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Spotlight Helpless by Shandra Miller

Detective Angela Martin returns to pick up the pieces of her life – and track down a killer – in the darkly erotic thriller HELPLESS, the sequel to the acclaimed erotica suspense tale LETHAL OBSESSION.
In LETHAL OBSESSION, Angela found herself in the clutches of a BDSM master who knew exactly how to control her body and mind, to make her feel pleasure – mingled with a hint of pain and submission – in ways she had never imagined. Then women started turning up dead in her town of Moose Creek, N.C., bound and tortured in ways eerily similar to what Angela's mysterious master had done to her.
Despite the danger to her life and career, Angela couldn't stop herself – she kept going back to him, ostensibly to learn more about him as she investigated the deaths, but in truth because she craved his touch, his control. She belonged to him, body and soul, though her devotion had tragic consequences.
In HELPLESS, she is working through the guilt of having killed, the grief of having lost, trying to rebuild her life and career. She is driven to seek out darker, more dangerous sexual thrills, even when the bondage killer, or a copycat, returns to Moose Creek.
Her life is complicated when a writer from a national publication shows up in her town, determined to do a series of articles on the bondage killer, and her life. The writer turns out to be more than expected, and this time Angela finds herself fighting not only for her career and life, but maybe to save others as well.


While HELPLESS stands alone as a novel, it is highly suggested you first read LETHAL OBSESSION, not only for a dark erotic thrill, but to fully appreciate the story, and characters, in HELPLESS.


Excerpt from HELPLESS:

Her cry was met with a slap across the face. Not hard, but sharp enough to sting.
"More, please Sir."
He laughed, a quiet whisper of a laugh, then the sound of the leather strap slicing through the air followed, cut off by the snap of the leather against her ass.
Angela flinched at the contact, but could do little more. Her arms stretched overhead, wrists tied by a rope attached to the ceiling. Her legs were wide, a spreader bar between her ankles, each end lashed to those ankles so that she was unable to move. Her vision was blotted out by a black cloth tied around her head.
The leather kissed her skin again and again. She moaned from the pain, from the arousal, trying desperately to close her legs tight, to bring herself to climax.
"No you don’t," he whispered before shoving a piece of ice into her cunt.
She gasped, her heart racing even harder now.
"You belong to me," he whispered, hand tracing the contours of her bare breasts as he spoke. "Your body, your sex…" he worked the ice back and forth. "Even your existence." His hand pulled away – the ice mercifully fell out, then she felt the pull of a rope tightening around her neck. He pulled until her air was nearly cut off, his other hand continuing to caress her breasts, fingers lightly rolling first one nipple, then the other.
"Ple…ase…" she rasped, fighting for breath.
"Please what?"
Her plea was cut off by his lips, pressing hard against hers, tongue plunging deep in her mouth.
She tried breathing through her nose, but couldn't catch her breath. Angela struggled, but was unable to move. Even blindfolded pinpricks of light began bursting in her vision, she felt light-headed.
"Tanner," she screamed….


Bio: I'm really just a simple girl, grew up in the Midwest, left home at 16 and, except for one brief period earlier this year I've never been back. I lived on the road for most of the next several year, eventually making it to Florida where I spent three years working for a little traveling carnival, and another three working for a small circus. Now I wait tables on the Blue Ridge Parkway, spent my nights staring at the stars and writing what I hope is blazing hot erotica and blood-chilling suspense. All rolled into one.
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HELPLESS, Book 2 of the Lethal Obsession Trilogy
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  1. I can't get enough of this series. Helpless is a brilliant second outing for Angela Martin. The sex is hot. Shandra's attention to detail is awe inspiring. She has her characters' senses working overtime resulting in an absorbing, erotic read. First class. Highly recommended.

    Thanks for the post Ava x


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