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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Lady #16 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction an awesome way to start your Hump Day! As always, I was given various options to inspire this weeks brief. I chose to go with the one photo and the 3 word prompts for this weeks LadyThe word prompts I used are: "Use ugliness in some way, use a blue moon in your tale, or use a flogger, paddle or whip" .

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I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

“Lady #16” by A.R. Von

I am now dressed in garments that carry Dezso’s scent. He said they were his garbs from many years ago and the only items he has that will fit me without falling off. I feel this clothing is uncomfortable and unnecessary. I’m still not used to this body or having to dress. But I will adjust with time…just as Dezso wishes for me to do.

He sent a message to a seamstress to come this evening for her to measure me for gowns and such. He made sure to mention for her to bring anything she’d already made, so I may have something while awaiting the clothing’s completion. He thinks of everything!

We now sit on a square piece of fabric with food and drink spread out in front of us. This is eating outdoors and it is such a delight too. Many things I’ve never tasted. So far, I’m enjoying it all. He even brought some of the wine I enjoy so much, saying we can have some a bit later on. He tells me it’s not very good to start a day with wine as an accompanying beverage to our morning meal.

I wait for him to start talking about what he’s promised to tell me. I hope I’ll not have to wait too much longer. I’m very curious of how such a wonderful male, so full of goodness could have any darkness in him at all. Just as I finish my last bite of peach, he clears his throat to get my attention.  

Dezso then starts to speak as if he heard the words from my mind. “I know you want to ask questions. But can I please tell you the story about why I’m not all light first Iria? Then you can ask me questions to your heart’s content, all right?” 

“Yes Dezso, please do.” I give him an encouraging smile.

His facial expressions seem to change with his thoughts. It looks as if he is struggling with how to start. He takes a deep breath, filling his lungs deeply and begins his tale…


I’m unsure from what point to begin, so I don’t the sound a fool to Iria’s ears. I decide to recall how my mother told me she and my father met and will go on from there. “Over 26 years ago, my mother and father met while attending a blue moon ritual for strength and power. At the time, there were more people of light then darkness and it was not so easy to tell if someone had even a small amount of darkness within them because of the overpowering abundance of light. Anyway, my parents were introduced that night and according to what she told me. It was love at first site. She was unaware that my father held ugliness inside, darkness. They were married short months after their introduction. Very happily so. I was conceived on the very night they consummated their marriage.” I take pause while struggling with what I should say.

She watches me in silence, seeming to wait for the rest.

Finally, I look at Iria with sadness in my heart and begin speaking once more,“It was not until after I was born that my father changed. He started changing. He treated my mother as if she were nothing but a slave. He asked my mother for strange things during their bed play and began beating her with a whip when she would not agree. It took some time, but my mother got together with her sister’s and cast a spell of protection around her and our home. Casting him off the property. Preventing him from ever returning and harming my mother again.”

Iria eases a bit closer to me and holds my hand her expression is filled with hope to lend me strength to go on. I know she can see it hurts me to talk about this part of my past and the memory of my parents. “Is he still alive, Dezso? Have you seen him since you were a babe?”

“I do not know if he still lives Iria. I do know that I’ve not seen him since he was cast from our home and our land. I’m glad of that. I would not be able to hold back my fury over his treatment to my mother. She was such a sweet and loving soul. I miss her dearly.”

Iria pulls me into a tight embrace and I bury my face within her hair, breathing deeply and calming myself. Embracing the love she offers so freely to me. “Don’t you see Iria? The darkness I have within me. It came from my father, I was born with it. I fear that a day may come and I may turn like he did. I don’t know his history except for the few things my mother told me. She received no warning before he changed. The only thing she remembered was he’d been away longer most days. She believed he started practicing the dark arts, just as Than and his followers do.”

Iria strokes my hair and tries to give me comfort.

“This is my fear—my lady. I dread what happened with him is what will happen with me. If I knew a way to get rid of this darkness forever. I would do it without a second thought and be full light as I’m meant to be. As I desire to be.” We are still holding one another as I speak and I find Iria’s cheeks are wet from solemn tears. I wipe away her sadness and I can see in her eyes she feels what I desire, what I crave. I know she will do whatever she can to help me keep the darkness at bay. Even better, to help me to remove it from myself.

“There has to be a way to remove it Dezso. Have you ever asked others like you, about it?”

“No, Iria. I’ve never asked for the fear of being judged or cast off. But I’ve now found strength with you in my life and I believe I’m ready to face this fear and find a cure once and for all. Your love…my love for you will get me through whatever I’ll have to face to make it right. I have more faith now than I ever have. Thank you my sweet for loving me so truly.” I give her a soft kiss upon her sweet peach flavored lips and before I know it, we have scattered the rest of the food from the blanket…

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(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)


  1. Dezso is so sweet. It's hard to see that he has any darkness in him at all. Lady is adorable

    1. I know! He's a real sweetheart. I hope his fears do not come true. I would be so pissed!

  2. The last paragraph is so wonderful - kind of an ahhh.

    1. lol- I thought I might end up getting virtually strangled for it Victoria.
      So happy it's not the case :)

  3. I know I say it all the time, but what a beautiful chapter. Poor Dezso, worried that the crimes of the father will become the crime of the son. It's so touching. And wine for breakfast :) If I were Iria, I'd be drizzling it over Dezso, breakfast or not! Yum. The emotions and connection between these two is so strong, and it's easy to get lost in their story.

    1. Thank you Maria! I'm even more thankful that you continue to read on and enjoy :)


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