Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ARE YOU MINE by L.C. Holden


She is his addiction. . .He is her obsession.

Emily Steven’s life is a twisted lie. And, she prefers it that way.

Nick Compton, a successful writer and professor, hides a dark and dangerous secret.

When Nick crosses paths with Emily at a local coffee house, she sparks a dormant need deep within him. Only she can satisfy his insatiable craving. 

He dominates her every desire. She consumes his every need.

Lies are exposed. Passions ignite. Emily and Nick are thrust into a world of deceit, lust . . . and murder. 

Warning: 18 or over, sexual content, adult language, violence, and possible dubious content.


“Well, you saved me from having to tell my roommate that I was stood up again.” Her eyes landed on my face.
The tone in her innocent voice, made me want to teach her how to beg. She would love it, and besides, who cared if she hated it…at least I would be satisfied. 
“How does five o’clock tomorrow night sound,” she asked while scribbling down a phone number on a cocktail napkin. “I get off work a little after four, and then we could go have dinner.” She handed me the napkin, smiling doe-eyed.
Inching closer, I took the napkin and wrapped a possessive hand around the nape of her neck.
She flinched.
“I’ll pick you up here.” I glanced up at the security locked doors to her apartment. Safe and sound. My hand squeezed tighter around her face. I gazed leisurely at Emily, while she stared wide-eyed and shocked. I so relished the helplessness slashing across her face. The grabbing of her neck was a slight mishap. Tenderly stroking my thumb up and down her flushed cheek, I blinked and plastered my ‘camera ready’ smile back on. “Great. Five it is.” I moved in and nuzzled her bare shoulder.
     Her breath hitched.
     I brushed my mouth just below her earlobe.
     Her jaw muscles tensed.
     I stroked my thumb down her neck.
     Her head titled back.
     When she gazed back up at me, we locked eyes, and then I kissed her. I’m not a kisser. Kissing is too intimate. I learned that lesson the hard way…but I kissed Emily.
She moaned at the slight touch of my tongue.
Blood pounded to my cock, and it felt so damn good. I licked her bottom lip and drew the swollen flesh between my teeth. Her mouth tasted warm and gentle, and the kiss was eating me alive. Kissing a woman could be more dangerous than a shot of heroine to my demented mind. Before I could get a handle on the situation, her hands were in my hair and her perk little titts were grinding against my chest—now, I was panicking.
I’m usually the one in control. Not some goddamn woman. Fuck, get it together man. I pulled back, regretting allowing myself to give into temptation, and then I saw the stunned look on her pretty little face…the most satisfying sight I’d seen in years. “Tomorrow then.” Eyes on her the whole time, I gently dropped my hand from her face and took a single step back.

Bio: When L.C. Holden isn't writing she enjoys spending time with her family.

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