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Cover Reveal First Contact (Book 1 of the Tantalus Series) by M.A. Abraham

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Twenty ships have left the gravitational field of the Earth with the intention of colonizing Mars. Each is independent of the other and set to become domed cities upon landing. The mission is simple: go forth to develop the new planet, make it an extension of our home. Well, it sounded simple.
No one expected life on Mars to be easy, they are pioneers and that is a type of life that comes with dangers. What they didn’t expect was for the settings of one of the ships to be off enough to miss their landing, to miss the very planet they were meant to settle.
Even more astounding was to find another planet within a three-week travel period that lies in the shadow of the red planet. It is where they will land, where their ship will unfold to become a domed city. Where life is dangerous in a hostile land and they find unexpected help. The indigenous winged people of the planet don’t live on the surface of the planet, they live in cities in the clouds, but they are willing to extend a welcoming hand to those who have come to their land, as well as teach them what they can to survive. Their relationship begins with three words.
“Welcome to Tantalus.”

Exclusive excerpt:

“Kiera.” Mitchel reached out to enfold her in the warmth and safety of his winged embrace. “What is wrong?”
“Everything.” Kiera replied as she burrowed into the soft comfort of her guardian’s arms.
It felt like the most wonderful haven in the world and Kiera couldn’t help but give in to the promise of heaven Mitchel offered. He was her rock, always there to protect and guide her when he was needed. Honorable and dependable, never crossing the line to indicate she was any more to him than what she was supposed to be, though she knew better.
No man or woman would offer the solace and support Mitchel did if they didn’t love her. Despite his feelings, he never gave any indication that he would welcome her love in return. It was forbidden. He was her guardian, nothing more. She had been promised to another when the time of beckoning was upon her and from that moment on she would belong to him. Mitchel would never be allowed to hold her like this again.
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