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Review Charla by Alexander Beresford

Author: Alexander Beresford

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Pages: 264

Source: Author in exchange for an honest review.

Published: April 1, 2012

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Goodreads Blurb: A mother. A daughter. A demon.... How Does a Hot, Sexy Mother Who Hates Her Daughter Put Her Ultimate Plan Into Action?

There are many beautiful stories about mother/daughter relationships out there, but CHARLA isn't one of them! CHARLA is the story of a sexy mother who hates her daughter and manages to secretly bring her pain and discomfort. So creative is Charla in satisfying her unsettling needs, that even Amelie grew up unaware of her mother's deranged feelings towards her.

With Amelie all grown up now, it has become harder and harder for Charla to quench her morbid impulses without getting her hands dirty. So ... one lonely dawn, Charla experiences a very weird event that sparks the idea of summoning a demon to disrupt her twenty-five year old daughter's perfect, pretty little life. She puts the sick plan into action ... and the demon moves in....

My Review: Charla is a very chilling read that had me feeling a variety of emotions and even brought about goose bumps to my flesh. Actually, I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride! Sometimes I was happy and other I was confused, even scared. Should I be scared or angry, happy or sad? Many fans of the genre will enjoy the story of Charla and her devious and evil wicked ways.

The hatred Charla holds for her only daughter (without legit reason I might add), brings forth chills on its own. The woman is the lowest of the low, evil, wicked and cold. She’ll do anything, sink to any levels to get what she wants achieved, done. No matter the circumstances. Hurting her daughter and making her miserable is on the tippity top of her list of priorities since her birth. Amelia has done no wrong, nothing that should bring about such cruel thoughts and actions from her very own mother. The kicker is, she has no idea to her mother’s true feelings…

While I was reading this, I had a flash of an old movie called Mommy Dearest. Charla is some piece of work and I’d never want to cross her path. At times I wanted to stick my hands in the pages and choke a person! Definitely not a read for the faint of heart and for 18+ due to graphic and sexual scenes. A 3.5 rating rounded to a 4 for me. There were a couple of instances left unanswered, not finalized that I cannot state due to the fact they will bring about some spoils to the story. I apologize if there is to be a book two to the series. If there is, I will definitely be reading it with hopes those openings will be closed and my curiosity satisfied!

Overall Rating

Sex Rating of 3 Dragon Flames

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  1. Great review Ava... interesting sounding storyline, but it doesn't sound like something I would be that interested in personally. Not saying that it wouldn't fly with others.


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