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Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission Blog Tour

The large commons broke out in applause as the elevator doors closed. Brie couldn’t stop the tears from falling, knowing that Sir had given up his position at the Submissive Training Center to claim her.
         Her heart melted when he looked down and winked. “No need to cry, babygirl. This is just the beginning.”
         She smiled through the tears and slipped her hand into his.
         “Yes, Sir.”
         “No more tears,” he commanded gently. Brie dutifully wiped them away and took a deep breath. When the doors opened at the first floor, Sir put down his box of office mementoes and took off his jacket. “I can’t have you walking out into the cool night like this.” He wrapped his jacket, still warm from his body heat, around her naked shoulders. He buttoned it up, picked up his box again and guided her out of the elevator, saying, “Come with me, Brie.”
         She held her breath, loving those four simple words. Her Master was taking her home... She had to pinch herself to believe it.
         Sir led her to the farthest corner of the parking lot, to a glossy red car that looked like it belonged in a car show, not at a community college. It was Batman hot. He held out his hand and helped her into the low-lying car. She tried to enter it gracefully but fell into the bucket seat with a plop. Sir chuckled lightly. “Such style.” He slid the door closed and proceeded to the other side, then buckled himself in before starting the roaring engine.          
         “What kind of car is this?” she asked.
         “It’s not a car, Brie. This is a modified Lotus Evora S.”
         She hid her smile. Obviously, she knew nothing about his ‘baby’ and would need to google it later.He drove like he played with a sub—skillfully, but pushing the limits of the vehicle. Brie flushed in excitement, knowing that Sir was taking her home to play with her, alone.
         Brie’s jaw dropped when he pulled up to the front of a towering high-rise and a debonair valet immediately ran up to greet him. Sir opened her car door, and supported Brie as she made a second attempt at being graceful upon exiting the low vehicle. She smiled and glanced up, mesmerized by the possessive look in Sir’s eyes. Her heart skipped a beat when he bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips before handing over his key to the attendant.
         Brie took the arm he offered her and they walked through the doors, which were held open by a doorman.
         “Good evening, Mr. Davis.”
         Sir nodded courteously, but said nothing as he guided Brie to the elevator. The foyer of the apartment building was opulent. She couldn’t imagine what his apartment must be like. She licked her lips apprehensively, feeling out of place.
         “Nothing to be nervous about, babygirl,” Sir said.
         She whispered, “I’ve never been here. I feel...”
         “At home,” he answered for her.
         Her body tingled at his words. The bell chimed and the elevator doors opened for them. Sir placed his hand on the small of her back, the electricity of his touch making her whole body quiver. The interior of the elevator was mirrored, so Brie was able to sneak glances at Sir as they traveled up to his apartment. He stared straight ahead with a slight smirk on his face, as if he was already considering what he would do with her.
         Will my heart survive tonight? she wondered.
         At the fifteenth floor, the door opened to a marbled hallway. Sir escorted her out and led Brie to the last door on the right. The door was made of dark wood, engraved with a symbol that looked suspiciously like a BDSM triskele, the emblem for the lifestyle. Was Sir that forthright about it? Did the whole high-rise know what he did for a living...what he used to do? A momentary jolt of guilt clouded her joy.
         Sir opened the heavy door to a long, narrow hallway with walls covered in various forms of modern art, from sculptures mounted on the walls to alluring paintings. Brie’s heels made an attractive clicking sound on the dark marble floor as he escorted her inside. The apartment smelled of Sir.
         He walked her to a large, open area with windows from floor to ceiling, with a breathtaking view overlooking the city.
         “Impressive,” she said quietly.
         “I quite agree,” he answered, unbuttoning the jacket he’d put around her and slipping it off her shoulders. Her nipples were already erect, begging for her Master’s attention.
         “I prefer you like this,” he murmured. His lips grazed her neck teasingly, and then he gestured towards the seating area. “Sit while I make us a drink. I would like to talk about our new arrangement.”
         Brie’s heart fluttered as she watched him walk away. She glanced around the large room, noting that it was decorated in a minimalistic style, but the furniture was artfully placed and sensual in appearance. Sir had pointed to a black sofa, but she was drawn to an attractive red chair on the other side of the room. It was curvaceous and thin, made only for one person. She walked up to it, noting its unique shape. It was more like a chaise longue, made for a single person to lie in rather than sit. It had a high, attractively curved back and an equally aesthetic, rounded foot area. She lay down, fitting comfortably in the concave middle of the chair, and looked out over the city from her comfortable vantage point, listening to Sir moving about in the kitchen.
         Brie tried to calm her nerves as she came to grips with her new reality. She was in Sir’s apartment—he was her Master. Be still my beating heart!
         Sir walked back out of the kitchen holding two martini glasses. When he saw her, he stopped and chuckled. “Of course you would choose that chair.”
         Brie didn’t understand and started to get up.
         “No, stay where you are. It’s actually perfect.” He walked over and handed her a glass. Then he looked out over the cityscape and smiled as he took a drink. Brie regained her composure, and tasted it. The martini Sir had made was slightly dirty, with just the right amount of olive brine mixed with the smooth, high-end vodka.
         “Lie back, Brie. I want to enjoy the beauty you bring to my place.”
         She happily obliged, lying against the back of the sexy chaise, being careful not to spill. Brie lifted one arm over her head casually, knowing it would display her breasts in a pleasing manner for her Master.
         “Lovely.” He took another sip of his drink with a playful smirk on his lips. Brie wondered what he was thinking but she quietly followed suit, unable to stop the tremor in her hands as she brought the glass to her lips.
         “We have much to discuss, you and I. However, I wish to leave the majority of it for another day. I will be putting my consultant work on hold for a few days off so we can grow accustomed to our new relationship, but in truth...I plan to play with you hard and often. Expect little rest.”
Brie loved the idea of that, but her practical side took over.

            “Sir, I am scheduled to work tomorrow night.”

Red Phoenix is an award-winning indie author who began her writing career with her novelette, Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training, published in March, 2012. This was followed by the wildly popular eBook serial compilation, Brie Learns the Art of SubmissionBrie Embraces the Heart of Submission: After Graduation is the second book in the series. She has won 3 reader choice awards at IRC, including Best Indie Short Romance for The Erotic Adventures of Amy and Troy, Best Indie Book Cover for Brie Learns the Art of Submission, and Best Indie Paranormal Romance for Varick: The Reckoning. Red is a mother of three and wife to one. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans. She resides outside Denver in Colorado.
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  2. Hey two of my favorite people and authors. So cool that Ava was a beta reader for Red.


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