Sunday, October 27, 2013

Authors Helping Authors Presents the Breakthrough Authors Blog hop sign up!

Sign-up here!


Please follow the instructions below as we aim to make this hop a nice experience for the hoppers:

1.        The hop is open to both book bloggers and authors. If you are an author, your Breakthrough Authors Blog Hop post should feature a post about the struggles and/or triumphs of breaking through in the business or what makes your work unique. Basically, the post should be personal but not a huge sales pitch. Add in a blurb about your work, either a specific book or a series, then list a giveaway for it or something related. For bloggers, your post can be about something related to what the authors are doing and/or about a specific book you feel is ground breaking or that the world needs to know more about. Your giveaway can be anything book related, but not necessarily related to the book you write about.

2.        You should provide at least 1 giveaway for the commenters on your blog/website.
a.      You can set up your own rules. For example, aside from leaving a comment, you can ask them to do additional things like follow you on FB, Twitter, etc with corresponding points, etc.
b.      You will pick your own winner for the prize/s you are giving away, and announce it at your blog/website.

3. Grand prize giveaway prizes will be announced soon!

**Click below to donate towards the grand prize (you will be responsible to get the prize to the winner)**

Grand prize donation collections HERE

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