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#WedBriefs Flash Fiction Lady #14 & 15 by A.R. Von

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. This week is a touch different from the weeks past. The reason being is I'm posting both last weeks Lady and this weeks. I got hollered at by a reader or two that I left you all high and dry and I am very sorry I disappointed you. I didn't have proper access to the internet where I was and could not get into my email for the prompts or anything else for that matter (yes I was GRRRR!).

Otherwise, as always, I was given various options to inspire both briefs. I chose to go with the three photos below and two word prompts total, one for each LadyThe word prompt I used for Lady #14  is: "crazy in love" & for Lady #15 "the ties that bind".

For those of you that have not read the prior week's portions and would like to. Click HERE to access them all.

I hope you enjoy & thank you for reading!

“Lady #14” by A.R. Von

I leaned upon Dezso for comfort from the dark memories and remembered something from my vision, when the scorpions surrounded me in the cavern, during my dream state. A voice…Deep, eerie and evil. It reminds me of the voice of Than when he was speaking angrily with Dezso by the waters, the day he was looking for me in my former form.

It was Than commanding the army of insects, the scorpions, that surrounded me. His body was not present. At least not that I could see and his voice sounded far away. Faint, as if he was talking from another plane of existence so very…distant.

He said quite a few things in a language I could not understand. Even with the knowledge of languages Dezso gifted me with. There were some things he stated in the English language I recognized and they have me a bit puzzled. It was about the unicorns and how he and his followers are seeking each and every one, so the darkness can take over and they can live freely as they were meant to for ages.

They need the blood and horns of hundreds of unicorns and all of his people can live to their full evil potential. He said all unicorns and other creatures of light must die so the darkness can prevail. ‘Rid the world of all of its light’ is what he said.

That is not what puzzled me though. What did—were the five words he stated over and over again once he got out his plans for the creatures of light. ‘I know what you are.’

I must tell Dezso all of this I now remember and he can help me. We need to work together to defeat this darkness. It will only be defeated with us working as a whole…a team. One unit for the light to prevail alongside the others who freely join the side of good.

The goddess told me how Karma will do her duty in all ways and help the side of the light. She always helps the souls filled with light and goodness the most. Sometimes, she takes a while. But she alwaysgives what is deserved in any case.

I pull myself and my thoughts together. I must be strong for what’s to come. For myself, for Dezso, for our people and for our future. Taking a deep breath. I lift my head and look at my beloved and tell him all that I’ve just remembered.

He still caresses my skin in soothing circles as I reveal more on Than’s evil plans and the knowledge he revealed about me.
Dezso stays very quiet. Absorbing all of my words and thinking deeply.

I am now finished with all I’ve remembered and he still continues to touch me.
His face no longer looks relaxed and content. It now looks determined and a bit angry.
He pauses his circles and raises his hand to wipe the tears from my cheeks. “I have some ideas Iria. But I am unsure how possible they all are. I will need to train you in the use of the magic you now have. I know of others who can help with all I do not know of. Through it all, you will have to keep nothing but positive thoughts within your mind. Once one thinks in reverse, in a negative way…Is when darkness has more power. You must remember this my love. It is only a small portion of what is needed. But it will help strengthen our power when we face any darkness.”

I feel my body tremble from his words and his touch.
Dezso then places a tender kiss upon my brow and holds me close. “What we just experienced was us connecting as one soul in the most intimate of pleasures Iria. This is one example of positive. Together our light, even with me having some darkness within me can defeat all evil. Being with you brings me full light. The darkness is gone in your presence. My light brightens as it never has before. I’ve never been in love before. But I know I am crazy in love with you my lady.” He kisses me so very passionately and lovingly.

I understand what he is saying to me, indirectly. If either of us should be worried about defeating the darkness it should be him since he has darkness within. I do wonder where the darkness came from. Why a man with so much warmth and heart would have any darkness at all. So, I take this time to ask him knowing I will get my answer. “Dezso, how did you get darkness within you? Where did it come from?”

He looks down at his hands and takes a deep breath. Seemingly thinking of how to tell how it happened. He opened his mouth, looked at me. Then closed it again and looked back down at his hands.  He finally speaks while still looking down. “I do not like to speak of it Iria. But I know I must share all of myself with you and I will. All of the good and all of the bad. But can we please sleep now and start anew in the morning. We will go out and picnic under the sunrise and make love to a new day and talk until we run out of words. I do not want to ruin our first time together with my tainted life. Not right now, please?”

I feel his sincerity and know he will tell me all in due time. I have a very hard time even thinking of saying no to him and of course I relent. “Yes Dezso. But tomorrow you give it all to me. I want all of you and no less. Just as I will always give to you.” I smile and softly kiss his lips.
He smiles back and fluffs the pillows we are to lay upon for sleep, then pulls me close to him.

We both find sleep very quickly wrapped in one another’s arms…


“Lady #15” by A.R. Von

I awaken to a sweet scent that I know belongs to Iria. I got to move my hands to caress her soft flesh but find myself bound. My hands are tied together and attached to the bedpost. I turn my head to where I know Iria last lay and do not see her present. My eyes and mind are still full of sleep, confused as to why I’d be bound in anyway and how. “Iria?” I try to sit up but am restricted in movement because of the rope.
A loud sound at the foot of the bed brings me out of my current thoughts and the sight before me takes my breath away. 

