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Review All Bottled Up by Angela Rose

"All Bottled Up"
18219192Author: Angela Rose
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 85
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review.
Published: July 18, 2013
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Goodreads Blurb:
After struggling for years with her self-esteem and weight issues, Robin Summers has matured and grown very fond of her voluptuous full-figure. Not long after she lands her dream job as a marine biologist at the New England Aquarium, she meets sexy attorney, Todd Healy. A whirlwind relationship between her and Todd ensues, and before either realizes it, they are planning an intimate, tropical wedding in Aruba with their immediate families. All seems perfect two days before “big day”, until Robin walks in on Todd in the arms of another woman.

The humiliating scene sends Robin running off into the night, confused and angry. It seems she has run for miles, when she stumbles upon an unseen object and is hurled into the sand. With the help of the full moon, she finds an ornate bottle and impulsively pulls off the jeweled stopper. What she expects to find is a mysterious note, but what she ends up with is a middle-aged, gay genie named, Zahir.

With his eccentric mannerisms, Zahir quickly puts Robin’s broken heart and battered self-esteem at ease. Still owing her three wishes, it doesn’t take long for the genie to set Robin’s confidence back on the right path. He can grant her anything she wants, but the one thing she truly desires…….is true love.
Robin is determined to find a way around the huge glitch in the genie’s limitations and makes a list of “must haves” she wants in a future husband. This time when Zahir flicks his wrist, a sexy highland warrior breaks through the purple haze, and he does not look happy. Its then that Robin realizes her wish didn’t just create the man of her dreams, but pulled him from his own time.

My Review:
A very short, sweet and fast paced story that leaves you wanting more (especially of the hottie highlander James *wink wink*). All Bottled Up is full of humor, romance, magic and even some deceit. A great read for any fans of the genre looking for a quick fix. A 3.5 rounded to a solid 4. 

Robin is a special woman that is currently VERY unhappy with herself. She just learned her fiancĂ© is not at all what she thought him to be. Not even close actually. Hurt, unhappy and confused, she loses herself in the exploration of her beautiful surroundings. Finding herself something that is only told in fairy tales. Will Robin finally have her fairy tale happily ever after? You’re going to have to read to find out ;)

A great start for new author Angela Rose. I look forward to what else she has in store for us within that imaginative and fun head of hers. Bravo Angela! 

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