like to go home now to bathe and rest with me?”

She bubbles up a laugh which turns into a giggle. “Do you think me a fool my desire? I feel your sword of passion poking at my back. There will be no rest when we go home. But I am more than fine with that. I’d love to go home now.”
“You know what I want Iria? I want you naked upon our bed bathed in candlelight and covered with the juices from these grapes all over my favorite places, so I may remove them with my tongue and bring you the greatest pleasure.”
She giggles again while moving to get up.
We both swiftly pack what is left that we’ve brought and Iria begins to run the way towards our home. My face hurts from smiling so much and I cannot help but to think how incredible it feels and how happy Iria makes me.

I cannot run as quickly as she does while holding all of our things. So, I go at a fast walk with Iria in my sight at all times. I trip over a fallen branch and quickly look down as to regain my balance. When I look forward towards Iria again, she is gone. Nowhere to be seen. My heart begins to pound and my senses are on full alert. I swiftly drop our things and go to a full run in the direction I last saw Iria, while calling out her name. “Iria! IRIA! Where are you female? I hope this is not one of your games.” I’m at the spot I last saw her and come to a halt while looking all around me. Not seeing Iria or any sign she was here.

The sun is setting and it will soon be dark. I’m not comfortable that within the hour, the only source of light will be the moons crescent phase. Of course I can use my power to brighten my steps. But I fear for Iria. She’s not yet learned how to do something so small and yet so important with her power. It will be the next thing I show her once I find her. “Please my love, come to me. I’m not enjoying this game of yours.”

I pause to listen and I feel a pressure within my head. Someone or something is trying to get into my mind with a colossal force.

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(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)

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