Iria stands there naked and bathed in the light of the sun. Looking at me with a hunger I’ve never witnessed, desire that is as clearly written on her face as I’m sure it is on mine.

She seductively licks her lovely lips and trails a finger up from the top of my foot to mid shin. Giving me the most delicious goose bumps I’ve ever experienced. I cannot help but to wonder what is going on in her mind and why she is doing this. I tilt my head in question. Hoping there is no more need for words right now. I’m beginning to feel as if I am incapable of a coherent sentence at the moment. I’m highly aroused by this predicament.

“Dezso, my love. Your wrists are currently bound by the ties that bind us, our souls together as one. Will you submit yourself to me and complete our binding for all eternity? Will you become mine as fully as I am yours, forever bound to one another?’

I swallow a lump that has formed within my throat. It’s a painful swallow but I must to answer her with the words my heart speaks so loudly into my mind. “Forever my lady. I am forever yours, bound for all eternity. Throughout all ends and all beginnings. I would kneel before you and hand you my heart and soul without hesitation.”

She smiles at me and slowly begins to crawl up my body. Making sure her breasts caress my flesh as she makes her way, then her face is just centimeters from mine.

I shiver at the contact and find I am breathing very heavily from arousal. “Please untie me Iria. Let me love you.” I jolt up with the feeling of falling and find myself no longer bound or Iria above me.
She sleeps soundly beside me with a hand moving within her nether region and another upon her breast. What a glorious sight to awaken to. It’s just as arousing as the dream I left unfinished. My cock is harder than stone and begging—no pleading for release. I place one hand upon her other breast and move my face towards where her hand begins to quicken. I cannot help but wonder what she dreams. Hoping it is me, completing these actions and bringing her to her peak.

Inhaling deeply of her intimate scent I stop her hand and hold it down to her side while using my other hand to spread her folds and dive in for a feast with my tongue. 

She writhes beneath my mouth, panting and whispering my name. She quickly comes to completion with a jolt upwards. Grabbing at my head and pushing it closer to her. “Yes Dezso, yes!”

I remove myself from her valley and climb upon her.
 She’s blinking drowsily at my with a timid smile upon her face.

“Good morning Iria. I will have you know my love.”

She gives a small nod and spreads her legs wider for me.
I enter her with one powerful thrust and she screams my name upon entry. I do not hold back moving as fast as my hips allow. Pounding into her over and over again, while enjoying her pussy pulsing in orgasm around me.Bringing forth my own. There is no holding back my love for her. I release it with one more powerful thrust within her once again bringing forth another orgasm within her. Her pussy milks each and every drop of my essence. Almost as if it’s sucking it from my cock.

We both lay still for a few moments gaining our bearings. I am the first to move or speak. I lay a kiss upon her sweaty brow and continue along the side of her face until I reach her lips. “Good morning love. Are you ready to go out and about for our picnic with the sun?”

She sighs softly and smiles.“Yes Dezso. Can we go on our picnic as is.Without coverings?”

I cannot resist letting out a full bellied laugh. Tears are leaking out of my eyes from the intensity of it. “No Iria. We must dress. I will find you something to put on. We will both dress and go have our morning meal outdoors as I stated yesterday and I will answer all of your questions the best I can. Do you approve?”

“Yes Dezso. I approve just as long as we can remove the coverings again very soon.”

I give her another quick kiss and roll off of her to gather all we need to enjoy our day outdoors. I know I am taking a risk by bringing her out after what she has told me of Than’s words. But I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep us safe and aware for the time we are out. Plus, where I want to take her is not far from here and I already have wards in place to protect the surrounding area of our home.

I have a great feeling about today. I don’t ever recall awakening so happily…

Be sure to come back for the next brief!

(This story continues to be dedicated to my one and only sister, my Pookie. Her love of unicorns from when we were tots is what inspired me to write it. Love you my sissy!)


  1. Oh how i hate Than,right from the first time he spoke to Dezso.He wants to kill all that is pure and light, so he and his kind can claim the Darkness again.I HATE HIM. #15 omg i thought Iria was going all 50 Shades on Dezso,great scene Ava :) There lovemaking was so hot i wanted to join them. lol just kidding.Keep up the good work :)

    1. I'm LMAO over here Margie! Thank you for the chuckles :)
      Also thank you for your continued support and friendship <3

  2. So no liking the being surrounded by scorpions part!!
    Great having both scenes - lots of great reading.

    1. Hi Victoria!
      Yea, I got the heebie jeebies when I wrote it!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and for the share :)

  3. This is so good. I just want to roll around in it lol. I love your writing. :) Looking forward to next installment.


    1. Oh my!! LOL
      Thank you so much Shelly! I think I just felt my head expand just a touch ;)
      I look forward to writing it! I plan to look at the next prompts tonight and get it started!
      Thank you for reading and commenting <3

  4. Hmm...

    'have a great feeling about today. I don’t ever recall awakening so happily…'

    Oh dear. In literature, days that start this way have a tendency to go downhill fast :)

  5. Ahh, Ava, you know it was totally worth the wait. I'd go out without coverings if I was with Denzo!

    1. Thank you Maria!!!
      LOL- oh so would I!!! WOO HOO ;)


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