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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction It's All in the Tips #3 by A.R. Von

Happy Hump Day and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction! As always, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the following 2 photos and the word prompts "my whole world collapsed about my ears" & "more dead than alive".

I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

"It's All in the Tips #3"

I want to turn and stare at him but I’m honestly afraid. Afraid—I’ll throw myself at him like some desperate slut who spreads her legs for any good looking Joe she meets. I have a feeling I’m going to have a hard time with self-control and restraint with Mr. Sexy over there. I quickly think up a sort of escape plan and put it into action. I’m not ready to face him just yet. “Darla? Do you think you can cover here for a few? I want to talk with Marcia a little. I can’t think straight with this shit on my mind.”

Darla looks over at Marcia, shakes her head, then places a hand on my shoulder and gives a light squeeze. “Yeah, sure. Go ahead. I know how you are. Just don’t take too long, all right?”

I walk toward Marcia but remember something and stop in my tracks. “Oh, and please don’t let anyone in the back. I don’t want anyone knowing our business and some of these people have ears that are too good to be true, ok?”

She smiles and nods her head at me. “Gotcha woman. I’ll see you shortly.” She gives me a wink and strolls away to serve a few stragglers left at the bar.

I link my arm with Marcia’s and take her into the store room. Not the most comfortable place to chat. But it’ll due for the privacy aspect of it. I shut the door, slide the latch lock in place, then turn to Marcia.

She has the nerve to look embarrassed. Her neck and face turn as red as a berry.

 I can’t help but burst out with a laugh. “Alright woman, spill!”

Unable to look me in the eye, she keeps her eyes focused on the cracks in the floor while sliding her shoe back and forth over one of the larger cracks and begins to spill it all out, “I went for breakfast with this guy named Tex after a shift two weeks ago. He’s been coming in during my shifts for a few weeks now. I really like him. He’s different and treats me like a woman should be treated, you know?”

I nod my head and wait for her to continue.

“Well, we had pancakes, coffee and lots of convo. I told him about how my Pop works in the pharmaceutical industry and how easy it is for him to get Viagra. One thing led to another. The conversation heated up about 20 notches and he asked me to go home with him. I did and O. M. G Renee! I’ve never had my body mastered, controlled, conquered and satisfied like he did to me. I’m talking hot cowboy, ropes, whips—the whole nine yards—I mean I came so hard my whole world collapsed around me.

My lips feels dry and I realize I’m standing there with my mouth open, gaping at her while she’s telling me all of this. I snap it shut and try my best to swallow to gain some moisture back. Clearing my throat first because I really don’t want to sound as confounded as I am, I gasp out, “Wow!”

She smiles and finally gazes over at me. “I know. We’ve been seeing each other almost every day since that first night. Not for only sex, mind you. We enjoy each other and feel comfortable together. That pirate bitch who stormed in here is his delusional ex. He told me everything. They grew up together and dated only briefly. Each time he’s even around a female, she pulls some shit like she did tonight. She actually almost killed his best friend, Mike’s sister. She went by his house to pick something up for him. Next thing she knew, she was more dead than alive. She only remembered the psycho’s face. But it was enough to have her put away for a bit.”

I don’t know what to say about this. I’m afraid for Marcia, because it’s easy to see the  pirate-woman isn’t fully there. At the same time, I’m happy for her because she deserves to be happy. She’s longed for this kind of relationship just like I have. “Wow!”

“Um—you said that already Renee.”

She’s laughing at me and I can’t help but to join her. “Ok, woman. I’m happy for you and I’m here if you need me. Always will be. As long as you’re happy, I’m happy. When do I get to meet this male that’s rocked your world so thoroughly?”

Once again, she stares down at the floor as she speaks, “Well, you sort of did already..." 

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