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Review Theory in Depth by M.A. Abraham

"Theory in Depth"
17902364Author: M.A. Abraham
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 287
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: October 1, 2013
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Goodreads Blurb:
Mystery seems to have it all, youth, beauty, wealth and brains. She has lived on an Island with her father most of her life and has only begun to spread her wings. There is only one problem. She is not like those around her, she is different inside, different in ways no one could imagine, even more so than her father could have imagined. He was the one who created her from his vision, and his Theory in Depth. The theory that made him outcast, the one that started with the words: “As man was created from the depths of the seas, it is logical to assume that someday man should be able to return.”

Adam’s people mingle with those who walk the face of the Earth and there is little to differentiate them from anyone else. They are here to make sure mankind doesn’t stray too close to their cities under the seas. Adam rules, he is of the ancient blood and there are not many like him left. Young, powerful and almost at his prime he hears a story of a young woman who lives amongst those on land. That alone is not that astounding, what brings him to the surface to check on her is that she shares his ancient blood.

Adam realizes when he sees Mystery that not only is she young, she is in need of guidance. She has no idea what she is and that is the real danger, to both her and the world around her. Her very nature will guide her actions and if not taught the right lessons she will become destructive and cruel. She cannot help what she is anymore than any of the rest of his people and the man who created her had no idea what he unleashed into the world. There are few who will be able to control the power she welds, he is the one best fitted for that position.

My Review:
Besides an awesome cover, Theory in Depth is an original, intriguing and touching story that all M.A. Abraham fans and fans of the genre will truly enjoy!

Mystery is a very special and different female. Her beauty surpasses any and all others around her. Irresistibly so. She has innocence, mystery and powers beyond imagination but she's lonely, lost and confused. Unsure where she belongs and where to call home. One day someone new, different than all others in her life comes along, she gets feelings...uncertain and unfamiliar feelings that she is unsure of how to interpret. Should she run and hide or should she embrace them? Love, loss, gain and pain are just some of what she experiences throughout the story.

I'd LOVE to have more of Mystery and Adam. What happens after everything finally got settled for those two special beings (hint hint M.A.). All readers reading this right now. I have one warning for you... Be ready for a whole new world people and for a couple of love/hate relationships with a character or two (particularly Mystery's cousin, grrr). Oh also prepare for a character crush...or two :)

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  1. You had a character crush? And I never thought of a sequel. Thanks for the great review Ava.

    1. he he- yes I did :)
      It's my pleasure! Think about that sequel ;)

  2. I won't say never Ava, but you have seen my calendar for next year and 2015 is filling up fast as well.

  3. Hi AR Von, it's been awhile since I stalked...ooops I meant checked out your Wonderful Blog. LOL I am so happy I stopped by today, because it led me to a Favourite Author of your's M.A. Abraham. Her Book Cover is Stunning, I love it. This is one of those times where I would buy a book based on it's cover, and I almost never do that. Her book sounds Great, and your review was Amazing. Can you guess what I am going to do next?? LOL I am going straight to Amazon.Com and hoping they have it. Thanks M.A. Abraham and AR Von. :)


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