Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Halloween is But Once A Year by A.R. Von

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As always, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the  4 photos below and the following word prompts: "Did you really think that would scare me?", "Suck on that, big boy!", feature a haunted house or a vampire.

Once a year, every year for the last two centuries my sister and I have the time of our lives. Being who we are, our true forms free and accepted. Vampires still remain hidden, unknown to humans. We’ve both learned to take the celebration as a great advantage and always have fun with it.

“Isla, make haste woman! I want to enjoy every single moment of this night. I swear the parties get better and better every year.” I check my watch for the thousandth time, huff out an impatient breath and begin my pacing once more. I hear her moving around upstairs at a leisurely pace and it’s driving me bat shit crazy!

The house has gone silent. I know what’s to come. My darling sister always tries to best me on this night, the celebration of All Hallows Eve. She’s yet to succeed, but it’s a tradition of hers and I don’t think she even realizes it.

Bracing myself mentally for her antics, I resume my pacing at a less frantic pace. I feel a slight breeze to my left but ignore it. I know it’s just Isla using her powers and making herself invisible. I do a full circle of the room and suddenly come face to face with a bloody appendage. I open my mouth to speak, but said bloody appendage is popped right into my mouth.

“Suck on that, big boy!”

I pull the offending thing from my mouth. Spit and sputter. I have to give her points for originality. She must have thought about this the entire year! “Seriously Isla, did you really think that would scare me?”
Then, I go into hysterical laughter.
She reappears with such a funny looking sad face for someone her age that I can’t help myself. She lets out a harrumph and stomps towards the front closet. “You’re no fun Thomas you—you meanie! Come on. Let’s go find a party to crash. I can’t wait to see the costumes this year. I think next year, I’m going to actually dress up as a troll or a playboy bunny. Yea, something sexy would be great!”

I shake my head at her. Through the years, she’s never stated anything about dressing up as something…else. She won’t get any encouragement from me. “Whatever you say dear sister. Let’s just get to where ever it is we’re going and have some fun!”

“Yes, let’s brother.”

Twenty minutes later, we arrive at a ‘haunted house’ located on farmland. It’s supposedly holding a rave sometime within the next couple of hours. It’s smartly decorated with large spiders on webbing, real black cats slinking around and jack-o-lantern’s carved to perfection. The ghoulish decorations seem to be spread out everywhere.

“Oh, my! This is just fantastic Thomas. Let’s go inside and mingle. I hope there will be lots of music and dancing. I want to get jiggy with a techno beat!”

I snicker at my sister’s mingled use of slang. I don’t think she’ll ever get the hand of it. But it just adds to her free spirit and fun ways.

The evening flies by in a blur of frights and fun. My sister and I go our separate ways to fully enjoy ourselves during the festivities. I play the games, bobbing for apples, which I’m great at because of my fangs, pin the wart on the witch and quite a few drinking games that I’ve never heard of before. But was happy to have indulged in with the other party-goers.

My sister kept dancing and going through the mazes over and over again. We both had a great time. It really is a shame this is only a once a year occasion. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Or do they?...

Be sure to come back next week for another brief!


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