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Spotlight with Aryah B Author of Cloud 9

Book Blurb:
Olivia Eliza Jensen has reached a cross roads in her life. Whilst standing at the altar she’s unsure whether she could really marry the man in front of her or admit that she has feelings for another. 
In her last year of university, she has just managed to land a job at a renowned graphics company as well as fall for the guy in the office next door. Whilst managing to stay afloat with the demands of work life and student life, Olivia is faced with a series of difficult decisions to make. With some guidance from her beloved grandfather, Olivia finally feels she’s where she wants to be- or is she?
However when familiar faces from the past return will Olivia trust them or trust her heart?

“When I Saw You I Fell In Love and You Smiled Because You Knew”- William Shakespeare
I didn’t expect to feel this way- you know, standing here at the altar on the day of my wedding and getting ready to run for the hills. I just couldn’t bear it.
 “If anyone objects to this union then speak now or forever hold your peace”.

I couldn’t control my mouth. My heart and brain were working as one and no matter how hard I tried to intervene- the words they just…. just blurted out.

 “I do!” I shouted as my legs were already half down the aisle. I ran, my legs moved quicker than my brain. I didn’t hesitate or look back, not even for a split second. I just ran.

As I made my way out, I stepped on the grassy green carpet covered by the pink and lilac rose petals, dropped by the flower girl whilst entering the church earlier. I don't know why I did it- I was certainly taught better. My heart just couldn’t go through it.

Chapter one

I sit here staring out of the window waiting- buzzing. It was the last few minutes of university and even though I hadn't felt the adrenaline rush all day, I could certainly feel it now. Me - Olivia Eliza Jensen, at the age of 21 have finally landed a job.
As boring as it was for some people, it was the ideal job for me. I had been given a job at a designing company called Saddle. It's where all the celebrities go when they want some graphic or design work completing and I got a job there; there's normally an 8 month wait just to become an intern there- and I’ve managed to land a part time job.

Once that bell went I shot out of my lecture like a bullet only to be greeted (more like hit on) by Justin Whiteheart. His ebony black hair was styled back to form a quiff was a mess today.
“Ran out of hairspray or were you just too lazy this morning?” I mocked.
“Huh?” He replied, scrunching up his button nose and raising an eyebrow.

 Justin and I go a long way back. His mother and my mother were best friends at school- they met on the rounder’s team. Whereas his father and my father only became friends because of how often we had to visit each other’s home. Before our mothers were reunited, our fathers had been sworn enemies in the world of accountancy- the fascinating story my father tells me every time were on our way to their house. However, ever since our mothers found out that they were living in the same city, it was practically a visit to each other house every day. We've known each other almost all our childhood.

Choosing a university to study at was a significant decision for me. This one was one of the best and was in an ideal city, London. I had the good fortune of my school organizing a theatre trip to the London West End in Year 10 at school. I fell in love with the magnetism of the city. It was so vibrant; so full of energy. Even standing on a corner of Oxford Street, I could see the hustle bustle of the crowds as they carefully maneuvered amongst masses. Everyone had somewhere to go. Nothing and no one stood still.
On my first day at University, I realised that Justin was also going to be part of the package. I had hoped that by the time I started here, he would have left and got himself a career. However, he decided that he was enjoying student life too much and chose to do some sort of post graduate degree.

“Little Miss Jensen, and to what do I owe this pleasure?" Justin said this is his utmost sarcastic voice as if I was the one that had bumped into him on purpose.
 ”Shouldn’t I be asking that question? You bumped into me. Either way I don’t have time for you today!" As I said this I dashed off in a mad rush. (University campuses were very much like rush hour traffic- unless you run you'll be 2 hours late).
 ”Am I supposed to be offended?" Justin had yelled but at the rate I was walking- more like running, his voice faded out quickly.
I once had a crush on Justin. His eyes were enticing. They were a soft green shade and contained a few flecks of brown. Sort of like a forest green. His features were rugged but clean cut. You could tell that he liked to leave a strong first impression. It was also something about the way he was on a skateboard and could do the best tricks ever on them. His mother always prided herself on the fact that her son resembled her screen idol James Dean. Enough of the ruminating; right now all I want to do is make this induction and quick.

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 I go by the pen name of Aryah B. I am a 15 year old student in a London based girls secondary school. I’ve always hated reading and it has recently been discovered that I am mildly dyslexic. For many years now my teachers have been trying to get me to read. They have tried to get me to try and read anything from books to magazines. Upon one trip to my school library, one of my librarians had once again tried to get me to read a book. I had explained to her that the only books I had read were the shopaholic series, purely because I had seen and really enjoyed the film. She then challenged me to write my own novel. She said that if I wanted certain story or aspect in a book, to just write one myself. I then wanted to prove that I could write a novel so began work on my novel ‘Finding Cloud 9’.  Recently I was introduced to works by Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte. Although I found the stories extremely compelling, the language was just too hard for me to grasp. I decided with my book to write something that would bring both the modern classics and contemporary youth together. Thus ‘Finding Cloud 9’ was born.

Contact Info:
Twitter: @aryahbooks

Facebook: Aryah Books 

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