Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Purification: that’s what The Sol Invictus is after. And the cult will destroy anyone who gets in its way. With all the power in the world, Harley thought life would be easier. But the sacrifice she made may prove to be more than she expected. A creature of the dark at one with the light, she has brought balance to this dimension. But balance is a fickle thing, too easily shaken. The Sol is after her power and will stop at nothing to get it. The cult’s malevolent schemes will bring Harley to a pivotal decision that could destroy everything they have been fighting for. Calling on old friends to battle new evils, Harley must stop the Sol even if it costs her more than her own life


By the time Harley dressed in stretchy jeans and a long, black sweater and boots, Castor had fallen asleep. She left the bedroom quietly, so as to not wake him. The sweater did more than just keep away the chill of the impending fall weather. It also helped her hide the silver machete she strapped to her back that she carried whenever possible. When she couldn’t conceal it beneath a jacket or a shirt she would revert back to using the silver Bowie knife that had yet to fail her. Tonight, though, she was in the mood to carry the machete. Feelings of disorientation left her insecure enough to risk walking the streets of New York City with a machete. She felt the need to kill something—and, preferably, to do it with style.
The cold weight of the machete hanging down her back, secured in a smooth leather sling, comforted Harley as she walked the streets. It may have been a bad idea for her to return to New York—Levi, Castor and even Nya argued against it. Harley had made some powerful enemies in the short time since joining the Praesidio. The Lux were suspicious of her and she had killed—kind of—the Sol Invictus’ best attempt at resurrecting Christ. She was sure there was a pretty big target on her back and going back to her known home base seemed reckless. But, honestly, Harley didn’t care. Let them come, she thought. The sooner I get this over with—the better. She wasn’t one to hide. In fact, she made it a point to take the same path every night. She made no secret of her whereabouts or routines. If Cas or Levi had any suspicions of her actions, they didn’t let on. Surely, he didn’t have any idea or he would try to follow and watch over her. She rolled her eyes to herself. His overprotecting annoyed her sometimes, but she had to admit, it was nice that he cared.
Harley had been walking for several hours and the streets gradually cleared of people. As she neared SoHo a scent traveled to her on the cool breeze. She perked up like a hunting dog, and goose bumps rose across her shoulders. Not even aware of slowing down, Harley stopped walking. Turning she headed west to follow the unexpected smell. With each step the smell grew stronger and her Nocte shifted anxiously. Rounding a corner Harley stopped and turned in a circle again. Finally, she spotted the source of the unsettling scent. A boutique was wedged into the corner opposite where she stood. Barely checking for traffic, she trotted across the street. All of the shops nearby were dark and a couple of restaurants on the next block were open but quiet as they wound down for the night. As she drew closer she was able to see what had caught her attention. Smeared across the bottom of the window displaying mannequins dressed the overly expensive clothes was one word—written in what smelled like Nocte blood. “Harley.”


By day I am an administrative worker for a nonprofit organization, and by night (and most weekends) I am a writer. If I'm not working or writing I am usually, reading watching horror movies of varying qualities and being a cat lady--working on the crazy part.

My goal as a writer is to filter the madness that consumes my brain onto paper (or the screen, rather) for others to (hopefully) enjoy as much as I do.

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